Chapter 9 - The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy

The Punishment

Exhausted, Eliana returned home. When she entered, she found the living room empty.

The balcony door was slightly ajar, and she could faintly hear Kimora’s voice. She seemed to be talking on the phone.

“Mr. Bowman, the kindergarten is in charge of organizing the summer camp activity, which entails huge costs. Miss Pierce just got a job. I’m afraid that the money—”

The balcony door was pushed open loudly.

Startled, Kimora whirled around to find Eliana standing by the door. Instinctively, she hid the phone behind her back and hung up the call. It was obvious that she had done this many times before.

Eliana frowned slightly. “Kimora, I’ve been ready to support my family ever since I came back. Please don’t ask for money from Jonathan and don’t tell him anything about me,” she stated sternly.

“Miss Pierce, Mr. Bowman is just worried about you…” Kimora faltered.

Truth be told, Jonathan had paid her a lot of money to take care of Eliana and the two children. Everyone could see what he was up to.

Eliana smiled but her eyes were icy cold. “If you think that Mr. Bowman is so nice, then why do you come and work here? I should send you back to him.”

Flustered, Kimora mumbled a promise that she wouldn’t tell Jonathan about Eliana’s situation anymore.

When that was settled, Eliana retired to her room and sank into her bed. Suddenly, she recalled that Preston had mentioned a ring.

Did she really take that man’s ring?

She jumped out of bed and started rummaging through the boxes and drawers.

The event of that night from five years ago was simply too absurd. The morning she woke up, she had hurriedly packed up her things and left.

A lot had happened since then. After all, it had been years since that night. Naturally, she couldn’t remember if she had accidentally taken the ring with her.

After she turned her room upside down, Eliana’s search was fruitless.

Surveying the mess she made, she sighed helplessly.

Perhaps Preston was just teasing her.

There was a gentle knock on the door and it opened a crack. Two small heads poked inside, and the twins peered around curiously. When they saw Eliana look right at them, they asked in unison, “What are you looking for, Mommy?”

Seeing their cute little faces, Eliana felt as though her weariness melted away. She opened the door and threw her arms around the two children. “I’m looking for a ring. Have you seen it by any chance?”

Adrian shook his head, staring at his mother blankly.

“I have it!” Aileen beamed and put her chubby hand into her pocket.

Could the ring be in Aileen’s pocket?

Eliana’s heart skipped a beat.

“Here!” Aileen fished out a candy ring, her eyes gleaming proudly, as if she had found precious treasure. “Is this what you’re looking for? It’s pretty and yummy!”

Eliana was at a loss whether to burst into tears or laughter. How cute her girl was!

She planted a kiss on her daughter’s soft cheek and whispered, “Not this kind of ring, honey.”

Adrian seemed displeased. Pouting furiously, he pointed at his face and cried, “What about me, Mommy?”

Just then, Kimora’s voice sounded. She called them to the dining table to eat. Eliana kissed her son’s cheek as well and coaxed the two to go and eat dinner.