Chapter 3 - Taming Faye

"What am I doing? Daylan asked myself.

He sure wasn't thinking at all.

Billionaire boy Daylan doesn't usually talk to strangers, only his business associates, staffs and his best friend. but this strange girl, there's something hypnotizing allure about her that just capture and locks him in.

Outside the bar they stood looking around,

After couple of seconds eyeing each other, he cleared his throat earning a raise of brow from her

' where do we go? She asked.

He looked at her to see if he really want to do this,

Well, she is hot, he thought, and I don't think she is married since there's no ring on her finger and besides I've not had sex for five years now.

Looking around the premises he spotted a hotel not too far from the bar.

I can do this! He said inviting the girl to the hotel room.

They stopped at the door, and Faye looked at him smilling seductively ' You wanna change body heat? She asked with the tip of her tongue trailing her lower lip.

Smirking he nodded, but much more to her protest earlier he insisted on paying for the room, according to him women must be treated like Queen.

Seconds later, they were inside the room kissing passionately, Faye kissed him with so much force that shocked him, he grabbed her face and kiss her slowly taking control of the kiss making her savour it so

she followed his space enjoying it.

Faye was getting extremely hot and turned on, she was wet down there from this kisses and caress. He lay her down on the bed and continue kissing her while his hands trailed her body.

Their clothes were scattered on the floor couple minutes later, she was only on her bra and panties while he was on his boxer.

She felt something huge and hard poking her belly, She was extremely horny and wants him inside her badly. Daylan broke the kiss and bring his mouth down her soft succulent breast.

"God! You're so beautiful" he said hoarsely.

"Daylan please"............. Faye begged, she was on fire.

He sucked, nibbled making Faye squirm, he kept punishing her with rentless sucking.

"Daylan I need you inside me, Faye curled her long leg round his waist.

He lowered his hip and grind against her making her lose her mind, his teeth graps her jaw

' Beg me to take you.

He grind harder making her feel how hard he is for her.

"Daylan please........ Faye begged.

He smirked when she yanked his boxer down and his manhood sprang out, huge, proud and hard with veins popping out and his precum dropping. Bitting her lip she knew she got him really turned on, before she knew her hands were pinned above her head as he kissed her deeply pulling her panties down, he gently placed his hard dick at her entrance entering her delicately and slowly with a groan.

He pushed deeper into her wetness careful not to hurt her, Faye groan shifting to accommodate his size.

"Are you okay?

"Do you want me to stop? He asked with a husky soft voice that sounds so feminine.

"No! Don't! It's been long I got laid, I need it! I need you.

He smirked nodding and with a hard thrust he enters her burrying himself deep inside her.

She was warm, so warm, wet and tight.

Thrusting slowly and sweetly while kissing her neck lightly he found her soft spot ashe nibbled and kissed her making Faye wetter and hotter.

"God! You're so tight", he said with his breathing erratic. His body was tone hard and hot, he tightened his grip around Faye's waist as he started pounding his cock inty her pussy fast and hard...

Faye moaned loudly with every thrust and long stroke as daylan went in deeper making her arch her back in pleasure. She was lost completely with a stranger and she was loving every bit of it.

He pulled out and almost immediately slam into her making Faye screamed in pleasure, she held his hair loving the softness of it, his thrust were long and hard, deep and intense. when he rolled his hip Faye moaned arching her back forward. He hiked one of her leg up higher resting it on his shoulder as he change his angle entering her depth making her groans a mixture of pain and pleasure.

She love the sound of groans whenever she tighten herself with his cock twitching and getting harder inside her.

He started going faster making animalistic grunts, deeper he moved while she took him all in.

"Iam close, she warned.

"Come for me Faye ' he said thrusting in and out fast,

"Come for me' he continued pounding her like a mad man.

Faye knew she was getting close, she squirt frantically beneath him, her nails digging into his back, Come for me' he said as he leaned closer to her with a fast deep thrust into her core she exploded! She thought it was over, he continue pounding her sucking her boobs. Daylan couldn't get enough of her, he wanted More and more of her body. He felt like he was reborn as his hands fondled her heavy boobs and his thrusts was at a fast tempo.

Faye was moaning, she was weak as she held him closer to herself as her orgasm was building up again. Daylan hungrily kissed her yet thrusting his dick inside her warm wetness.

"God Faye! You're so tight, he kept on pounding her

"So warm! He thrust deeper

So wet! He dipped harder into her.

"I can bury my dick inside your delectable body all day, his husky voice came out still thrusting in and out harder and faster. Faye held him tighter to her while he goes deeper.

Pumping faster with groans, He came inside her bringing her to another orgasm before collapsing on top of her, they stayed in that position for some seconds with Daylan still inside her, his dick sprang to life again, he gently pulled out of her while he stood up to discard the condom.

He has never had this mind-blowing experience with any woman in his life, he turned to faye whose eyes was closed and her breathing slow and calm, he assumed she was tired sleeping. She looked so beautiful, so pure and very desirable that he wanted to worship her body over and over again.

They laid beside each other panting from the climax, she was drifting to sleep tired when he cuddled her to his chest as they both slept off.