Chapter 9 - The Princess Slave

Viktor POV

Yet another night I find my mind racing with thoughts of her. Thinking about earlier today had my skin on fire. I should’ve never let Richard touch her. The look on her face tugged at something deep inside me and it made my head feel like it would explode.

I found myself walking towards her room to watch her, I don’t know what it is.. but being around her calms the voices I was cursed with.

A long time ago my family was cursed by a witch hired by Violette's family. She cursed us to live without our mates. From what we know.. we don’t have mates anymore. Or they’re just well hidden from us. My father found his mate before this happened.. so it was just my siblings and me who were cursed. And if we were to find our mates by some off chance, our children would be cursed as well.

It was a sick joke that caused a lot of pain and suffering. A life without a mate is a life worth nothing. The curse makes us go crazy the longer we’re without our marked mate, and I’ve already begun to hear voices.

I slowly opened her door and peeked in. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing slow and deep. Good. She’s asleep.

I walked in farther and my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I noticed she was completely naked, just barely covered with the flat sheet on her bed. My eyes drifted across her body and I couldn’t help myself. I had to get closer to her.

I moved right to the edge of her bed and looked at her. Skinny, but curvy in all the right places. The moon goddess definitely paid special attention when she made Violette. Her perky br*sts lay on her chest as she sleeps, rising and falling with each breath she takes. My eyes ran down to her flat stomach, then to her virtue that is covered with the sheet. I reached my hand out and grazed the side of her br*ast so gently.

She moved her head and mumbled a word I couldn’t understand before settling back down. I shouldn’t be doing this.. I shouldn’t even be in here. I took my seat in my normal spot and watched as she slept peacefully.

There were a few times when she’d speak. She’d make small sounds of pain or fear, soft cries that were barely even audible. I noticed beads of sweat forming on her forehead and I stood up and walked toward her. I placed my hand on her forehead and could feel that she was burning up.

She’s still running that fever?

I went to mind link Beatrice when Violette mumbled in her sleep.

“Viktor..” She whispered. She turned to her side and her a*s poked out of the cover. Dear, Goddess.. everything about her begs for me to touch her. I shook the thoughts away as soon as they came. I reached over and pulled the blanket up before opening a mind link with Beatrice.

“Beatrice, I’ve noticed Violette has been running a fever lately. Can you come to her chambers and give her one of your herbs?” I asked.

“Yes, my king. I’ll be there right away.” She said. I waited and adjusted my pants so that my erection wouldn’t be poking out. This damned girl was making me hard without even trying. Beatrice arrived after a while and I slowly opened the door in hopes of not waking Violette.

Beatrice looked at me curiously, probably wondering what I’m doing in my slave's room at such a late hour of the night while she was sleeping, but that’s none of her concern. She knew best then to question me.

“Oh yes, she’s running a high fever.” Beatrice mind linked after taking Violette’s temperature.

“I’ll go. Do what you must.” I replied before I turned towards the door. I looked back once more at the sleeping girl before I left the room.

My memories kept reminding me that she’s the daughter of my enemy and that she’s not to be trusted. I don’t care for her. I hate her, actually. So why do I act like this? Why do I not treat her like the slave she’s supposed to be? Why is it that every time I look at her, those emotions disappear? I thought about her laying in bed naked and my dick started to get hard again.

“Minerva meet me in my chambers.” I mind linked. I wasn’t really in the mood for Minerva, but she is always available when I need her.

“Yes, my king. I’m on my way.” She replied excitedly. I rolled my eyes and continued to my room.

When I got there I took a deep breath, my dick still as hard as ever from the memory of Violette’s body. The way her nipples sit at attention, the way her ass jiggles with any movement she makes..

“Miss Minerva, my king,” Loren said not very enthusiastically. Minerva strutted into the room proudly, her brown curls bouncing with each step.

“Go over to the desk and strip,” I said. I needed to find my release. It was becoming more painful every time I thought of Violette.

Without hesitation, she undressed as she made her way to my desk and leaned over it. I walked around her, her ass straight in the air. I pulled off my pants and shoved my cock inside her hard and fast. She squealed in excitement, but I truly wished she wouldn’t make a sound.

She was the last thing I wanted to hear.

I pounded into her furiously, the noises that came out of her mouth were annoyingly loud. I reached forward and covered her mouth with my hand, muffling her cries of pleasure so I could focus on finishing.

I reached forward with my other hand and plucked at her nipple, pinching it hard and twisting it between my fingers as I railed her. Her back arched and her legs shook, but I didn’t stop. No, I went harder and faster, my mind completely taken over by thoughts of Violette.

I loosened my grip on her mouth as I lost control. Minerva laid against the desk and gripped it as hard as she could.

“M-my k-ki-king..” she cried out but it didn’t even register in my mind. I just continued slamming into hard repeatedly.


I felt myself getting close as images of her naked body flooded my mind. That woman must be a siren.. I shouldn’t think of her this way but I find it impossible.

“Ohhh fuck.” I moaned as I pulled out and emptied myself onto Minerva’s ass. She didn’t move an inch, still shaken by how rough I was.

“Gather yourself, then leave,” I said. I needed to get some sleep and now, maybe I can.

“But, my king.” She stumbled off the desk as I threw a towel at her.

“What, Minerva?” I huffed. I wasn’t exactly in the mood for company.

“Why don’t you ever take me on your bed? The desk is a bit.. hard.” She groaned as she pulled on her skirt.

“You are not my mate, Minerva. I’ve told you this. Only my mate gets taken in my bed.” I said.

I would never take another woman on my bed.. only my mate. Even if that means my bed will never know the feeling of a woman curled in the sheets, I’m alright with that. It’s a promise I’ve made to myself and I plan to keep it.

“But-“ I cut her off.

“Get out, Minerva. It is late and I need rest.” I growled.

“Y-yes, Viktor.” She said. Goddess, I hated when she addressed me by my name.