Chapter 7 - The Princess Slave

Viktor POV

Where is she? I said 2 hours. She’s well over 20 minutes late. I was lenient on her because it was her first few days. But 20 minutes is well over-pushing it.

“Loren,” I growled through the mind link. I was finding myself getting angrier with each moment that passed without her entering my chambers.

First, she looks at me with such hate.. I don’t understand why I was so bothered, it is nothing out of the ordinary to share of slave. She should be grateful I haven’t allowed several men to take her as they see fit.

Second, she snaps at me. I couldn’t believe this girl. I get that she’s not used to being a slave, that she was once a princess who’s only care in the world was what dress she was going to wear for the day.. but that’s still no excuse to speak to her master in such a way.

Third.. and last of all, she’s late. She’s disobedient as ever. I will have to put her in her place.

“Yes, my King. I have her.” He replied quickly.

“Good. Where was she?” I asked. I was on the verge of shifting and hunting her down myself.

“Her chambers, my King. She was asleep when I arrived.” He said. Asleep? Really? It’s midday. There are many things she could have been doing in her room besides sleep. I left paper and quills, many books.. the last thing I’d anticipated was for her to be asleep.

“Just hurry,” I growled and cut the link. I paced back and forth in front of my bed until the door opened. A worried and tired look was on her face, and I could tell she had been crying by the puffiness that surrounded her eyes. Her white hair was still pulled up, but it was frizzy and there were random hairs sticking out of place in certain spots.

“My king.” Loren bowed his head. I could tell Violette didn’t know whether to address me or not, so she just silently bowed her head.

“You may leave, Loren,” I said. He straightened his posture and walked out of the room.

“I said 2 hours,” I growled.

“I’m sorry, Master. I was in my emotions and sleep got the better of me. I didn’t mean to.” She said. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and my anger suddenly vanished. I knew she wasn’t lying and.. even though she’s a slave and has duties.. she went from being a Princess to a nothing in the matter of a day and being a slave is not for the faint of heart.

“Next time I will not be so easy on you,” I said. I looked back over at her and saw she had moved across the room to look at the shelves full of books.

“Do you know how to read?” I asked. She’s a Princess, surely she knows how to read. But who knows, her father is quite an idiot, so maybe he never bothered to have her taught anything worthwhile.

“Yes, master. I know how to read.” She ignored looking into my eyes as she spoke. Good, she has plenty to read. I took a step closer to her when a flash of the day my family got murdered went through my mind.

What the f*ck am I doing being so lenient on her? Her family was nothing but monsters. Especially that Father of hers. I brought her to be my slave to ruin her. To ruin her Fathers name and show him I own him.

“Get over here,” I growled to her. After everything I endured.. I endured it within the walls she lived. Did she ever stop it? Did she ever try? Or was she secretly watching, laughing as I screamed in pain as I was being tortured? She slowly made her way across the room timidly.

She stopped a foot away from me and I watched as she took in deep shaky breaths and let them out slowly. I hated being so back and forth with her. Once second I’m ready to rip her to pieces.. the next second, she looks at me.. I see that face full of fear and uncertainty and everything disappears.

I wanted to hurt her to hurt her father.. but I also didn’t want to lay a finger on her.. because the thought of it ate at my insides.

“When was the last time you’ve been outside?” I asked out of nowhere. I knew she hadn’t been outside since she’s arrived, but I wanted to see if she’d slip up any.. maybe she’d snuck around.

“Since you brought me here, master.” She said.

“I’ll have Loren escort you to the gardens immediately,” I said. Since she didn’t get her breakfast reward, I imagine getting fresh air would also be a good reward. She perked up immediately, nodding her head and for a moment I saw a flash of the girl she was before I found her.

“Loren, take my slave to the gardens for some fresh air. She’s not allowed to speak to anyone but you. Stay in the gardens.” I spoke in mind link.

“Yes, my King.” He said. And I closed the link.

“You may speak with Loren, and that’s it. Stay with him at all times. Never leave his sight.” I said.

“Yes, Master. I will.” She replied. The door opened and Loren took her to the gardens.

I sat at my desk signing documents and forms for half an hour before I couldn’t take my racing mind anymore. Goddess why can I not stop thinking about her? She’s the daughter of my enemy. That makes her just as guilty for the crimes that have been committed.

Our families have fought for generations. It used to be petty tricks, but when Arthur became King of the werewolves after his father died, it became a deadly war.

I used to not be the only child. I had two younger siblings. A brother and a sister. I lost both to Arthur. The bloodshed began when he tortured and killed my little brother. So my Father retaliated and did the same to his mate. Not long after we were ambushed on our way home from a ball. His men drugged us all with wolfsbane while they killed my mom. Then.. he r*ped my sister in front of my Dad and me before slitting her throat. The last thing my dad saw before he died was me being dragged off with King Arthur screaming.

The memories haunt my every waking and sleeping moment. I was held captive and tortured in their dungeon for two years until I finally got out with the help of a few guards who hated Arthur. I came home, took my place on the throne from my cousin.. gathered my men, and stormed his kingdom only to find that he ran and left his daughter with no protection.

I looked out of my office window and saw Violette walking with Loren. She didn’t seem to talk to him much, but I could tell she enjoyed being outside. I watched as she walked properly, keeping her head tilted at just the perfect angle. She kept her hands clasped behind her back as she moved along the rows of flowers.

If I didn’t hate her and her family so much.. I would admit that she was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen. She would’ve made a fine Queen to any man. I tried to picture it, but the idea could never appear in my mind.

Goddess, what am I doing? I cannot think of her like this. She is my slave. She is my enemy.