Chapter 5 - Taming Faye

Faye already prepared the clothes she would put on the next day being the first day to work at Sage Company.

6:00am she woke up and started preparing quickly for work, she doesn't want to give a bad impression about her on the first day of her new job as a secretary. She made breakfast, quickly ate and left the house.

Coming out of the cab, she straighten her suit and entered the building, she looked around the classic hall everyone was busy in their beautiful demarcated offices

She was greeted by one of the HR people.

"Hi' my name is Ameerah, you must be Faye right?

"Yes' Iam Faye smith at your service ma, I replied giving her a million dollar smile.

She returned the smile.

"No need of calling me ma, we are workmate and I guess agemate too. She grinned

"Okay ameerah, where do I start work? Faye asked looking around.

"Go to the 20th floor, Mr sage assistant will be waiting for you to brief you regarding everything you need to know about the company.

"Thanks, and I hope to see you soon, Faye said walking towards the elevator.

"Do have a great day Faye. Ameerah waved with a smile.

On getting to the 20th floor she greeted the tall handsome man she met there , she noticed for some minutes the man became frozen . She chuckled, waved her hands across his face to get him out of that

state, yet he didn't move.

She had to stretch out her hand to tug him and the frozen man finally moved.

"Hi' I'm Faye smith, a new worker here", she iintroduced herself while giving him her million dollar smile exposing my perfect white teeth.

He blinked.

"Uhm.. Hhhhiii...... I.... Iam Anthony he stuttered with a sexy voice.

"What's wrong with him? She wondered Smiling.

"Okay Anthony, I met with Ameerah downstairs and she told me to come to you, that you're the one to show me around."

"Yeah! Yeah, come with me. Anthony led the way.

Anthony showed her everywhere and later her beautiful office.

"This is your office, where you will do every thing

"Thank you' Faye smiled

"Now, before you get started, Mr sage told me to send you to his office for a brief meeting."

"Okay, give me a minute to compose myself", she said nervously while preparing to meet the big boss.

he smiled ' He's the most nicest and gentle person you have ever meet", he gave her the reassurance which actually worked.

She took a deep breath and said, "okay' let's go!.

They entered the elevator and anthony punched to the 21st floor, so the boss work a floor above mine? She thought.

On getting out they walked to a door written boldly on it DAYLAN SAGE CEO.

Anthony softly knocked and a 'come in' was heard, this voice sounds familiar her head told her. getting to the room Faye met thesame mesmerizing brown eyes that hunted her mind all day and night. looking at eachother with shock written bodly on their faces realization Hit them!

she was shocked looking at the man she thought she would never see again as he did the same.