Chapter 5 - A Moment in Destiny

“William, why are you here? I told you not to come.” Suddenly, a soft female voice flew into William's ear. He quickly put the report into his suit pocket and put on a smile.

“Lucy, lm worried, so lm here. What's wrong?”

The woman was just as beautiful as her voice. Her eyebrows were so delicate, and her big bright eyes were on her pretty face. However, her small red lips showed her annoyance. “William, there's nothing we can do anymore. The doctor said I have to do the surgery, maybe I'll never have the chance to bear a baby! Your father won't let me marry you!”

“Don't worry, Lucy. We can go to America to get treatment.” William patted on Lucy's shoulder as consolation, “Come on, let's go home.”

Sherry stopped a taxi in a hurry the moment she stepped out of the hospital. After she got in the car, she realized that she lost her report. She must have dropped ¡it when she bumped into that mister.

It was broadcasting news on the taxi radio, “Dear listeners, we just got a new message. Earlier, there was rumor that William Rowland, CEO of the Rowland Group and Lucille Mclean, daughter of the Mclean Group are going to have a wedding. Out of nowhere, John Rowland, Chairman of the Rowland Group cancelled the wedding. William Rowland won't get married in a short time.”

She hesitated for a second, and that man back view flashed through her mind. Yes! That was the CEO of the Rowland Group. She had seen him in a magazine.

Both the rich and the poor had their own troubles. Life was like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you’re gonna get. She once again put her hand on her belly. A family was growing in herel

Seven months later.

In the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the hospital.

“Celia, Ï'nn freaking out!” Sherry, who was covered in sweat because of the pain, clutched to her friend Celia's hand. She couldn't help herself but screaming, “God, that hurts”

“Hang in there, Sherry! The doctor said the baby is about to come out. Dorït be afraid, I'II be here waiting for you! Think of your lovely baby, be strong, and push the baby out! Okay?” Celia was so worried about her, so she pushed her into the delivery room with nurses.

One hour later, a loud cry came from the delivery room. Celia put her hands together and prayed, “.Jesus, finally!”

The doctor opened the door and took off the mask, “Both the mom and the baby are fine. It's a boy, eight pounds.”

“Thank you, doctor!" Celia bowed because she was so moved, and she wanted to thank the doctor for Sherry, “Thank you...”

“Go see your friend, she's a tough girl.” The doctor left with a smile.

Sherry looked pale when she was brought to the patient room. Tears were swirling in her eyes, “Celia, it's a boy, right? I finally have a family!”

“Yes, Sherry, you got a boy, a beautiful boy. When you can get off the bed, we'lI check him together!”

“I wanna see him right now. I saw him in the delivery room, and he was so lovely!" Love showed on Sherry' face.

“Have you named him?” Celia smiled, “To be clear, he's my godson.”

“Of course, your godson, my boy!” Both of them were laughing, and it was such a heart-warming scene, “How about Daniel Murray? And Dan as his nickname.”

“Ifs a good name. I have a godson called Dan!” Celia smiled and nodded.

But right at this moment, a nurse rushed to them nervously and said to them, “Ms. Murray, your baby is missing!”

“What?” Sherry felt like she was struck by a lightning, “Why is my baby missing?tU”

“Four men in black suits came, and they left this. They said you knew the reason!” The nurse passed her an envelope.

“Ah!” Sherry took the letter with her hand shaking. She opened it úp and there was a five-million check. There was also a printed letter. Only one look at that made her face even paler. She let out a heart- breaking scream, “No!”

Celia took the letter. She was shocked as well, “How can this happen?”

“He found me, Celia, thats my child, my child!” Tears covered Sherry s face. Her body couldn't handle the fact and collapsed.

“Sherry, I'lI help you, let's find him!” Celia hugged her tight, trying to give her comfort, only to find Sherry was cold from head to toe. “Sherry, you have to be strong. Don't frighten me.”

“I want my baby, I Don't want the money. I want my Dan, my boy!” Sherry cried out so loudly, a moment later she could only snob, like a wounded kitten. She curled up on the bed, feeling helpless...