Chapter 1 - The Princess Slave

Violette POV

“Now, there are five rules. Try your best to follow them.. The King won’t be very kind if you break them, and neither will I. And today especially.. he’s not in the best mood.” The head maid said.

Today is my first day as a slave, since the King, Viktor announced me yesterday. Never in my life have I ever felt so much like a piece of meat on display. The faces of disgust I saw in the crowd were enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and wither away to nothing.

The head maid handed me a box of cleaning supplies, a mop, and broom. We walked down the hall, I ignored the looks I’d received as people saw me.

“Rule number 1: you do not go anywhere without the King's approval. You will stay by his side until he says otherwise, and during the nights when you are in your room.” She said. I honestly figured as much, a King's slave isn’t allowed to do much but care for her master. Maybe if I’m good enough, he’ll allow me to work around the castle.. or maybe he won’t even be able to tolerate being around me because of his hate for my family.

“Rule number 2: stay out of the room with the grey door. It’s located in his chambers, and since you’ll be in there quite often.. he thought you should know. Do NOT go in there, or there will be severe consequences.” She said. Chills ran down my spine and the hairs stood up on my arms. I wonder.. what is in this mysterious room?

“Rule number 3: you must follow every demand and need of the King with the utmost haste. And don’t half a*s it! Bring him his meals on time, and have his room polished before he even notices it needed it.. ” She said. She opened a door and pushed me forward while continuing to speak.

“Rule number 4: Do not speak to anyone unless permitted by the King directly.” We walked down the hall past several other maids and guards. Wait, this is the way to the Kings room. I didn’t realize I was doing this now.

“And rule number 5: the most important rule of all. Do not touch his bed. He’s very particular about his bed, and if you were to disobey his order, I can’t promise you’ll continue on with both of your hands.” She said. What? His bed? How am I supposed to clean his entire chambers without touching his bed? The bed is the main piece, it draws quite a lot of attention.. how could he not want it cleaned and made?

I nodded my head even though the rules were quite ridiculous. A wolf Princess. Captured and made the Lycan Kings slave.. Given rules like a child. I’m not a child! And he is most certainly not my King.

We stopped in the middle of the hall in front of two beautifully carved wooden doors. A guard was standing outside and his eyes glazed over, probably announcing us to the King.

“You are free to enter.” The guard said. He reached for the handle and pushed the door open, letting us in and shutting the door.

I looked around the room in curiosity. It is very big and spacious, with a massive wooden canopy bed in the middle with black sheer curtains all the way around it. The walls had intricate carvings and designs and it almost made me gasp at their beauty.

Farther back in the room was another doorway showing a desk sitting in the middle of an office. And at that desk is sitting.. King Viktor. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach at the sight of him; I vowed to strike myself for that later. There’s no way I’ll ever feel anything for him other than hate. Even if my body screams for him.

His dark hair sat lazily and undone on his head and he wore a pair of glasses as he stared at a stack of papers. The shirt he wore clung tightly to his muscles and it made my skin tingle with excitement. Why goddess, why do I feel this way? He’s a beast! A savage whose father murdered my mother!

He did not speak or even bother to look up as we stood there patiently waiting for several minutes.

“Your slave is here, my King.” The head maid said. She never told me her name so that’s just what I’ve been calling her. Finally, he looked up, the expression on his face was cold and empty.

“Thank you, Beatrice.” He said. She bowed her head and waited to be released.

“You may go.” He said. She bowed once again before turning and giving me a look as of saying “remember the rules”. She then turned and left me here alone with him.

I stood there for a moment uncertain of where to start. The floor? The bathroom? Maybe he wants food first? I went to place down the box of cleaning supplies when his voice flitted through the air.

“Come here, slave.” He growled. My heart began to race a million miles a minute. I set the box down and slowly made my way across the room before stopping at the doorway into his office.

“I said, come here.” He growled once again. My palms started sweating from my anxiety, what does he want with me? Surely he doesn’t want.. no! I cannot do that. S*x is for the person you love! Your mate, not your master.. he would not be kind and gentle as it should be..

I stopped at his knees and he took a deep breath. I wasn’t wearing much, the slave collar, and a white, silk, spaghetti strap gown that was practically see-through. I was told as the king's slave that undergarments weren’t allowed.. so obviously I don’t have those either. I was surprised when the maids handed me this..I’m a slave and it’s not proper slave attire, but apparently, the King requested it.

He didn’t speak as he reached forward and untied the string between my br*asts. My heart sped in my chest and I waited for it to burst everywhere at any given moment. He ran his finger along my slave collar, then my collarbone, knocking the small strap off my shoulder and then doing the same to the other side.

Without the straps being held up, the dress began to slip and within seconds I was standing before him completely naked. He looked me over, scanning every inch of my body as if trying to remember it before he opened his mouth.

“My beauty of a slave.” He purred. He cupped my breasts in his rough hands and growled lightly. His eyes flashing obsidian, heat overwhelming me almost entirely. I hated it.. but my body reacted to him in ways that it shouldn’t. My core slicked with my juices.. I knew he could smell it.

“Turn.” He said. I did as he asked in fear of what would happen if I didn’t. But I'd hoped he’d see the scars that lie across my skin and repulse him.

I felt the soft tips of his fingers run down my scars at first.. Then he moved his fingers down my side to the side of my bottom, then my thigh. Everywhere he touched felt like it was being ignited like little fires. Though I also felt disgusted by him, scared, angry, and hatred. Those were enough to make anything remotely good turn sour really quick.

He grabbed my hips forcefully and moved me to the desk. He leaned me over and a small cry escaped my lips. My breath hitched in my throat as he cupped my virtue.. he growled lightly at the feeling of me in his hands.. my breaths were fast and shaky.. goddess please, don’t let him do this to me. He slid his finger across my slit.. I curse my body for reacting to his touch.

I felt wetness spread across my lips as he rubbed me.. he wasn’t harsh to my surprise; he was gentle, but that didn’t make this any easier. He parted my folds and rubbed on my little sensitive bud.. my legs shaking almost uncontrollably.. I hated it, but at the same time, I didn’t.. Before he did anything else, he grabbed my arm and yanked me up.

“Put your dress back on.” He grunted. I turned around when he stopped me, his big, soft hand rested against my hip gently.

“I didn’t say turn around.” He growled. I gulped loudly before turning back around, taking a few steps out from behind the desk.. my back facing him and I bent down, my bottom probably directly in his view.. i wanted to cry out loud, I’ve never felt so embarrassed and out of my own control in my life. I held back tears as I looped my fingers around the straps and pulled the dress up and over my body. I twisted the dress until it faced the right way and put my arms in before tying the little string in my bust.

“Get back to work.” He grunted. The first time a man has seen me naked ever and it wasn’t special like it was supposed to be. Though I’m grateful he didn’t.. take my virginity.. I’ve never felt more like a dog for show in my entire life.

I quickly walked away, tears running down my face as I fought back the sounds that threatened to escape my throat. This is it. This is my life now. I’m to be his slave; to serve him until he realizes he has no need for me. I grabbed some cleaning supplies and began my work.