The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

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Chapter: 43
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Synopsis about The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

Where does one go when rejected by their Mate? Banished by their Alpha? or turned themselves rogue to escape the pain that is their life within their home pack. There are packs, if one can find them, for those considered rejects, to their own and they grow exponentially. These packs accept all rejected wolves, male or female. All that are rejected are welcome within these packs, where they can be with others like themselves, kindred spirits, where they have no fear of punishment or brutality, these places are called The Rejected Packs. They are secretly supported by the wolfen council. A Rejected Pack will stay as such until one day the pack is considered to be big and strong and is recognized by the wolfen council as worthy of reintroduction to the wolfen society as a fully legitimized pack with a new name. This is the tale of one Rejected she-wolf Tamala Lucas; known now as Mala Luca, thought to be wolf-less, is shunned by her pack and treated cruelly by those around her. This tale tells of why she leaves her pack, how she comes to live within a rejected pack, what her life is like there, who she will become and who she meets and befriends. Learns a Mate is not a terrible thing after all, is able to see the good of a Mate Bond and will come to helps others to accept their fated Mate. Even though she never wants it for herself would rather have a chosen Mate, someone she knows, can trust and chose to love on her own terms. Mala will try stay clear of her past that comes knocking once more for her over the years, after being hidden for along time, from her former mate. Her Mate who rejected her at 18, even though she was the fiercest warrior, rejected for being wolf-less, now he wants her back, he knows she is not wolf-less and is still the best fighter out there. A ruthless fighter who takes no prisoners. Knows that Mala would make for a Warrior Luna, something highly prized and would make any pack stronger, would give him good strong heirs. Not something that Mala wants for herself, she has no desire to go back to her home pack, regardless of the way her former Mate is or how he gets to her, to find her and try to bring her back to him. What will Mala do to keep her life inside the rejected pack?
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CH 1

Tamala was a good, strong fighter, she could hold her own, she had trained all her life and learned three different types of martial arts to build her fighting skills to become the best fighter within her pack, to make her family proud. All her life, all that she wanted was to be an Elite Warrior just like both her parents, but her dad; he was the best she wanted to be, just like him, fierce and lethal. She started training at just 5 with her dad. Tamala was thankful for her desire to be the best fighter, for every moment of her life, the way she was trained, the dedication she had, since the day after she turned 16.

CH 2

Once dressed, Mala walked herself down to join her pack, was shoved about, expected it, just stood there at the very back of her pack, to hear how the next three days would go. Didn’t really care all that much, only needed to know when she had to fight and where. The minute they were all dismissed, she walked away, they were now out in the human world. This challenge was a game really, one where no wolf strength was allowed, only skill prevailed here, the only thing you could use your wolf for was healing.Laughed internally, they all came here expecting to fight it out wolf on wolf, and now were denied that, had to fight as their human counterpart only, to find out who was the best without wolf. She nearly laughed aloud, that would be her. She was going to win this, prove to everyone that she was better than them all.

CH 3

Tamala returned to her room and took a long hot shower, hoping she’d use all the hot water and leave nothing for the rest of them, doubted it, seeing it was a hotel, but she could wish for it.Came out of her bathroom to find Hudson standing inside her hotel room. “What do you want?” She grated out.

CH 4

Tamala found Hudson stretched out in her bed that night when she’d finished her fights. She had fought damn hard today. Did not want this man in her room, let alone in her bed. Knew why he was here, what he was going to do, use that bond that was partially formed against her. How he could be so cruel she didn’t know, but it was obvious to her what he wanted, he was lying completely naked in the middle of her bed. “I wouldn’t run Tamala, I’m faster on my feet than you will ever be.” He smirked right at her.

CH 5

It was a long agonizing 5 days in the pack hospital. It was where she had woken up, woken to a drain coming from out of her left chest, and breathing still hurt like a bitch. Thankfully, she was in pain everywhere. There was no part of her that didn’t hurt, her entire body was black and blue, she had 4 broken ribs to go with her punctured lung.Heard from the pack doctor that they had lost her once and brought her back to life. Wondered why they bothered at all, that it was touch and go there for a few days after that, she’d been unconscious for three days. It was at least quiet in her room, there was no one in it with her.

CH 6

Mala’s first few days at training were long. She got to meet their head warrior, Ben he went by. A no-nonsense type of man, had many war wounds and stated he’d once been a rogue, had come here nearly dead and they’d taken him in. Now he trained everyone. He scented of Delta blood.It accounted for why he was so big, likely should have been, or perhaps had been, part of an Alpha Unit once. Not that she asked that was his business, and he’d introduced himself as a warrior, not a Delta. He had assessed her ability to fight. Suki had never had any training, but he and his wolf would work with her on that.

CH 7

Five years here inside the pack, Mala was 23 now, had everyone well trained and the pack had grown to five hundred members, and with their increase in numbers and the growth of the pack, came the wolfen council to lay down some new rules for their ever-expanding pack.There were many ranked members from other packs here, from elite warrior blood lines, like hers, to Beta ranked wolves and one alpha-blooded she-wolf brought to them by the council themselves. She’d been young and escaped the slaughtering of her pack, had run to her aunt who was on the wolfen council, and she’d been brought here for safe keeping.

CH 8

They were all driven out of the pack to another pack just three hours away on the day of the full moon, and would be allowed to return 2 hours after the moon set. If all went smoothly, if not they’d been informed they may have to stay longer than necessary.It did seem that the council was expecting resistance from The Rejected Pack members, at this mating ball. They arrived at a pack called Dark Harvest Moon where there were two council members standing waiting on them. Here to supervise themselves, she guessed, they were escorted directly to the pack’s ballroom.

CH 9

A year of unhappy, anxious pack wolves, male and female, regarding having to leave the pack to attend those mating balls, put everyone on edge more than a little. Though it did seem that the council had chosen options for their pack with considerations to this.From what she’d heard from the second mating ball from Ben, who’d had to attend, seemed to go willingly, was open to having a Mate, had not been rejected by a previous mate, but banished from his pack by his Alpha. He was more than happy to attend a mating ball and see if he had a mate out there.

CH 10

Mala was sitting in a meeting with Ben and the other head warriors. It had been brought to the Alpha’s attention, that their pack did not have an agility course, and many had now expressed their wishes to have one. It was good fun and good for strength building as well.Aston was off training with his Alpha Unit and some of the pack members, having taken over while they all sat down to discuss the things, they wanted to go into the agility course. What they had seen from their old packs. What they saw when visiting other packs for mating balls.