Chapter 1 - The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

Tamala was a good, strong fighter, she could hold her own, she had trained all her life and learned three different types of martial arts to build her fighting skills to become the best fighter within her pack, to make her family proud. All her life, all that she wanted was to be an Elite Warrior just like both her parents, but her dad; he was the best she wanted to be, just like him, fierce and lethal.

She started training at just 5 with her dad. Tamala was thankful for her desire to be the best fighter, for every moment of her life, the way she was trained, the dedication she had, since the day after she turned 16.

Because now not only could she hold her own, she had to hold her own.

She was the only wolf-less girl inside the Glimmering Moon Pack. Tamala did not get her wolf at 16 like all the others did, she stood under the full moon waiting along with many others on the month of her birth, waiting for the moon to set and her first shift to come. Only her wolf did not come forth and show itself. Did not rip out of her and present herself to her Alpha and his Luna. To her family, who came from a long line of Elite Warriors, a pure blood Elite Warrior family line; The Lucas’s they were called and all in that bloodline, were fierce and ranked quickly to the Elite status within their packs.

She had stood there all alone, unable to shift, watched on with tears in her eyes after all the others shifted and ran off into the woods, on their first wolfen run with their family members. Stood there under the watchful gaze of her parents, the Alpha and his Luna.

Watched as the Alpha declared her wolf-less and he and his Luna turned and walked away. Heard the Luna herself state the words ‘disgraceful, she will have to leave the minute she is 18.’ Turned her eyes to both her parents, who had always been so very proud of her, they both shook their heads at her and turned and walked away like everyone else here.

She was a disgrace to the house of Lucas, the first ever wolf-less born into the line, a shame on the house. They did not take kindly to their child being declared wolf-less. Saw it as a stain on their perfect bloodline.

She was wolf-less, they claimed, and here inside the Glimmering Moon Pack, that was a sentence worse than death itself, no respect would be given to you. All your friends would abandon you, and you were considered lower than the weakest omega, useless to the pack.

She was not useless, was or had already been considered an excellent fighter, expected to follow in her father’s steed. She had heard her Alpha state once, she was going to be an elite warrior with the skills she had. Once she got her wolf, he thought she would be better than nearly everyone here inside the pack, likely even the future Alpha and his Unit. He’d been expecting a lot from her, everyone here had been.

But now she was nothing to this pack, none of her training or skill counted, and she would be forced to leave the moment she was 18, but until then, she had to stay and endure being completely shunned by her own pack. By her own family and wait for the day her Alpha came and banished her on her 18th birthday.

So, for the next two years, she trained herself to protect herself from her own pack, trained morning, afternoon and night every day. School was no longer an option for her. She wasn’t considered worth educating. That would be a waste of the packs resources. Had turned up at school only to be told to go away, she was useless and not worth the school’s time or effort. No more would she be schooled by the pack.

All those hours of nothing to do, all the pain of being rejected by her whole pack, her family, her anger grew with the weeks that followed being shunned and Tamala put everything, all her emotions into her martial arts. Hours upon hours of training every day. For two long years, all she did was train, from sunrise to sunset. Pushed herself to be better and stronger to never give up.

The annual pack warrior championship was coming up, a competition between any and all packs that wanted to participate. To show off their pack skills, to see who had the strongest pack warriors. Her current Alpha, a man she now disliked as much as his Mate and son and heir.

Had made her, the wolf-less, train with his heir. Hudson and his entire unit, because although she was wolf-less and useless to all, was, it seemed, still the best fighter inside the pack. She was fast, agile and small, damned hard to hit, a damned good fighter, and though she was useless to the pack, he saw her potential to be a good training target for the future Alpha and his unit.

Though a part of her knew pitting her against his heir and the future Alpha Unit, was just a way of trying to get rid of her deep down, that one of them would kill her one day or she’d be so injured she’d not recover from it. They’d been told to pull their punches where she was concerned. But they did not always do that and her Alpha had known it, done nothing about it when she’d ended up injured.

No-one was supposed to be able to beat him or his unit and she could. It was the one thing Tamala really did enjoy. Showing them up, she wasn’t useless, she was still a warrior, just no longer ranked inside their pack. She was now just a punching bag for the future Alpha and his Unit.

She had taken them all on one at a time, trained with each one of them, learned how they fought and used it against them, though she wasn’t there to win against them in training, was solely there to make sure their training was better and nothing more. Which she did, she guessed.

Had beaten them all, trained three times harder than they did on any given day, had to ignore all their insults about her being a disgusting human, got that from everyone inside this pack. Heard the comments and had no choice but to ignore them. “Why don’t you just leave already?” “You’re a stain on this pack.” “useless human.” “Disgraceful to be wolf-less.” “Oh look, wait at what, there's no one there.” Were the most common things she heard. She had been tripped over and shoved down on the ground or into trees, or parked cars, anything that was nearby, by nearly everyone, even her own older brothers treated her like the rest of the pack did.

The future Alpha, Hudson and his unit, had taken great joy in shoving her right over and holding her down on the ground with a foot on her back. Pressed her hard into the ground and told her “If you don’t leave, I’ll banish you myself. I will not have a pathetic human in my pack.”

Tamala had learned to say nothing, just laid there under his boot, like she did all the others that saw fit to do this to her, Hudson and his Unit. They all got a good laugh out of it. Loved humiliating her and insulting her, hurting her, just like everyone else. There was no point in wasting her energy on fighting them all outside of training. It wouldn’t be one on one, it would be all of them together, and though she could handle two of them, she could not handle all four at once, not the entire Alpha Unit.

