Chapter 2 - The Princess Slave

Violette POV

I thought back to when I was captured. The alarms were blaring, and people running and screaming.

“Princess! You have to hide, the lycan King and his men are here to kill us all!” My maid Lillian screamed. We’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember, and this is the second time I’ve ever seen her so frightened. It immediately made me feel horrible, and wish to do everything I can to make her feel better. Except this was important.. far more important than I or my safety.

“Not without Sylvia and Dominic.”I pleaded. I knew if I didn’t get her to see reason, she’d fight with me to get me to go to the secret room.

“Surely they’ve hidden by now, Princess. Please! My duty is to serve and protect you!” She pleaded. Just then I heard the sharp piercing screams of little Sylvia. My feet took off before my brain could even register it.. I ran down the hall and followed her screams the best that I could. I stopped at the doorway to the music room and ripped the door open.

There were two men pulling at her hair and dress. They had her pressed against the wall as tears poured down her small face. Without thinking, I pounced on the man who was reaching under her maids dress.

“Get away from her!” I growled. I leaned forward and bit his ear off. Blood filled my mouth and poured out everywhere, his screams filled my head and not a single thought could pass through.

“Stupid fucking bitch!” He growled. I went to shift into my wolf form when I felt a sharp prick in my arm.

“Uh uh, no shifting, mutt.” The other man laughed. I found myself pinned under the first man, his ear had slowed bleeding and began the healing process. Stupid Lycan healing.

“And what do we have here?” The man growled. He sniffed up the side of my face before smiling.

“You smell.. high ranking..” he purred.

“N-no..” I shook my head.

“Don’t lie to me. I know.” He said.

He pinned my arms between us and shoved himself between my legs. I began kicking and screaming frantically, someone has to be around.. surely.. someone will help me. In one swift motion, he ripped the front of my dress, exposing my undergarments and cleavage.

“Get off!” I screamed.

“Princess!” I heard Lillian’s voice. No! If I wasn’t pinned down.. well now he knows who I am.

“Ohh.. so I have the Princess here..” the man moaned. He pressed his erection against me and I cringed.

“What? A low-life omega Lycan disgusts you, does it?” He asked. His hand struck the side of my face and my ear rang. My skin stung like it had been stung by 10 bees and I looked at the floor gasping in air.

“Get off of her.” Lillian lunged at the man but ended up being tackled by the other. He slammed her head into the wall once and let go. She smacked the ground with a hard thud. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was steady, thank goddess.

I looked at Sylvia who was curled up against the wall, her eyes fixed on me and the man on top of me.

“Run.” I mouthed. She looked between the two men before getting up and running as fast as she possibly could. Everything would have gone perfectly okay, had the second man not shifted to his Lycan and chased her down. He shifted back to human form and began dragging her down the hall.

“No! What are you doing with her?” I growled as I thrashed under the first man.

“Oh, Normans just gonna have his fun while I have mine in here.” He purred.

“No! She’s 15! She’s just a child!” I screamed as tears began to fall down my face. I tried so hard but whatever they stuck in my arm had me feeling weak. I’ve taken small doses of wolfsbane every day of my life so whatever they gave me was too much for even a normal wolf.. If I can’t shift.. maybe I can still use my claws.

“Oh, she’ll be okay. Break her in a bit.” He laughed. I filled with rage and pulled an arm out from between us and with all of my strength, I shoved my hand into his neck. I wrapped my fingers around his warm and wet throat and yanked on it as hard as I could.

His eyes widened as I ripped his throat from his neck and blood spilled all over me. I closed my eyes and mouth as his blood covered my face and hair. His body fell on top of me and little gurgles came out of his mouth.

“Fucking pig,” I grunted as I wiped my eyes and mouth with my non-bloodied hand. My skin covered in goosebumps and my hair stood at attention when a cough interrupted my thoughts. I tilted my head back as far as I could and spotted about 6 men all dressed in black with small spatters of blood here and there. Their scents hit my nose and I knew.. they’re not from my kingdom. My eyes met with the one in the middle. The aura screamed powerful and I just knew I was staring at the Lycan king, Viktor. Butterflies filled my stomach and.. at the same time I wanted to run and hide.. or even attack him. -Take that as you will.-

I stopped looking and tried to shove off the man, I pushed him as hard as I could until finally, he hit the ground with a thud. I stood up quickly and grabbed the front of my dress with each hand trying my best to hold the top together. Though, I wasn’t doing too well because my hands were now slippery from the blood so my cleavage was everywhere.

“I need to get into that room right there.” I pointed at the room Norman pulled Sylvie into. Her muffled screams were heard through the awkward silence and I did everything I could to avoid the King's eyes.

“I don’t take commands from you.” One of them growled.

“Please, she’s just a child! He’s trying to rape her and you’re all being bitches, just standing here doing nothing!” I growled. They all stared at me with scared looks on their faces because I just called their King a bitch.. and the second I saw the look on his face I knew I’d never see freedom again. I knew he wanted me. I knew I was now his prey.

“Take her.” He growled. No! No! Where’s my Father? What about Sylvia? What about my people?

“But King we’re here for..”

“I think the Princess will do just fine.” He growled.

“Princess?” One of the men said questionably. Of course, he knows. Just like how I knew exactly who he is. We’re royalty. We all know when we are near one another.

Two men marched forward and grabbed my arms. My arms struggled against them, still holding the top of my dress together as best as I could.

“Don’t fight them, and they won’t be as rough. Little princess.” The king said. For a moment it seemed as if his features filled with anguish.. as if he didn’t want to hurt me, but he didn’t feel he had a choice.

“Stop! Leave me alone!” I growled. They ripped my arms back and my dress ripped even more. Goddess, fuck! There was no holding this damned dress together, is there?

“Asshole!” I growled. I snarled and my fangs shot out. The man jumped back, but then laughed as if I didn’t scare him.

“Please.. just help her, I’ll do anything!” I begged. I was now looking directly at the king. Somehow, I felt I might be able to persuade him. Even if it meant giving myself to him. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth as if he was thinking about it.

His eyes glazed over as well as the rest of the men, and without a moment of waiting they all turned towards the door and busted it down.

“What the..” his voice cut off with a loud crack and Sylvia’s whimper could be heard from the room.

“Let’s go.” The King said.

“What no? We have to take her! We have to help her! To help them! You slaughtered my men, my very good men, and for what? Some rivalry between our kingdoms?” I growled. He stopped walking and turned around, getting in my face and grabbing it tightly in his hand. My skin filled with tingles of excitement but it also filled with pain. Pain his hand was inflicting on me.

“Your father started this. It wasn’t a deadly war until he spilled blood. Now, I’m just getting even. but this.. this is even better.. ” He said as he walked up to me.

“Now I will have his beauty of a daughter.. I will make you submit to me in ways you’d never imagine.” His eyes shifted to my open chest, my cleavage poked out for the whole room to see even with dried blood on it. His eyes flashed obsidian for a moment before they turned back to their cold heartless ones. It was as if he was fighting with himself not to take me right here.. right now. To take my virtue.

“Someone give her a shirt. Grab the other girl and let’s go.” He growled.

“Wait..” I looked at Lillian who was still passed out on the floor.

“Please..” I pleaded with him. His face was emotionless and empty, but he nodded his head and one of the men walked over to Lillian and threw her over his shoulder. He was showing hints of kindness.. even without being obligated to do so.

“What are you doing just standing there?” The King's voice interrupted my thoughts. I shook my head and looked at him standing in the doorway of his office.