Chapter 7 - The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

Five years here inside the pack, Mala was 23 now, had everyone well trained and the pack had grown to five hundred members, and with their increase in numbers and the growth of the pack, came the wolfen council to lay down some new rules for their ever-expanding pack.

There were many ranked members from other packs here, from elite warrior blood lines, like hers, to Beta ranked wolves and one alpha-blooded she-wolf brought to them by the council themselves. She’d been young and escaped the slaughtering of her pack, had run to her aunt who was on the wolfen council, and she’d been brought here for safe keeping.

The council now believed it was time for the pack to start attending mating balls, were not as of yet going to enforce them to hold mating balls here inside the pack. Seeing as the majority of the pack was yelling at them about not wanting it, a lot of aggression had come from the pack, in regards to that possibility.

It had been withdrawn for the time being, but now they were going to be made to attend them. At least three a year, Mala looked on and watched as this annoyed a lot of the pack members. Mostly because the higher ranked you had been in your previous pack, the higher on the council's list you were placed to attend those mating balls.

Mala huffed, she had been nothing back in her old pack, so she didn’t believe she should be on that list at all, but because of her one time in the warrior challenge and that she had ranked second place, they had put her name on that list. One of those council members had been there at the event that day and had recognised her, here inside The Rejected Pack.

Apparently, one wolf-less, 18-year-old had climbed the ranks and defeated everyone in the arena. It was noteworthy, she’d heard her name called “Tamala Lucas.” and had ignored it. She didn’t go by that name anymore. So she did not step forward at all, that was not who she was.

The council member had stood up there on the raised platform and stared straight at her. He knew who she was, had stated her full name again and with her refusal to acknowledge it a second time. He had taken a deep breath in, and to her bloody horror had stated “Tamala Lucas, now known as Mala Luca, the rejected Mate to Alpha Hudson Black of the Glimmering Moon Pack, you will step forward.” He sounded more than annoyed by her stubborn refusal to acknowledge her former name.

No-one here knew about that, she hadn’t even told Alpha Aston or Luna Roberta, who had rejected her. She now heard many gasps in those wolves around her and knew they were all now wondering why an Alpha would reject her, one so powerful and strong, she guessed.

Glared right up at that council member and then stepped forward as instructed, before he became pissed off, seemed like he was going to be if she didn’t answer him. Also, she saw Alpha Aston shake his head at her. “I don’t go by that name anymore, I am Mala Luca and ranked as a warrior only.”

“Well, Mala, you’re of the Warrior Elite status here now, so you will be attending mating balls. Your skills will provide any pack with an advantage, could possibly even be a Warrior Luna for a pack one day.”

“I have a pack, and do not want to leave it, am not looking for another selfish asshole to be bound to.” Didn’t care that he was a council member.

“Hmm, well young lady, I’m sure with your skills and looks, there will be a chance for you to find another.” Dismissed her and turned back to the pack, uncaring of what she herself wanted.

Returned to addressing the pack, “With your numbers growing here, the skill of your warriors and under the guidance and good leadership of Alpha Aston and Luna Roberta, we the council believe you need to start acting like a real pack, You are currently a small pack of five hundred and close to that same number are unmated wolves, male and female. There are many Alpha’s out there with unmated pack members, they could be considered mate-less because some of you would be their Mates. Now the council has talked long and hard about this, and the conclusion we came to is; that it is likely that some of you will be given second chance mates to those Alpha’s, their Units and their ranked members along with regular pack members. So, you will begin the journey to being a real pack and attend mating balls, and mate off as per our Moon Goddess’s wishes.”

Mala heard many huffs, a few low growls of pure annoyance and disbelieving grunts, their lives here were peaceful, and they lived without battle, though they were completely prepared for it at all times.

“We the council, only ask you to attend balls, and not to your original packs. Your Alpha and Luna will be careful in the selection process. At this point, we will not ask you to hold mating balls, but other things will be put in place to help Alpha’s, mostly to find their Mates. It is likely with whom you should have mated off to, some of you would have been Luna’s, Beta, Gamma or Delta Mates, as the Goddess saw fit. Due to unforeseen circumstances weren’t granted you gifted status, we’d like to rectify that.”

‘Yeah, it’s always Alpha’s that get everything.’ Peta mind linked to her.

‘It’s how the wolfen world works.’ Mala muttered right back at her.

‘I don’t like it Mala, I hate this.’ It was Netty.

Netty herself was on that list with Mala, as were a couple of previously marked she-wolves, lost their Alpha Mate’s or ranked member Mates, were Luna’s or ranked members already, but no longer had a pack due to horrid circumstances.

‘I’m not dressing up for the bloody occasion.’ Netty shot down the mind link at her.

It made both her and Suki laugh, ‘I’ll join you on that one.’

They both laughed and shoved at each other, and were hushed by their own Luna, settled down and let the council member go on talking about the number of wolves to attend these mating balls, at least a hundred over the course of three mating balls, so at least she would only have to attend one at this point. Wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

The whole pack was glad when the council members left the next day, though the first list of names had already been called out. Those wolves on it had to report to their Alpha for a discussion about that stupid mating ball. The rules that would be applied to them and just what was to be expected of them.

