Chapter 2 - Taming Faye

After a long day at work, Daylan decided to take a stroll, he exited his building after working for hours, it was late already.

He kept on walking along the street not going anywhere in particular, just walking admiring the surrounding when a bright green light catches his eyes. He walked closer and saw it was a bar with the name ' FAROUZ'. " Hmm, strange name he said walking towards it to check it out.

He walked in straight to the bartender and order for a glass of Martini while sitting down, it's been long he visited the bar maybe three years ago with his best friend, he has been so overwhelmed with work, that his life has been in triangle.

From home to work, back to home everyday, he looked around as he sipped his drink, nodding his head slowly to the music playing softly.

Daylan admire the artistic drawings on the wall, Looking at those discussing and dancing.

Part of his heart wished he was there with his fiancee, he quickly brushed that thoughts off.

He was enjoying himself while on his third glass, gradually he was loosening himself while still scanning the bar, his eyes following the movement of everyone that walked in and out of the bar.

Everyone looked ordinary to him, it's not like the sophisticated charity party he do attend, or the expensive clothes most people wear to dinner parties, everything looks normal too normal to him. He was getting bored and ordered another glass to loosen himself more.

Few minutes later he became tispy, but not really drunk. Daylan thought it was time to leave at once, he stood up pay the bartender as he turned to leave he suddenly looked up and saw someone walked into the bar looking so beautiful and excited. Daylan saw the most beautiful pair of eyes he has ever seen, he became frozen, hypnotized, Not really from the much drink he had earlier.

Faye and her best friend Maya entered the bar looking around, as if she sensed someone looking at her she looked up and her eyes met the most mesmerizing brown eyes she has ever seen starring intensely at her, after catching herself noticing the stranger was looking at her, she slowly looked away.

They walked passed him ordering two shots of tequila, which they gulped immediately like water, Maya excused herself when she saw a guy at the far end corner of the bar eyeing her.

Faye decided to order beer for the both of them, there she met the stranger again seated opposite the bartender with his drink untouched. Their eyes met again and Daylan decided to play it cool and introduce himself.

"Hi! I'm sorry for starring at you that way, I swear iam not a pervert, I just"............. he continued rambling.

Faye smiled while he continue apologising.

Typical Daylan never apologize!

Not to anyone even his best friend Anthony.

"Sorry for laughing at you, you were just talking too much, and I can see clearly you're not a pervert" Faye replied still smilling showing her perfect white teeth through her kissable red lips.

Daylan could not help but admire how beautiful she was on her short off shoulder gown.

He knew this girl already have an effect on him the moment he saw her walked in,

God! She's so beautiful, and her lip......he thought as he drank the last shot of his drink, ordering for another glass.

"Iam Faye' nice to meet you" . She said extending her hand for a shake.

"Daylan' he replied..

Both of them exchange pleasantries while Daylan clamps his hand on hers to return the shake. He felt the softness of her skin on her palm and almost caress it.

' I just wish I can run my hands through them' he thought, looking at how their hands fit in eachother perfectly well, he noticed he has been holding her hand quite long, he quickly released it.

They sat together and kept talking about anything, Everything as long as the conversation did not die.

Daylan knew he does not want to have anything more than just being friends with her, but there is something about her that draws him closer.After hours of talking and taking few glances at each other Lip, Daylan asked with a soft voice,

' You want us to get out of this place?