The Princess Slave

The Princess Slave

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 92
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Synopsis about The Princess Slave

Stand-alone , Complete (just editing), Hate to love, SMUTTY!!! As Princess of the werewolves, it was known that one day Violette would be the best Queen the lands have ever known. Despite how awful she was treated by her Father after the passing of her Mother, Violette stayed true to her kind and caring character. She wanted nothing but a happy life with her fated mate.. but, she realized that would never happen on the day she was captured and named the slave of the Lycan King.. her family’s greatest enemy. King Viktor was not always a King. He was once a prince who had a family.. until they were all murdered by the hands of Violettes Father, King Arthur of the werewolves. Viktor was captured by Arthur and tortured for 2 years until he escaped and returned to his home to take his place in the throne. Viktor wanted revenge. So with his men he stormed king Arthur’s Kingdom with the plan to take his life.. but what he found was even better. He found that not only was King Arthur nowhere to be seen, but instead found his only child, Violette. The most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Long ago, Viktor’s family was cursed by King Arthur’s commands. Viktor was unable to take a chosen mate, and f****d to find his true one. He could mark any woman, but if the mark disappeared, she wasn’t his true mate and he’d be f****d to continue his search.. or live without a mate forever. Not only was his mate hidden from him.. but even if he found her, neither of them would be able to feel the bond. Which only made his search harder.. as true mates aren’t easy to find to begin with. What happens when Violette and Viktor grow to care deeply for one another? Will they accept each other, despite the war between their families? Will they ever have a chance at happiness.. even if they’re fated or not?
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All Chapters of The Princess Slave

Chapter 1: Five rules

Violette POV “Now, there are five rules. Try your best to follow them.. The King won’t be very kind if you break them, and neither will I. And today especially.. he’s not in the best mood.” The head maid said.

Chapter 2: F*cking pig

Violette POVI thought back to when I was captured. The alarms were blaring, and people running and screaming.

Chapter 3: Yes, Master.

Violette POV “What?” I asked. F*ck. I just broke rule number 4, didn’t I?

Chapter 4: Innocence

Viktor POV “And check on the slave. She almost fainted earlier and I can’t have that.” I growled.

Chapter 5: She is a beauty

Violette POVI had the strangest dream last night. Father was yelling at me after finding out that I’d let Lillian have one of my bows and a necklace.. instead of being forced to have my hands struck 400 times and my back whipped, King Viktor placed his hand on my face and took me away to be safe.

Chapter 6: I mean, just look at them.

Violette POV “You've filled out considerably.” Richard moaned as he ran his fingers over my cleavage.

Chapter 7: She is my slave

Viktor POV Where is she? I said 2 hours. She’s well over 20 minutes late. I was lenient on her because it was her first few days. But 20 minutes is well over-pushing it.

Chapter 8: Miss Minerva

Violette POV The gardens are magnificent. The gardens at home aren’t quite as lovely as these. And all we have at home are white roses that match our family's rather distinct white hair. But this garden.. has flowers off all kinds. There’s even a section of fresh fruits and vegetables that looks absolutely delicious.

Chapter 9: You are not my mate

Viktor POV Yet another night I find my mind racing with thoughts of her. Thinking about earlier today had my skin on fire. I should’ve never let Richard touch her. The look on her face tugged at something deep inside me and it made my head feel like it would explode.

Chapter 10: She lied to me

Viktor POV “Please! I’ve been waiting for weeks. Why was I brought at all if I wasn’t going to be able to see her?” The girl cried in front of me to Beatrice.