The Adopted Brother

The Adopted Brother

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 67
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Synopsis about The Adopted Brother

At one drunk-infested birthday party, Melody told Jaylen, her adopted brother everything he wanted to hear. The next day she took off and blocked him from her life. Family business and new careers kept them busy enough to believe the lie that the distance was for the better. Now five years later, their parents have had enough of their strained relationship and made up a plan to get them all under one roof not knowing the chaos brewing among them. Jaylen has a contractual girlfriend who refuses to let him go and will stop at nothing to keep him and Melody has a fling who’s telling the world that she belongs to him and doing everything in his power to prove such. With Jaylen's contractual girlfriend who refuses to let him go and will stop at nothing to keep him and Melody's fling who’s telling the world that she belongs to him and doing everything in his power to prove such. Is there any chance for them? Melody finds herself once again having to decide if running away is the best option. But who will she be running away from this time? Secrets after secrets have them both questioning everything they ever knew, including each other. Would love prevail when everything they seem to hold near and dear seems to be failing?
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chapter 1

*Five years ago*Eyes closed, I can smell the familiar scent of sandalwood from the Clive Christian collection. I know that scent, but why am I waking up to it?

chapter 2

*Five years later*“Hey ma, sorry I missed your call. How are you and Pa? Is everything ok?”

chapter 3

Even though it was almost a five-hour drive to get to my parents, Sandra decided it was safer and better to take the hour flight instead. With her endless connections, she was able to get me on a private flight for later the afternoon and arranged the car rental for when I made it to Miami’s airport. Even with her crazy schedule, she made sure she came back to pick me up and dropped me off at the airport. She was godsent. I knew she was worried about the tabloids and me being followed, but I was looking forward to the long drive. It would have given me enough time to get my head together and control the unsteadiness of my heart. But I was thankful for her friendship, lord knew I needed it.

chapter 4

JaylenSeeing my Dee again had me on cloud nine. I had completely forgotten that Alicia was with me once I laid eyes on my baby. She was mine; she just didn’t know it yet. I had let her run away five years ago, but I won’t let her this time around. No matter the talks of her being engaged to that douchebag, good for nothing Nicolas Patterson, or the fact that I’m her adopted brother, she’s mine. Always have been and always will be.

chapter 5

MelodyIt was already eight when I made it home. I probably would have stayed out longer if my parents hadn't kept calling or texting me about coming home for dinner. Evidently, my surprising visit was no longer a surprise. The whole city knew I was here, and it was confirmed since Jaylen didn’t know how to keep his big mouth shut.

chapter 6

JaylenI had already informed my parents, that I would be taking time off work and be staying at the main house for the next two weeks before Dee arrived. As expected, they didn’t question my decision. Mom was more than happy with the news, dad on the other hand was a little taken back. If either of them suspected anything, they didn’t voice it.

chapter 7

Melody Images of Jay spreading my legs apart, lapping at my nether as his fingers played me before spreading my lips apart replacing his finger with his tongue kept replaying in my head. The images were too vivid to be my imagination. I could hear myself drunkenly screaming out his name, slurring on my words. It started out with me begging him for more than of me screaming for him to stop as I came undone as he sucked and licked me dry.

chapter 8

JaylenI heard ma grilling Dee once I woke up. She had promised to ease up while on this vacation, but I should have known that was a lie. She just can’t seem to help it. As always, she finds something about Dee to knit pick at and Dee makes it easy. Sometimes she goes out of her way to make ma nag.

chapter 9

MelodyDamn it. I blindly walked into that one. It’s been five years since I was subjected to playing these stupid games, but how could I forget my own rule? Here I am talking about we’re not kids anymore and childishly let Jay bait me like a toddler. I wasn’t even tipsy enough to blame it on that.

chapter 10

JaylenWe’ve only been here for a full day and things have already gone to hell. Ma has been nagging Dee none stop to the point where Dee just completely shut down. Her last comment was what sealed the deal. Telling your own daughter how selfish and useless she was simply because she slept due to a few beers was inexcusable. Those words should never come out of a parent's mouth no matter the circumstances.