Chapter 6 - Taming Faye

Daylan was speechless as ' I slept with Faye smith my new secretary" kept ringing in his head, none of them moved or say a word, the atmosphere was awkwardly silent, and Anthony who knew something was wrong excused himself.

Daylan could not believe his eyes, that the lady he had one night stand with who he thought he will never see again is not just standing in front ofhim but is also his fucking new secretary!

"Goodness!! He groaned.


They just stood starring at each other, no words or movement.

More silence.....

Playing it cool daylan cleared his throat and brief her about the company and things she has to do as his secretary while the thoughts of what happened last night kept replaying, he couldn't forget the sound of her moans, how tight she was when his dick was buried deep inside her.

Faye left after the meeting leaving a tortured Daylan in his office.

Sighing for the hundredth time, she entered her office noticing Anthony wasn't in his, she immediately started her work rereading every business proposal and of course still thinking about her last escapade and the shock of her life when she realized she had sex with her new boss.

"I wish I can just think of something else", she sighed softly.

Her mind kept wandering to how daylan pinned her to the wall and kissed her passionately grabbing her hip to stay put, how he made her feel when his hot mouth finds its way to her breast.

She groaned when she felt something wet beneath her.

How I wish I can just think of something else rather than him, now I know he's my boss I really need to have a life, because he is certainly a No-go area as the CEO of the most influential company in the country and also a billionaire he has many ladies at his beck and call.

Thinking about the date she has tonight, she thought that will take her mind away from Daylan and also give her a push to start something good for herself. Giving focus to the work at hand she didn't hear the door opened and someone walked in, she quickly looked up and met thesame person she was trying to forget moment ago.


It feels so strange looking at him again, she felt a sensation like butterflies floating in her stomach.

But what's he doing here with Anthony? She wondered.

Anthony cleared his voice breaking us from the trance and reintroduce them making everything more awkward.

' Mr sage, this is your new secretary Faye Smith and Faye Smith this is your new boss and CEO of sage company Daylan sage'

"Annoying Anthony! Daylan hissed silently.

"I thought we discussed about hiring a male for this job Anthony? Daylan asked not breaking his stare at Faye.

"Hire a male? Faye asked a bit hurt.

"You don't need to prove anything Daylan, it mustn't always be a male as your secretary. Try and work with her and I bet she is good at what she does, Anthony replied walking away, leaving them alone in Faye office.

The office was quiet as Faye could hear the loud thumping sound of her heartbeat as Daylan gazed at her.

Daylan was already developing a headache at that moment due to the current situation and his thing down there was not helping at all, he was getting uncomfortable due to the tightness in his short just by seeing her alone remembering that night how he screwed her.

He had one night stand with his fucking secretary!

He closed his eyes and sighed.

It's one thing to sleep with a stranger, but it is another thing to sleep with a person who has a big effect on him and be working close to him, He cleared his throat and spoke.

"Iam sorry for the impolite welcome Faye, as Anthony has said earlier we welcome diversity and encourage everyone to be themselves and evolve in their field, I don't tolerate laziness and lateness and most especially my expectations since you're paid to work with me. Once again welcome to the family."

"Thank you Mr sage' I hope to meet your expectations and as well the company requirements, her soft voice caused a stir in his pant.

"If you would excuse me, I will continue with my work she said walking towards her table."

Daylan starring at her butt looking well molded in her tight skirt quickly dipped his hands in his pocket creating space for his hard member, nodded his head and left.