Chapter 8 - A Moment in Destiny

Sherry appeared at the Rowland Group dressed in a conservative suit, when she noticed that most women who came for the interview had heavy makeup and were dressed in a more appealing way.

In this moment, a group of girls started chatting.

“Did you hear? This time it's Mr. Rowland who is going to interview us in person!”

“Yeah, I know! He is so handsome, I am finally gonna see him!”

“My Mister Dreamy! And Liam, the guy who is always on Mr. Rowland's side, have you seen him smile? 2 Astonishing! I heard him and the president are both still singlet

“Sh! Mister Brooks is coming!” Someone said.

Suddenly there was a loud scream, which startled Sherry, then she looked towards where everyone else was staring at, what a view!

lt was definitely a man's face, but as gentle and lovely as a womans.

He had light skin, which almost looked fabulous under the light, his face structures were in complete harmony. He was standing at the door of the waiting room, and whistled, a lazy smile on his face, which caused multiple woman to scream.

“Uhh, beauties, are you ready?”a deep and soft voice sounded, “The interview ¡is about to start soonU”

“Mister Brook!l Mister Rowland asked you to start preparing the meeting room immediately." Miss Hines, the secretary pulled on Liam's shirt. lf Liam was flaunting there in a moment like that, it would definitely affect their company's name.

Sherry didn† go over to look, instead she stayed in her corner. She felt that she didn't fit into the crowd. But her conventional dress code caught Liams attention, maybe because of the fact that she was standing in the corner, lonely. She was a beauty, and her skin was so pretty!

But, those clothes, they didn't fit the day at all.

“Mister Brooks, Mister Rowland will be there in a second.” Miss Hines, who was in her forties, said again.

“Alright, Miss Hines, if you think you are in your menopause, just let me know, I am gonna get you some medicine”

“Naughty kid, you feel that l am too annoying huh?” Miss Hines looked at the applicants who clearly looked like they wanted to laugh, and said in her cold voice to Liam. “Alright, the interviews will begin soon, prepare yourselves."

Liam threw an attractive look at the crowd and then left into the meeting room.

dust in that moment, the elevator door opened, and William strode in their direction, behind him were a couple of judges. They were chatting while walking towards the meeting room.

“Wow, so handsome!” The applicants were all thrown off their feet.

Sherry turned her head to look subconsciously, and saw a tall skinny person. .Just by seeing how he was dressed, his suit fitting perfectly and flawless, she felt that he must have a morbid fear of getting himself dirty.

Then, she heard Miss Hines calling out names, “First interviewee, Sherry Murray?”

“Im here!” Sherry yelled out and threw her hand in the air.

Everyone turned to look at her, and saw her dressed in her gray pantsuit, even though she had no make up, her skin looked perfect. Only her clothes left no room to comment on. Everyone was looking down upon her, how could she come to an interview at the Rowland Group dressed like that?

Sherry lowered her head and followed Miss Hines into the meeting room.

Inside, the men were sitting in a row, the one in the middle had his head lowered as if he was thinking about something. The sun was shining through the window in an angle so that she couldn't see the man properly. But from what she could see, she knew that he was doubtlessly handsome

“Miss Murray, looking at your resume, you are an ace student of the Finance Department of T University? You have had a lot of jobs, so you must have just as muụch experience?”

The interviewers gave her very professional questions, and Sherry's answers earned nodding from all of them. At the same time, William, who looked down the whole time, raised his head to look at her with his squinted eyes, and locked with her gaze. Sherry lowered her head slightly.

There was a moment of surprise, when William asked, “Your name is Sherry Murray?”

“Yes." Sherry nodded.

Everyone in the room was stunned, why did the president of this company ask such a trivial question?

Liam knitted his brows, and turned to look at William.

But William's sharp eyes rested on Sherry with a complicated expression, wandering for just a moment.

The other ones were still waiting for Mister Rowland to ask further questions, but there was only silence.

Liam kicked him under the table.

William finally caught himself again, “Miss Murray, l have no further questions, you are allowed to leave. We will give you a phone call if you have been accepted.”


Sherry didn't know what he meant, so she followed his instructions and left.

“What is wrong with you?” Liam couldn't hold back his question after Sherry left the room, and asked him in front of the other participants.

“She passed.” William said, and stood up.

“Hey! Hello? The interviews aren't finished!” Liam yelled after him.