Chapter 10 - A Moment in Destiny

Sherry turned around, she saw Anna Hines with a long face standing behind her. “Good morning, l'm Sherry!"

As she nodded her head lightly, Miss. Hines replied politely. Welcome to join The Rowland Group!”

“Nice to meet you!” Sherry replied humbly.

Miss. Hines took her to familiarize herself with the working environment. She started to arrange some work for her at the front desk outside the secretary's room. She would be responsible for welcoming and getting rid of unnecessary people away from Mr. Rowland. At the same time, she would be sending and receiving documents and answering a couple of phone calls.

“Miss. Murray, do you think you can do it?” Miss. Hines asked.

“I think sot”

“Miss. Murray, from today onwards, you and I are Mr. Rowland's secretaries. Mr. Rowland does not like 'I think sơ' but only yes or no, do you think you can do it?”


Miss. Hines smiled. “I will try my best to teach you all the things I can. If there’s anything that you don't know, you can always ask me. l will head to down to collect some documents.”

“Yesl" Sherry took a deep breath and sat down.

On the other side, Mr. Rowland's room door opened and Sherry stood up subconsciously.

“Coffee!” William waited for a long time without seeing his first cúp of coffee in the morning.

“Yesl" Sherry quickly rushed to the coffee room immediately.

She sprinted towards the coffee room, she suddenly felt someone was staring at her so she can't help but turn around and then she looked into his eyes which were like bottomless water. She started

panicking looking away and ran away.

Why would Mr. Rowland look at her that way? Did she do wrong? Damn it, why did she forget what Ms. Hines has told her the first thing every morning when Mr. Rowland entered the office, she would immediately serve a cuụp of coffee! lt was part of her work and she could only start from the basics.

She took a deep breath and brewed a good cup of coffee and served to Mr. Rowland immediately.

The closer she walked to his office, her heart felt like throbbing non-stop. To face such a serious boss on the first day of work, she was worried that she might get fired if she did something wrong.

After she took another deep breath, she finally raised her hand and knocked on the thick mahogany door.

“Come in." a light magnetic sound came from the door. Sherry felt started instantly. This voice, it seemed like she heard it somewhere?

ln a moment of trance, she took a deep breath and stepped in. “Mr. Rowland, here is your coffee!”

“Okay, you can go now.” he did not even raise his head, the man was sitting in front of the office table as if he was buried with documents.

There was sunshine coming from the window behind as his whole body was coated with dazzling aperture. It made people felt afraid to look at him directly.

“Yesl" Sherry put the coffee on the table and turned herself to leave.

“Wait!" the man behind the desk raised his face up.

“Yesl" She turned around as only her figure appeared in his eyes.

Those eyes were scary which made people tempting to approach closer.

“You brew this coffee?” William focused on the coffee and smelled an authentic taste from Brazil.

“Yes!" Sherry lowered her eyes subconsciously and blushed. She rarely spent time with the men, she couldn't help it but feeling shy.

He stared at her for a long time without saying anything.

“Mr. Rowland, ¡is there anything else?” Sherry couldn't hold as she felt that she had been standing for a long time. He seemed to be looking at her all the time as if he wanted to see the depths of her soul.

William took a sip of the coffee, he felt the sweetness in the mouth and it was very relaxing. “You can go out nowl”

“Yesl" Sherry nodded and she felt relieved.

After the whole day, Sherry started to familiarize the whole process of being a secretary. In the afternoon, Ms. Hines brought another woman up, she seemed like a fresh graduate. As she saw Sherry, she instantly smiled and greeted. “Hello, my name is Alice Ryan, l'm new to the company, nice to meet yout”

“Hello, my name is Sherry Murray!” she greeted back.

At this moment, there was a woman in high heels approaching closer. Sherry and Alice instantly stood up and greeted. l† was because they were new in the company and did not know who she wasl

The woman was wearing a royal blue V-neck dress with a very low neckline and her cleavage was almost visible. She was tall and gorgeous.