Chapter 6 - The Princess Slave

Violette POV

“You've filled out considerably.” Richard moaned as he ran his fingers over my cleavage.

“She does have a nice bust, doesn't she Sarah?” One of the women asked. I was completely dumbfounded.. how could any woman stand by and watch as another woman is treated as such? Yes, I may be a slave.. but I’m also a princess.

“I guess she does.” Queen Sarah didn't sound pleased with me at all.

“I mean just look at them.” he untied the string in my bust and pushed off the straps. I held the dress above my waist with my hands, hoping it wouldn't get that far. I looked the King dead in the eyes as King Richard turned me around and pushed my chest to the table and pressed his hard member against my bottom.

I clenched my eyes as he pushed up my dress. The feeling of his cold hands on my skin made my stomach swirl and I didn’t know how long I could take it. Tears began falling down the side of my face and I opened my eyes, immediately connecting their gaze to Masters.

The look on his face was questionable. I couldn’t tell if he was disgusted with me, or with King Richard. I couldn’t even tell if he felt sorry for me, or sorry for the man that was touching me. At this moment all I knew was that I hated him and I would make him pay for this. How dare he? I am a princess!

I screeched as Richard shoved me harder against the table, bile rising to my throat and intending to spew out everywhere. I couldn’t hold back the cries anymore as they began to pour out of me.

“Goddess I bet she feels like heaven.” Richard moaned. He slid his hand toward my virtue and cupped it. Fear was all I could feel.. fear and hatred. I bit the insides of my cheeks to keep myself from screaming at Viktor.. but it didn’t stifle my cries. I heard Richard fumble with his belt and braced myself. I would be broken in.. but not by king Viktor, my master.. but someone I once looked up to and saw as nothing but family.

Before anything could progress, King Viktor spoke.

“Enough.” Master's voice joined me in crying.

“I’ve only just got started..” Richard began to get angry.

“And I said enough! You are in MY Kingdom as MY guests. She is also MY slave. If I say no, I mean no. I won’t say it again.” Master growled. King Richard pulled his hand from me and stood behind me. I could hear his heavy breaths as he turned and stomped away.

“A king's slave and you won’t even share her. I shall find that offensive.” Richard said. I could hear just how angry Richard was, I didn’t even have to look at him. Goddess, I could even smell it.

“Come here.” His voice was soft and velvety.. almost comforting. I stood up from the table and sniffled as I made my way back over to him. I pulled up the top of my dress and tied the string. I then sat down on the floor and held my face in my hands as I cried silently.

“You can see it however you wish to see it. Just know I meant no offense.” Master said.

“Do you realize how long I've waited to have my hands in that girl?” Richard growled.

“That is none of my concern, King Richard. She is my slave. The daughter of my enemy. I earned this, I paid with blood. What did you pay?” Master asked. Paid in blood? What does he mean? Does he mean his younger brother? Because they got their revenge for that by killing my mom. No one said a word afterwards, just quietly enjoying their meals.

After a while, the silence was broken by talks about parties and lavish things. I sat on the floor listening, feeling like a shell of the person I once was. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I grew up loving that man like family.. king Richard.. only to realize he’s a sick b*stard.

This is going to be my life now. Giving myself up over and over to please others as they wish. I should just get used to it. It will never end for me.

I felt a hand on the top of my head and I tensed. Don’t touch me.. not after this.. He patted my head gently for the remainder of breakfast until finally, it was time for the royals to leave.

“Thank you for a lovely breakfast.” One of women said. The room fell silent as everyone left and it was only me and Master.

“You may sit at the table now, I will have them bring your breakfast.” He said. I don’t even think I want breakfast anymore. Not for a long time. He saw my hesitation and spoke.

“Do you not wish to eat?” He asked.

“No,” I said. My voice resembled his normal cold and empty voice. Very monotone and he didn’t seem to like it very much.

“Then go to your chambers.” He growled. I nodded my head and turned around only for a hand to grab my arm tightly and pull me back.

“Speak when you are spoken to.” He growled.

“Yes, master.” I snapped back. He looked almost shocked that I responded like that, but still, he let my arm go and nodded his head.

“I want you in my chambers in 2 hours. Don’t be late.” He growled.

“Yes, master,” I said as I continued walking away. Normally, this type of thing would get a slave killed.. but I didn’t care. I had no reason to live. Every reason was taken away the day I was captured. Yes, he brought my maids.. But I haven't seen them, not once. What if he killed them? And all because I begged him to bring them?

I made my way down the hall and across the castle and as soon as I saw my room I ran for it. I slammed the door behind me and cried. Tears ran down my cheeks like waterfalls and I began praying to the moon goddess.

“Please help me. Please.. I cannot bear it. I’ve not done a thing to a living soul. What did I do to deserve this? To deserve a life without my mate, forced to be the slave of a monster. Forced to endure things no woman should ever have to.. why? Why would you let your child go through this? Won't you do anything to stop it? I've worshipped you since I was a child.. Prayed to you on many long nights.. Didn't I at least earn mercy? I don't think I can live like this.. Why can't you just help me? ” I begged for answers. When I got no response, I climbed into bed and cried.

I’ve never done anything to anyone.

I remember all the times my mother taught me to be kind, strong, and loving. My mother was such an amazing woman.. a force to be reckoned with. At the time she was alive, many called her the greatest queen to have ever lived. All I ever wanted to be was just like her.. even though she’s dead now.. I still wanted it.

Maybe if was was gone from this horrid world, the pain and suffering would be gone too. Would I be with my mother? With the moon goddess? Happy and at peace?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Nothing ever goes right for me. Some would think I’m cursed. I was even beginning to believe it.

As I lay in bed, my tears soaked the soft sheets. All these thoughts and wants were beginning to tear me apart. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath.

I don’t even know how long I lay there crying before I passed out. The world slipped away into the chasm of nightmares I’m plagued with.