The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy

The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy

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Chapter: 93
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Synopsis about The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy

Read The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy by Gabbi Galt. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereEliana was framed by her best friend and her fiance into sleeping with a boy toy in the club and getting impregnated by him. Five years after she had given birth to twins, she returned home and worked under the Moran Group, where she met the CEO-- Maurice. Maurice was a brilliant businessman who did his job well. But in order to stay under the radar, he lived a double life. One as Maurice, and one as Preston. Fate brought the two together again, roping them in on an exciting love story. It all became more complicated when Eliana faced Preston, the man she had slept with before, once again. Now that she was being pursued by two men, how could she ever choose?...
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Chapter 1: Dispose Of Her Body

“Asher… I want more…”Ambiguous gasps and moans were heard through the gap in the bathroom doors.Eliana Pierce felt like she was falling into an ice cellar as she stood outside the door.The people inside the bathroom were none other than her friend, Erica Duffy, and her fiance, AsherHarrison.“You mischievous little darling.” Asher’s voice was filled with lust, which was nothing like Eliana hadheard before.Eri

Chapter 2

Know Your PlaceIn an instant, the air around them seemed to freeze.Maurice Moran looked down at the little girl clinging to his leg.The girl had a fair and adorable face. Maurice could see his own face reflected in her bright and roundeyes.Maurice felt that he could not take his eyes off of her.He was filled with the sudden urge to take away this cute child.Maurice stared down at the little girl and gently

Chapter 3

A Strange FaceSeeing the man stop in his tracks, the assistant immediately approached and asked with concern, “Mr.Moran, is there something wrong?”Frowning, Maurice looked away and continued to walk forward.Perhaps his mind was all over the place, causing him to feel that the woman he met looked familiar.As night fell, the Imperial Golden Club came to life.A Maybach slowly came to a halt at the front door.

Chapter 4

The Male Prostitute“Help me!”Maurice looked down at the drunk woman in his arms. She grasped at his sleeves as though he were alifesaver amidst a rolling ocean.When his eyes swept across her face, he felt that this woman looked a little familiar.But he didn’t have the time to pause and think. Antwan had burst out of his private room and foundEliana in the arms of another man. His fat face purple with anger,

Chapter 5

She’s Not LeavingThe next day, the sleek Maybach drove out of the villa’s driveway.Maurice leaned against the back seat and closed his eyes to rest, but the erotic scenes from five yearsago kept flashing in his head.To avoid being detected by his uncle’s spies, he wore a simulation mask whenever he went to theImperial Golden Club. It didn’t matter if five years had passed since that fateful night. Very few

Chapter 6

What A Fickle Woman“Mr. Jenkins, whatever do you mean?” Gabrielle asked through gritted teeth.As if he hadn’t heard her, Corbin headed straight to Eliana and smiled gently at her.Eliana looked at him in bewilderment. ‘Does he know me?’Instead of explaining himself, Corbin sighed and turned to look at Gabrielle sympathetically. “MissAston, it seems that your ability to comprehend is lacking.”Gabrielle’s face

Chapter 7

Excellent Acting SkillsPanic-stricken, Eliana stood frozen to her spot.The strong man in the lead had pulled out a gun to confront his cheating wife!‘Oh, my God! The male prostitute is doomed for sure!’In a trance, Eliana thought about her twins. They had taken after that man. He was, after all, the fatherof her children.Even if she despised him for all the suffering he had caused her, she couldn’t just sta

Chapter 8

A Valuable Ring“What trick are you trying to play?”Maurice bent over and whispered in Eliana’s ear. The feeling of his hot breath on her skin made hertremble.“Don’t touch me.” Eliana struggled uncomfortably. “I saved you from the hands of a rich woman’shusband. Are you going to repay my kindness with ingratitude?”‘A rich woman’s husband?’Maurice didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.She still thought t

Chapter 9

The PunishmentExhausted, Eliana returned home. When she entered, she found the living room empty.The balcony door was slightly ajar, and she could faintly hear Kimora’s voice. She seemed to be talkingon the phone.“Mr. Bowman, the kindergarten is in charge of organizing the summer camp activity, which entails hugecosts. Miss Pierce just got a job. I’m afraid that the money—”The balcony door was pushed open l

Chapter 10

Touched Mr. Moran’s Chest‘Three hundred million?’Eliana nearly gasped.“You should feel lucky that Mr. Moran’s only punishing you by making you clean the office!” Gabriellascoffed.Not everyone was allowed to enter Maurice’s office. Gabrielle had been with the company for so manyyears, but she had never stepped foot inside it.As though she could read her mind, Eliana sneered, “Are you jealous? Anyway, I think