Chapter 3 - A Moment in Destiny

lt was the first time her body was being treated in such a way. lt felt so painful that her whole body was trembling non-stop. For him, he had seen through everything. He was going to make her be his woman!

She wanted to let out a scream to signify her intentions to put this to a stop, but at the same time she needed him. She had to bear his child in order to earn enough money to pay for her brother's medical fees. She no longer had any choice.

The moment he toyed with her, Sherry could only stay silent. She clutched the bed sheets tight and her tears couldn't stop flowing. Besides that, she no longer put up any resistance.

After going at it for a long time, he finally put a stop to his movements while catching his breath. He could feel this woman underneath him shivering from time to time, and his dissipating energy caused him to be able to cool down and start to feel for her...

“Alright, stop crying!” He reached out and took her into his embrace. He gently kissed her teary cheeks, “You want money, so you have no choice but to put yourself through this. I will increase your reward!”

His words were like a sharp blade that sliced her heart. She responded by abruptly pushing him hard, “Enough. Are you done for the night?”

"Who are you to refuse?” He roared with annoyance while turning a blind eye to her tears. Although this was her first time doing this, he decided to go on with this and not let her go so soon. lt had been god knew how long that he had last experienced such a feeling!

She tried to struggle to break free from him but nothing she did could move that insurmountable body weighing on her. “Let me go! Let... me... go!"

Her screams were cracking due to immense pain coursing through her body. Her voice came out in fragments.

Despite that, he suddenly lifted her chin and stared into her eyes coldly, “Are you already reaching your limits? Do you want to give up on earning that money?”

Silence engulfed the whole house. While he was taking a bath, Sherry was lying lifeless in bed like a puppet. Streams of tears were trickling down her cheeks...

At that moment, the sound of telephone ringing broke the silence in the room.

In no time, that man emerged from his shower and answered the call. He spoke in a gentle tone, “Lucille, are you supposed to be sleeping?”

His voice was so gentle and light as if he was cooing next to a lover's ears. Sherry flashed a bitter smile and thought that men really knew how to put on an act. A moment ago, he was just torturing her on bed, and the next second, he was comforting another woman with such a soothing and infatuated voice. “Alright, I'll come back now. No need to wait for me, alright2 Go to sleep now, good girl.”

The man hung up the phone and started to wipe off the beads of water on his skin. The fox mask was still concealing his face, and Sherry was gazing listlessly at the ceiling. She was obviously trying to avoid seeing him.

The man wore his clothes and swept his gaze across the room. As if he was suddenly struck by something, he howled coldly, “Get up and get into the bath now. They will change the bed sheets tomorrow, so I don't want to see anything on it!”

He had just finish devouring a young woman who was only twenty. The fact that she was a virgin encapsulated his heart and caused him to go Crazzy.

Sherry stayed motionless while her tears couldn't stop trickling out of her eyes. As she had thought, this man was a cleanliness freak.

He stood in front of her and gazed at her from high above, “Yoư re just a surrogate mother. lf things go well, you will get the reward you deserve"

“Thank you for the money!" Sherry replied mechanically, “You can go nowf”

At the same time, her phone suddenly rang. She flew down from bed while ignoring the excruciating pain coursing through her body and the man in front of her because she knew who was calling.

The only one who would call her was none other than Luke, her younger brother and her only relative.

The man watched her hurriedly picking up the phone and suddenly, a surge of anger filled his eyes. He was on the verge of leaving but because of her, he stopped short in his tracks.

“Hello! Luke? Are you okay?” Sherry asked anxiously.

However, an unfamiliar voice sounded at the other end of the phone, “Miss Murray, I am Luke's attending doctor. l'm sorry to inform you that your brother has passed away! This afternoon, he looked nervous probably because he couldn't see you and ever since then, he never woke up anymore. Miss Murray, you should be well informed that a heart attack patient can take on any form of stimulation. We are really sorry about this outcome!”

“What did you say?” Sherry stuffed all of her fingers into her mouth and tears broke free and came out gushing, “Im... Impossible, Luke would never die... This is impossible...”