The Luna Trials

The Luna Trials

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Synopsis about The Luna Trials

After Savannah’s mate turned out to be a traitor who tried to kill her family, she decided she did not want to love or feel anything anymore. So, when the Lycan King of the Northern Kingdom comes to her brother to demand her hand in marriage in return for his support, she decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and accept the proposal. However, when she arrives in the North, she has the shock of her life finding out that the King did not count on her agreeing to become his wife. Moreover, to avoid marrying her, he invited twelve other brides to compete for the title of The Luna of The North. Now just a contender in The Luna Trials, Savvy has to choose whether to take the insult and leave... or stay, making the North King regret the day he asked for her hand. She will have to become a rival of twelve gorgeous women who would stop at nothing to get the crown on their pretty heads. The North is a rough place, and some of the competitions are dangerous, to say the least. The northerners will only accept the Luna that is worthy. Everything gets even more complicated when Savannah starts falling for a stranger, who is the only person nice to her in this foreign place. Her mate suddenly appears back in her life, and the enemies of both kingdoms start to act, endangering everyone and everything. This is the second book in the Divine Wolves series, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone story. Book I: The Perfect Luna Book II: The Luna Trials Book III: The Alpha God's Luna
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1. Northern Hospitality

Skin to skin, hot tongue tracing her every curve, creating burst after burst of tingles. Savannah arched her back, giving her mate better access, and grasped his hair as he teased her sensitive spot over and over. “You are mine, Savvy, only mine!” Zack growled as he entered her in one powerful thrust, locking their eyes and growling from the pleasure.

2. The Gardener

The voice startled her. Savannah wondered for a second how on Earth she did not notice that she had a spectator. The man who was chuckling at her was sitting under a huge oak tree, hidden behind the rose bushes when she arrived. This was the sole reason she did not see him in the first place. Anyway, it was her mistake. And from what it looked like; she couldn’t afford any mistakes at the moment. She had to think about everything first, to decide on her course of action.

3. Set Up

Kai gave his sister a stern look. He was gone for just a month and only now came back home to find all this mess. His castle was full of women he did not know and did not want to know, but each of whom, unfortunately, wanted to get acquainted with him. And he found out that apparently he was supposed to marry one of them in the near future. This did not sit right with him, and he knew very well who to blame. “Brother!” the Princess of the North chirped and ran in his direction to give him a big warm hug, but stopped halfway and scrunched her nose while scanning his outfit. “What happened to you? You look like…”

4. Bluebells In The North

The excruciating pain was too much, and tears were burning Savvy’s eyes. She did her best not to scream as her nails dug into the wooden surface of the library desk. “That mother***ing bast*rd!” she gritted her teeth, calming Athena down as best as she could. The two of them were Alphas; they wouldn’t be crying over a man even if it was their mate. Even if he was hurting them. Especially knowing what kind of man their mate was.

5. Friend of Foe?

Savannah couldn’t believe her own eyes. After she heard about the Luna Trials, she was sure that she would see a few familiar faces here, but this was one face that she did not expect to see at all. “Brigit?” she tried not to sound too surprised at the sight of the werebear shifter. She used to be one of the “red girls” from the harem that her brother Gideon and sister-in-law helped to set free. She was also a friend of Riannon. Or at least that was what Savvy thought. When Brigit left, she claimed that she looked forward to her freedom and finding her true mate. Yet now here she was – at the Luna Trials. A place where none of that mattered. And it looked like she was one of the contenders.

6. Fresh Air

Kai was sitting through a pointless and boring dinner which his sister arranged. He, Elene and his Beta Lachlan were dining on the upper floor, and he could watch his so-called Luna contenders dining downstairs through the glass window. He could already tell that his last hope for the stupid trials was already dead. None of them was his mate. “Big deal!” Elene scoffed. “You know that mates are overrated anyway. Sometimes the Moon Goddess likes to laugh and gives Alphas like yourself an omega mate! Imagine an omega queen! That would be such a joke!”

5 minutes ago

Zack knew that there was only one way to remind his mate that he was still existing. So, when his Beta brought him the girl that reminded him of Savvy the most, he didn’t hesitate. He didn’t like to make it long either. All he needed was a rele*se and to send a message to his mate. Yet this time was different. As he had hardly started when a piercing pain hit every cell of his body…

7. The Map

They were walking in silence and Kai wanted to do more for her. He didn’t even know why. He couldn’t explain it to himself. But she looked worried and it made him unsettled too. “So, look here,” he showed her the back door that even servants used from time to time. He remembered it well for the sole reason that it was a weakness in his castle and he made his guards do regular checks there. “You go left when entering and then you go up the stairs to your floor. You will probably find yourself in some storage room, so…”

8. Unmasked

Savannah couldn’t believe this. That was definitely the scent of the gardener. This scent was more evident and intense for her than any other in this room even if she couldn’t see him yet. She started thinking hectically while trying to stay reasonable. There was no way that a simple gardener would be invited to a grand party like that. And that could only mean one thing. The man she kissed yesterday wasn’t a gardener.

9. Best For Last

Savvy looked at him in shock, and his grasp on her became tighter. Elene cleared her throat again, bringing them both out of their daze. “Kai!” She hissed. “We need to go. Now! Everyone is watching.”