Chapter 4 - A Moment in Destiny

The man turned around in astonishment as he watched Sherry s naked and beautiful back trembling ever so slightly. There was a pause in his heart: Someone had died?

He walked over and sat down in front of her. He saw that blood was dripping out of the corners of her mouth. Apparently, she had bitten her fingers so hard that they were bleeding now. He frowned at this pitiful appearance of her.

“Ƒll go there now! [†Í go now.” Sherry suddenly put down her phone and stood up. However, the pain was like a jolt of electricity coursing through her thighs and it caused her to almost stumble to the floor. The man reached out and helped her to regain her balance.

“What happened?”

Sherry didn† meet his eyes as tears continued to flow. Now that Luke was dead, there was it anything in the world that was of her interest anymore. She had lost her only relative. She had to see Luke now, “I want to ge† out, I want to get out now! I don't want your money anymore, let's end Our contract!”

“Are you sure about that?” The man knitted his brows.

Sherry finally escaped his grip and picked up her shirt and wore them. She couldn't care less about that mas dumbfounded look as she frantically grabbed her bag and all of her stuff. She was going to dart off at any moment.

Before she could do that, the man grabbed her, “There isn't any transport that can send you down the hill at night. Tell me what happened.”

Sherry looked at him with misty eyes, “I want to descend the hill now!”

The man didn't say anything more as he narrowed his deep eyes, “i'll send you down the hill!”

Throughout the whole journey, there wasn’t a single moment when Sherry could stop sobbing. The man silently drove all the way and finally arrived at the hospital.

“lÝ you dorït want to continue this anymore, I won't force this on you too! Take half of the money as compensation!”

Sherry froze for one moment before hurriedly getting off the car. She didn't answer him at all.

The man watched her disappeared into the hospital doors while clutching the steering wheel so hard to the point that his knuckles were pale white.

He removed his mask with annoyance and a face that was so perfect and handsome came into view. His delicate face was marred by his knitted brows. He had a melancholic look on his face...

Sherry rushed to the ward and saw a nurse covering Lukes corpse with a white bed sheet.

“Where's my brother? Where's him?” She asked around maniacally at any chance she got.

“Miss Murray, l'm really sorry. We have tried our best” The attending doctor guilty apologized to Sherry. He wouldn't faze in front of any dying patient since he was in the industry for too long, but this patient was just fifteen. lt was indeed a waste that he couldn't turn any older anymore from that moment on.

Sherry gawked at the fragile and tiny frame of her brother which was now covered entirely by a white cloth, and she couldn't help letting out a wail, “No...”

“Miss Murray, accept our condolences!” The doctor and nurse tried to make her feel better.

She wailed uncontrollably as she peeled off the white sheet with trembling hands. At the sight of Luke's pale face and purplish lips, her tears gushed out like the waterfall.

She could only let her tears wet her entire face as she mustered all her strength to suppress her inner voice threatening to tear her apart from

the insides, “Luke, my dear Luke..."

As though she could silently chant his name and he would magically returned back to life and came back to her side.

A month and a half had gone by ever since.

Sherry whose mind was in a complete mess was finally able to accept Luke's death. At the same time, she discovered that she was pregnant for some time.

This had happened because of that one and only time she had done it with that man that fateful night!

A look of shock, dullness and anxiety was then transformed into pleasant happiness. This new life taking form in her belly was the closest relative she could get in the world.

After exiting the obstetrics and gynecology department, Sherry stared at the string of numbers on the medical report and revealed a very rare smile which was unseen of during this difficult period.

She immediately thought of her employer last time. There was a chance that he wouldn't come looking for her for this!

She could only imagine what would happen if he had known about this baby. At such a thought, Sherry suddenly sank into a state of panic. She had to run away now, to a place that nobody knew about her.

She scurried forward anxiously in the corridor and suddenly, a broad chest came into view and she inadvertently bumped into it. She blurted out, “Uh! l'm sorry!”

She subconsciously raised her head and saw a very long and slender figure being draped in dark suits. He had a gaunt yet profound-looking face, and it had a shade of coldness akin to the winter nights. His dark and deep eyes resembled the starry night sky, and something deep within his eyes was emanating a special kind of glow, albeit mixed with this glow was a sense of melancholy. He had a straight nose that was reminiscent of a Greek statue, and his pressed lips were angled and indifferent.

“Sir, m sorry!” Sherry once again apologized. She somehow felt a sense of familiarity from this man, but she couldn't recall whether she had seen him or not in the past.

That man only droop his head, but he laid eyes on Sherry, a flash of astonishment clouded his eyes. He hastily nodded and replied, “Don't worry about it!”

His hoarse and brassy tone brought on the sensation of being stranded in the snow in a lonely winter night. Sherry couldn't help letting a shiver run through her body as she bowed slightly before dashing off.

The man didn't stop her. He just watched her forlorn figure slowly disappearing into the distance. His eyes were unreadable and deep.

He noticed something on the floor and picked it up. lt was a medical report and Sherry's name was imprinted on it together with the information that confirmed her pregnancy.

The man narrowed his eyes and once again shifted his gaze into the direction where that woman had gone. Suddenly, a dangerous look entered his eyes, as if he was a predator that had just discovered a prey...