Chapter 9 - A Moment in Destiny

“I'm tired, I will leave the rest to you all” William Rowland left in a rush.

Everyone looked at each other as they did not know what happened. Why did Mr. Rowland leave after doing one interview?

While waiting uneasily, Sherry Murray received a call from The Rowland Group. They informed that she got accepted to the company.

“Ah! That's great!” Sherry instantly jumped in excitement after putting down the phone. To be accepted by such a big company, also possibly that she might get a decent income in the future. Dan and she will have a better life together!

“Mummy, what's wrong?”

“Son, your mummy has been accepted!” Sherry hugged her son.

“That's great! Mummy, you re the best!” Dan clapped and screamed. “Ah... my mummy has a job now, my mummy is the best!”

“Hehe..." The laughter spread all over the apartment. “Lets celebrate, mummy will add an extra dish for you today!”


There was no light shooting inside the dark box. The man leaned on the chair and stared coldly at everything downstairs. He sneered repeatedly and there were already four or five cigarette butts in the ashtray. lt sẳeemed like he was trying to hide his emotions. l† was obviously that he couldrt wait anymore.

It was like he couldn't hear the screams from downstairs as his cold eyes drifted past the crowds. l†t was like he was focusing on somewhere in the future.

“Will! Hey! How long did you wait?” Liam Brooks sat on the sofa as he entered the box. “There was a lady who was pretty cute so I just went do something, sorry to keep you waiting!”

William sneered again and twisted the remaining cigarette into the ashtray. He stood up and stared at Liam. “Relax, I'll go first!”

“What! You haven't said anything yet, how can you leave?” Liam asked.

“I have promised Samuel Rowland to accompany with him today!” he replied softly as he turned and left.

“Ugh! What's so great about having a son! Tomorrow ['ÏÌ get myself a son to take care of too!”

The Rowland Group was in the most luxurious area of the city. The 66-story building was high as if it was straight into the sky. lt was very majestic as the entire building was dominated by dark blue theme. lt was very shining under the sunshine in the morning.

As Sherry took a deep breath as she stepped into the main entrance of the building.

During the working hour, the building lobby was filled with people passing by. Every single lift was filled with staffs. Everyone was well-dressed with cold faces as if they all only looked heavily after their own jobs.

“Ms. Murray, please head up to the 66th floor to report at the Mr. Rowland's secretary office." She was told that her working place was on the top floor as she entered the haill.

Sherry took another deep breath and walked towards the elevator. I† was full then she looked at the elevator beside and there was no one else.

She turned and walked towards it.

“ls it her? I heard that Mr. Rowland only interviewed her, what's this womar7s background?”

“Ah! She actually uses Mr. Rowlands special elevator!” the two ladies were gossiping about her at the reception. “What a fool!”

“That's not right, perhaps she has some special relationship with Mr. Rowland?”

“No way?” Their discussion stopped abruptly as someone slowly appeared in the entrance of the hall. “Ah! Mr. Rowland is here!”


Sherry pressed the elevators button and waited for the door to open.

William and Liam noticed Sherry as they entered the hall. Liam blinked his eyes. Wasn't she the woman from yesterday, she seemed to have gone the wrong elevator? lt was only meant for Mr. Rowland, okay?

William looked over and saw her pressing the button of the special elevator. He narrowed his eyes as if he did not feel happy about it.

William and Liam walked towards the elevator together. The moment when the door opened, as Sherry stepped into the elevator, she heard some voices from behind. “Hello, Miss. This elevator is only for the Mr. Rowland, the staff elevator is over there!”

She turned her head around subconsciously, their eyes met. Sherry first saw William's cold face and Liam who was smiling evilly.

“Sorry! I Don't know!” She apologized awkwardly. This moment she knew that the reason why there was no one in that elevator.

“Never mind! Now you know!” Liam replied.

“Please be aware of your position!” William informed as he walked past her.

The moment he walked pass her shoulder, Sherry smelled the faint smell of tobacco on him. She was stunned and apologized again. “Sorry!"

“Don't worry, please go over there. Don't be late on the first day of work!” Liam winked at Sherry.

Sherry was blushing as she ran towards to another elevator. First day of work, she began to realize that even the elevator for the Mr. Rowland and the staffs were separated.

When she reached the top floor, it was only five minutes before the work time. Sherry quietly sighed, next time she must come early and not to be late.

As she was not completely settled down, she was frightened by the sudden voice behind her. 'Are you Sherry?”