A Moment in Destiny

A Moment in Destiny

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Chapter 1 She Has No illness

“Take off your clothes, lay on the bed, and spread your legs!” The doctor dressed in a white robeordered. Next to the blue examination bed was a beautiful and fragile girl who closed her eyes in humiliation.Her long eyelashes were like the thin and light wings of a butterfly which were beautiful as theyremained still. Her crimson and beautiful lips were gently pursed with a touch of lonely sadness. Bitterne

Chapter 2 He is Here

His voice was mesmerizing. Deep and low, attractive with a touch of sexiness. The voice was verysuitable for an announcer and he sounded young.Sherry took a step backward and replied nervously, “Yesl”Sherry slowly raised her head and looked at his lips. Their eyes met briefly and he said sarcastically,Do you know what you need to do?”Sherry felt that he was a very stern man and she was so overwhelmed that sh

Chapter 3 Who are you to Refuse?

lt was the first time her body was being treated in such a way. lt felt so painful that her whole body wastrembling non-stop. For him, he had seen through everything. He was going to make her be hiswoman! She wanted to let out a scream to signify her intentions to put this to a stop, but at the same time sheneeded him. She had to bear his child in order to earn enough money to pay for her brother's medicalf

Chapter 4 Loss of an Important Relative

The man turned around in astonishment as he watched Sherry s naked and beautiful back tremblingever so slightly. There was a pause in his heart: Someone had died? He walked over and sat down in front of her. He saw that blood was dripping out of the corners of hermouth. Apparently, she had bitten her fingers so hard that they were bleeding now. He frowned at thispitiful appearance of her. “Ƒll go there now!

Chapter 5 She was Tough

“William, why are you here? I told you not to come.” Suddenly, a soft female voice flew into William'sear. He quickly put the report into his suit pocket and put on a smile. “Lucy, lm worried, so lm here. What's wrong?” The woman was just as beautiful as her voice. Her eyebrows were so delicate, and her big bright eyeswere on her pretty face. However, her small red lips showed her annoyance. “William, there

Chapter 6 Coming Back

Five years later.“Mommy, when will we arrive? I miss Celia so much!”On the plane, a cute five-year-old boy sat beside a young lady. He lifted his delicate face, looking at thebeautiful Sherry.“Almost there, Dan. Be a good boy and Celia will come pick you up. Well see her soon, sit well” Sherrysmiled. Looking at her sons face, she felt sorrow in her heart. Her eyes couldn't focus on that boy, as ifshe was try

Chapter 7 A Child Daring to do Great Mischief

“Celia, l missed you so much! You look like you are even more pretty today, l'm sure there are a lot ofmen trying to date you?” Daniel hugged Celia right, and planted a big kiss on her cheeks. “Aw, l it always feels good to receive your love! Let me give you a big fat kiss as well!” Right after shesaid so, Celia closed in to Daniel, and imprinted her red lipstick on his soft little cheeks. Sherry was lookin

Chapter 8 A Mans Face

Sherry appeared at the Rowland Group dressed in a conservative suit, when she noticed that mostwomen who came for the interview had heavy makeup and were dressed in a more appealing way.In this moment, a group of girls started chatting.“Did you hear? This time it's Mr. Rowland who is going to interview us in person!”“Yeah, I know! He is so handsome, I am finally gonna see him!”“My Mister Dreamy! And Liam, th

Chapter 9 What's Her Background?

“I'm tired, I will leave the rest to you all” William Rowland left in a rush. Everyone looked at each other as they did not know what happened. Why did Mr. Rowland leave afterdoing one interview? While waiting uneasily, Sherry Murray received a call from The Rowland Group. They informed that shegot accepted to the company. “Ah! That's great!” Sherry instantly jumped in excitement after putting down the phon

Chapter 10 Morning Coffee

Sherry turned around, she saw Anna Hines with a long face standing behind her. “Good morning, l'mSherry!" As she nodded her head lightly, Miss. Hines replied politely. Welcome to join The Rowland Group!” “Nice to meet you!” Sherry replied humbly. Miss. Hines took her to familiarize herself with the working environment. She started to arrange somework for her at the front desk outside the secretary's room. S