Chapter 6 - A Moment in Destiny

Five years later.

“Mommy, when will we arrive? I miss Celia so much!”

On the plane, a cute five-year-old boy sat beside a young lady. He lifted his delicate face, looking at the beautiful Sherry.

“Almost there, Dan. Be a good boy and Celia will come pick you up. Well see her soon, sit well” Sherry smiled. Looking at her sons face, she felt sorrow in her heart. Her eyes couldn't focus on that boy, as if she was trying to picture another face that she had only seen one time. Where was her biological child?

Forgive me, I really Don't know where are you, i'm sorry!

A drop of tear rolled down her face. She became sad every time she thought of that boy who had been stolen. And her hatred towards the man with the fox mask grew even deeper. How cruel for him to keep her and her child apart!

“Mommy, you’re crying!” Dan's little hand reached to Sherry, trying to wipe out the tears for her, “Don't cry, mommy. l'ÌÍ be good, l'lÍ protect you.”

She was downhearted at that time, but she found this kid by the river. He was so nice and he spent the last fIve years with her, bringing her such great joy, as if she had her own child back.

“Mommy, Ì wanna pee.” The little guy frowned.

“Okay, I'll take you to the bathroom.”

“Nol I'll go myself. i'm a boy, you're a girl!" Dan shook his head with determination and unfastened the seat-belt.

“Can you really do it yourself?”

“m a man!” The little quy had already slide before Sherry and ran towards the bathroom.

Three rows behind Sherry, a tall guy also stood up. His eyes were mysterious, and the vibe he radiating was so frightening that no one dared to look at him. He glanced at the diamond watch on his wrist and headed to the bathroom with knitted brows.

Only a few steps he already showed up before the bathroom door. He was about to go in when Dan looked up at him, “Mister, Dan was here first. Dan gets to pee first. Mister you wait here.”

“Well,/" William lowered his head and finally spotted the kid. He lifted her eyebrows, “We can do it together!”

Dan also lifted his eyebrows, imitating him, “l cant pee with you here! Please go out”

Strangely, when William looked at the child who could barely reached his waist, he felt so familiar and so warm. Had he seen the lovely face and eyes somewhere before?

“Please go out, mister!” Dan asked with polite.

“You little quy, if you Don't pee right now, the plane will land. Then neither of us get to pee!” William then untied his belt. It was so funny that the little kid should ask him to leave for the bathroom was big enough for both of them!

“Mister, you’re so bad. How can you take off your pants in front of others! Teacher said it's wrong! But mister, you have a big birdie and mine is so small.”

William was surprised. What was he talking about?

Staring at his own boy parts, Dan was so confused, “Why we don't look the same?”

The plane soon landed, but Dan was still frowning.

Until they got off the plane, Sherry had no idea why her son had lost in thoughts since he went to the bathroom.

“What's wrong, Dan?”

“Mommy, that mister!" Dan pointed at a tall man, and said to Sherry, “That mister has a big birdie, mine is so small!"

“What?” Sherry was confused.

“The birdie I use to pee. He was in the bathroom with me, I almost failed to pee.”


Sherry got so red in the face, because she was embarrassed by her sos words. She looked at the distant figure unintentionally. Without any doubt, that man was special among the crowd.

He was tall, strong but also slim, easily separated from others. His nice-fabric suits were obviously tailored to fit him. But he seemed to be in a hurry and quickly disappeared around the corner.

“That mister was so rude!” Dan was still talking, “He didn't flush the toilet, I did ¡t for him!”

“Dan is the best boy!” Sherry had no choice but to kiss him in the face to shut his mouth, “Lets go, Celia must have been waiting for a long time."

"Yes, we are going to see Celial Hurry up, mommy!” Dan shouted anxiously. He took Sherry's hand and dragged her towards the door.

“Oh my, Dan!” At the pick-up door, a woman in a tight dress and golden high heels screamed and rushed to them. She held Dan in her arms and said, “Dan, do you miss me? Come on, let me give you a kiss.”