He wasn’t just pissed off about her being wolf-less, but also because she was the best fighter inside this pack and he knew it. Hell they all knew it. But she would not put herself in a position to be brutally beaten by him or others outside of training. Knew that was what he was trying to achieve.

She had stopped talking to them all a long time ago, answering back only led to more insults and groups of them coming at her all at once. She had learned that the hard way. In those first few weeks after being deemed worthless. Alpha Glenn did nothing to stop the bullying or harassment she received. The Luna was even worse, had even clipped her a few times with a pack car on purpose, laughed at her and driven off. Not even her own parents would help her. They also were of the opinion that she was worthless and useless to the pack.

Tamala now sat in the back of a pack car, the first time she’d been in one in two long years. It was taking her to the Warrior Championship. She was to be pitted against other packs on behalf of the pack. There was a bright side to going to this challenge. She’d not had to train with Hudson and his unit, for a whole month, she’d been left alone, no one in the pack had been allowed to injure her, in anyway.

Even the Luna had left her alone for that month as well, Alpha Glenn wanted her to be fit and uninjured while at this challenge.He wanted her to be able to fight to the best of her ability, and she knew it was because he knew she could go far and show the strength of the pack. No one there would know she was shunned by them, would look healthy and clean, like she was a regular pack member not someone they all hated.

The other warriors in the car she was travelling in were laughing and she was linked in to all their mind-link conversations so she could hear them, not by choice. Could hear them all talking about her not surviving the challenge. That they wanted her to die here.

Heard the future Alpha himself, Hudson laugh “She is 18 now, I won’t even have to bring the body back.” They all laughed “No-one will care.” He went on. She was in the car he was travelling in. He’d turned his eyes on her and glared right at her.

Likely pissed off because his father had still refused to banish her or let Hudson do it either. He had stated not until the full moon after her 18th birthday, that had pissed not only Hudson off, but the Luna as well. The Luna hated her with a passion. Who the hell knew why?

Hudson had been glaring at her now, twice as much as before, now that she was 18, she should have left already and they all knew it. His father had forbidden him before they left to banish her and to make sure she was brought home with them. Hudson had yelled about it, right in front of her.

Not that she cared, Tamala had already found and been accepted into another pack. When she left this pack the day of the full moon, she was going straight there. To a place where all the useless rejects go, only she wasn’t useless. She already knew, because of her training and skills, she could not only join the rejected pack to be safe instead of a rogue on her own, but fill a position in that pack as a warrior trainer.

She just had to get through this one last thing, pit herself against the strongest warriors from other packs. She already knew that they would be underestimating her, because the minute they smelled her they would know she was wolf-less.

Or to them she was anyway. Tamala was not wolf-less, had never been, her wolf Suki had just not come forward, couldn’t at this point, but she was there inside of Tamala’s mind just like all the others, her wolf sat and watched on, heard and felt every insult that was dished out to Tamala. Suki hated their pack as much as Tamala did and was in agreement, that leaving was a good idea.

When they got home it would be just a few days till the full moon set and Suki had told her already “I will come on this full moon.” Her wolf could feel it calling to her already, with every day that passed she felt stronger and knew it was going to be this full moon.

Tamala had only one request of her wolf, Suki, to wait until they were banished or if they got off pack territory first, let her reject their pack before emerging. Suki had agreed with this, they both knew that if she came forward beforehand, because of how well she fought, the Alpha would not accept them leaving. They were already good and strong and having Suki would make that pack stronger.

They did not want to stay, to make this shitty pack stronger. No, this was not a place they wanted to be. The Future Alpha had actually told her he’d banish her himself, would take great pleasure in doing it, in fact. Well, if Tamala got her way, she was going to leave and reject the pack before giving him the satisfaction of doing it himself.

They arrived at the hotel and she was put in a room by herself, no real surprise and she was glad of it to be honest. No wolf would stay with one like her, but for her it was a blessing. She’d never had to worry about any of the male wolves touching her, she was considered a disgrace to them all.

Tamala stood in the bathroom and looked at herself. She was 5 foot 9, so not so small anymore. Had blue eyes that some days were more purple than blue, violet her mother called them, told her they were beautiful and would make her more desirable to her mate, once, when she had loved her, talked to her, cared at all about her.

Her hair was black and straight, she’d cut it off long ago, like most she-wolves in their pack had once worn her hair long down her back. Not anymore, had cut it all off, now wore a short asymmetrical bob, she liked it, showed off her face nicely. Suited her, she thought.

Stood in front of the mirror and braided the one long side, it only came to her chin but would be in the way for a fight. She had gotten her hair cut in the human world, kept it maintained in the human world, did not trust the pack hairdresser to cut it right, likely the woman would have turned her away anyway.

Her skin was deeply tanned nowadays from training outside all day and her lips were full, she was not what she considered disgustingly ugly or hideous like she was told on a daily basis. She looked a lot like her mother, and that woman was considered to be beautiful, stunning, she’d heard a few male wolves state on occasion. The words the pack used to describe herself were meant to demoralise and hurt her, make her feel ugly and worthless, rejected.

Tamala looked over her body. She was fit and had defined abs with ample breasts, a nice curve to her backside, was all lean muscle. If Suki had arrived when she was 16, it was likely she would be desired by many, including the future Alpha himself. She had a younger sister, looked much the same, got her wolf at 16 like all other wolves did, and she was always laughing and happy, out having fun, lots of male wolves were attracted to her, and she wasn’t even a warrior, just a prissy girly girl who went about flirting.

Sighed to herself, ‘one more week Mala’, she told herself, it was what Suki called her, was going to be her new name, the one she would be known by, the minute she was gone from this pack, was changing her name to Mala Luca instead of Tamala Lucas. A new name for a new life.