Chapter 6 - The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy

What A Fickle Woman

“Mr. Jenkins, whatever do you mean?” Gabrielle asked through gritted teeth.

As if he hadn’t heard her, Corbin headed straight to Eliana and smiled gently at her.

Eliana looked at him in bewilderment. ‘Does he know me?’

Instead of explaining himself, Corbin sighed and turned to look at Gabrielle sympathetically. “Miss Aston, it seems that your ability to comprehend is lacking.”

Gabrielle’s face was burning from the humiliation, but she didn’t dare to retort to the CEO’s assistant.

“Let me say it again. Eliana isn’t leaving our company,” Corbin stated in a kind but firm tone. “It’s what Mr. Moran wants.”

As soon as he mentioned their CEO, everyone’s eyes suddenly shifted to Eliana.

A shiver ran down Eliana’s spine.

Gabrielle couldn’t take it anymore and exploded. “Impossible! This bitch— She offended an important client on her first day of work. Why the hell would Mr. Moran want to keep her in the company?”

Corbin’s expression darkened instantly. “Are you questioning Mr. Moran’s decision?”

Gabrielle immediately shrank back and forced a smile. “Oh, I didn’t mean that. It’s just that Mr. Blake—”

“Solve that problem yourself.” Corbin ended the conversation right then and there.

Eliana chuckled to herself, secretly elated.

That Gabrielle was way too arrogant. It was great that someone had finally taught her a lesson.

But a question nagged at her. Why did Mr. Moran help her?

It didn’t occur to her that she had met the man the night before.

“Eliana, I’m so sorry. It was all just a misunderstanding.” All of a sudden, Gabrielle grabbed Eliana’s hand and looked at her apologetically.

Eliana got goose bumps. What a fickle woman!

Disgusted, Eliana shook off her hand with a look of disdain.

Gabrielle was unfazed. She smiled and explained hurriedly, “I just needed to go to the bathroom last night. I didn’t expect Mr. Blake to misunderstand the situation. It’s all my fault. How about this? I’ll invite Mr. Blake to dinner sometime. That way, you two can solve the misunderstanding and the company’s project will be pushed along smoothly.”

Eliana sneered with disdain. “Miss Aston, you really know when to hold your head high and when to eat your humble pie.”

Gabrielle nearly lost her temper again, but when she saw Corbin’s dark expression, she suppressed her anger. “If this project is a success, you’ll get a commission,” she hissed at Eliana in a low voice.

Upon hearing that, the corners of Eliana’s mouth twitched. A commission? Gabrielle didn’t mention any commission earlier.

Seeing Eliana’s hesitant expression, Gabrielle gritted her teeth and whispered, “Fine! You can get two- thirds of the profit.”


Eliana smiled happily. How could she say no to money?

However, Gabrielle’s plan didn’t go smoothly. The following day, Eliana didn’t get any word regarding the dinner.

It was time to get off work, so Eliana turned off her computer and packed up her things.

“Eliana!” She was on her way out when Gabrielle caught up with her. Her high heels clacked against the marble floors so loudly that it sounded as if she was going to stomp on anyone who crossed her path.

Eliana turned around to the sound of her name and met Gabrielle’s gloomy face. “Miss Aston, have you made an appointment with Mr. Blake yet?”

“No! Mr. Blake was so angry that he refused to meet with us.” Gabrielle gave Eliana a murderous look and shoved a piece of pap

er into her hand. “This is the hotel he’s staying in, so we have no choice but to wait for him in the lobby. You can go ahead. I’ll follow after a meeting. Don’t fuck it up this time!”

Without waiting for a response, Gabrielle turned around and rushed to the conference room.

Eliana unfolded the note and looked at it warily. Could this be yet another trap?

After mulling over the idea for a while, she finally relented and decided to hail a taxi.

After all, she just needed to wait in the lobby. It wasn’t as though Mr. Blake could assault her in public.

In the Aldbourne Hotel.

As soon as Eliana entered the hotel, her eyes immediately landed on a conspicuous sight in the corner of the hall.

Outside the hotel cafe, three brawny men stood with their hands behind their backs, their strong arms riddled with tattoos. Their leader was wearing a big gold chain around his neck. He stared fiercely at the cafe with a murderous look on his face.

Everyone who passed by made no mistake and detoured around the three fierce-looking men.

Eliana was also terrified. She instinctively turned around to leave, but something caught her attention.

In the cafe, there was a man in a dark suit. His collar was unbuttoned, exposing his defined clavicle. His temperament was cold and distant, but there was a certain kind of sexiness about him. The elegant woman in front of him couldn’t take her eyes off him. She furtively reached forward and held his hand.