They were not going under the name The Rejected Pack though. Apparently, the council thought this might put those other wolves attending off accepting their Mate, if they knew where they came from, Rejects in their world. They were going to be attending this so-called Mating Ball, as the wolfen councils guest pack.

None of them had to state what pack they were from up front to any wolf that scented them out. Unless they were male and found their Mate, then the she-wolf would be introduced to Aston and a discussion would have to be held.

Those male wolves, poor bastards, who were already rejected themselves now, could well find themselves rejected all over again, simply because they had been once before and now lived inside The Rejected Pack, already deemed undesirable to normal packs, it seemed.

It wasn’t fair to them and they stood and argued about it, as much as the women did, not wanting to leave. Some of them openly stating they would reject the Mate they were gifted, so they could stay here, where they knew it was safe. It was a logistical nightmare for Alpha Aston and Luna Roberta.

Most of them had no idea who their old packs, allied packs were, and therefore there was always the possibility that any of them could come into contact with their old pack at any given mating ball. Including Mala herself, she did not relish having to go to a mating ball and finding anyone from her old pack, whether it be Alpha Glenn and his Unit or Hudson if he’d taken over from his father. He was old enough now, she supposed.

As much as Aston was going to try and avoid this happening, it wasn’t always going to be possible. He did acknowledge this to those with fears of coming across the Mate that rejected them, or their old Alpha. Some of these wolves had been beaten and left for dead, by their own packs Alpha’s or ranked members, no one knew they were still alive. They wanted it to stay that way.

It made Mala wonder if that was what her old pack thought of her, had his rejection killed her, had she been too weak to survive it? likely that’s what they were all hoping, she hoped so. Had changed her name and no one would be able to hunt her from her previous name. Tamala was buried a long time ago.

It was a long and very loud meeting, and she was very thankful that she was not the Luna, poor Roberta looked tired from just trying to reassure everyone about all their worries and fears. The majority of wolves called on that list had been she-wolves and they did not want to be made to attended.

Mala strolled out of that meeting with a headache herself, and headed for the orchard, that had grown over the years. It was one of her favourite places to go and sit to write. Her contribution to the pack, children’s books, she had four published now one each year for the past four years.

They seemed to do well, she’d branched out this year with the idea of making a series. Her publisher liked this idea, encouraged it. Mala put the money made from those books right back into the pack. She didn’t need it, had not set foot outside this pack once, since the day she had arrived. Had no desire to leave it at all, this was home for her. Like all others, she felt safe here.

She would not be taking a Mate, had made that decision years ago, she was happy here, enjoyed Ben’s company when she had an itch to scratch, he was up for it and they got along, were not a couple. Just fucked when the urge took them, it was good he was considerate of what she wanted, always asked how she wanted it. Let her make the choice, of if the sex was rough and hardcore or slow and gentle. He was up for everything, all the time.

Mala knew that if a rejected male wolf happened to walk into this pack and on the following full moon she scented him out she would consider it, seeing as he was rejected like her. Though she would not rush that decision, would be taking her time and getting to know him. If he opted to reject her, she would just accept it and move on like she had the last time.

But she was not willing to leave, to go to some other pack, she did not know, where anything could happen to her or Suki. No, she would be staying here regardless.

One of the she-wolves the council had sent here, had been because she had fled her abusive Mate and ran to the council for help, allowed them to Alpha order her for the truth, when her Mate had shown up and claimed she was simply unwell, that he’d never once hurt her, she had been traumatized during a pack attack and was suffering PTSD, she'd begged the council to order the truth from her and her mate for that matter. Desperate to never have to go back to him.

Her plea had been heard and she had not lied, had been granted the right to reject her Mate, and the council had protected her, and secreted her away here. Poor woman had been through a living hell for years before she’d gotten away from her Mate.

Mala did note that she-wolf's name was not on the list, she was still being protected at this point, only been here two years. It was likely that her mate, if he saw her, would try to claim her back by force. He’d not wanted the rejection had been made to accept it by the council.

It was a shame all of them couldn’t have that kind of protection and security to feel safe. Knowing you weren’t going to have to be put out there for the unknown to happen to you, or the goddess to medal with you once more.

Mala had been meddled with enough once in her life, did not want to go through that again. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Sighed really didn’t want to go to this mating ball. She like the others, was not interested and was annoyed by being forced to attend it.

They were all provided with an outfit by the council, she and Netty glared at the dresses. They had been planning on wearing ratty old tee-shirts and jeans, neither of them wanted to attract attention to themselves. All of them would be dressed the same, in wolfen council colours, midnight blue.

The dresses were simple but hugged each of them from chest to hip, were clearly designed to show off their figures, all of them were strapless with a dropped waist line and the flowing skirt of the dress fell to their knees. They were made from a beautifully soft material that swayed gently as they walked. The men were dressed in the same colour but a simple suit with a crisp white stand up collarded dress shirt.

Everyone looked good, the suits drew one’s eyes to the men’s jawline and face, to their tapered waistline and broad shoulders, made them look strong and imposing, just what she-wolves like in a Mate.

The dresses drew the eyes to the curves of the women, and made them look feminine and petite, something that made the male wolves want to protect she guessed. Or lust after, who the hell knew.