Chapter 10 - The Princess Slave

Viktor POV

“Please! I’ve been waiting for weeks. Why was I brought at all if I wasn’t going to be able to see her?” The girl cried in front of me to Beatrice.

“She is unwell. The King said she needs rest.” Beatrice tried to explain.

“If she is truly unwell then I must be there for her. She is my best friend, even if we do have drastic differences in rank. I should be there to care for her. I can help. I’m good with medicines. I know how to sew, clean, and cook.. I can do anything if you please just let me be with her.” She begged. She was now on her knees pleading up to me.

“My king if I may, I do believe having a friendly face around might help miss Violette get better quicker,” Beatrice said.

“Fine. But Beatrice, Violette is only allowed to speak with you two and Loren. No a single soul else. Understand?” I asked.

“Yes, my King. I will make sure of it. Thank you.” Beatrice replied.

“Thank you! Thank you!” The girl cried.

“Get her to Violette. And let me know when you find out why she’s sick.” I said. I didn’t want to know.. but I did at the same time and it was killing me.

I would think Richard gave her something if she wasn’t sick yesterday, though he did only get to use his hand.

My hands began shaking as I felt myself get angry. Why am I getting angry? She means nothing to me. She’s my slave, the daughter of a monster, and nothing more.

“I will, my king,” Beatrice said with a bow and they made their way to Violette’s room.

I paced around my chambers for a moment before walking to my desk. I just need a distraction.


“M-my King..” Beatrice walked into the room slowly.

“What is it, Beatrice?” I asked. Was it Violette? Did she find out what was wrong?

“My king, the slave is in heat.” She said. What? I thought Violette hadn’t found her mate. A female wolf may only go into heat two months after she finds her mate, and will continue to every month until she’s impregnated. My blood began to boil at the news. She lied to me. Is she even really a virgin?

“You’re certain?” I asked.

“Y-yes, my king. I’m certain.” She replied. I let out a growl and she jumped back frightened.

“Leave, Beatrice,” I growled. She left the room quickly and I slammed my glasses on the desk so hard they crumbled in my hand.

She lied to me..

I’ve been so easy on her. Giving her things a slave would have had to work hard for. Treating her better than any slave has ever been treated. And she lied to me.

They’re all liars. Every last one of those Dubois werewolves are liars and snakes. I never should’ve been so lenient. This is what I get when I do. No wonder she’s been on my mind constantly. My body is just reacting to her heat.

I couldn’t hold in my rage and I stood up, storming to the door and ripping it open. I stalked down the hall to Violette’s room.

“Out,” I growled at Beatrice and Lillian. They scurried out of the room quickly, and my eyes fell on Violette who was looking at me worriedly.

“You lied. You said you hadn’t been with any man.” I growled.

“No, Master. No, I didn’t. I’m a virgin.” She said in a low trembling voice I could tell she was confused as to what was going on.

“But you found your mate?” I asked.

“No! I told you! I was saving myself for my mate.. if I had found him, I wouldn’t be here!” She growled back.

“Then how are you in heat?” I growled. She looked back at me shocked for a moment before shaking her head.

“No.. that’s not right. I haven’t found my mate yet. I swear to you. Something else is wrong! It can’t be that.” She said the look on her face was nothing short of horrified.

“You’re a liar. Just like the rest of your monstrous family. I should’ve let King Richard do as he pleased. You’re worth nothing, you’re just a whore slave.” I growled. I turned my back on her.

“I am not a whore slave!” She snapped at me. Containing my anger, I walked to the door and slammed it as I walked out.

“Beatrice.” I looked at her.

“Y-yes, my King?” She asked.

“I don’t want to see her again. She will work with you from now on.” I growled.

“Yes, my King.” She said and quickly ran back to Violette.

“The Princess doesn’t lie,” Lillian said to me.

“Clearly, you don’t know your Princess,” I growled and left her there standing in the hallway.

“Minerva,” I growled through the link.

“Y-yes, my king?” She asked.

“My chambers,” I growled.

“I’m already here, my King.” She said.

“Then strip,” I growled. I walked down the hall and opened my door, expecting to see Minerva by the desk but she wasn’t. I looked around the room only to see her in the one place I had forbidden her from touching.

“What the fuck are you doing, Minerva?” I growled.

“I-I just thought maybe-“

“Get the fuck off of the bed.” I interrupted her. She jumped up and move away from the bed quickly.

“Get the fuck in the office and lean against the desk,” I growled.

“Y-yes, Viktor.” She said and walked across the room. She leaned against the desk and grabbed the corners as I got ready.

“Is everything okay?” Minerva asked as I readied myself behind her.

“Be quiet,” I growled. Fuck! This isn’t working.

I pulled her off the desk and spoke.

“Get on the floor,” I growled. She got on her hands and knees on the rug. I climbed between her legs and tried to focus.

“I can.. give you head if you want.” Minerva offered but it only angered me.

“I said be quiet, Minerva. I’m not going to say it again. Please.” My thoughts raced with images of Minerva, and I would get hard, but not nearly as hard as I used to. It doesn’t make sense. She has a great body, a nice ass, and tits.

I wasn’t going to think of Violette to get hard. I hate her. And if I wouldn’t kill her if I saw her, I would be breaking her in right now as punishment. The thing about a female in heat is, they can only get pregnant by their mates. So I could break her in right now without a thought about a bastard pup.

I thought about punishing Violette. Making it so rough that she dreads being called by me. Showing her that she has no power over me, that she is just a whore slave.

My cock finally was ready and I lined it up with Minerva’s wet pussy. I ran my tip along her slit to wet myself before I slid in slowly. She let out a low moan and I pushed her chest to the ground, she arched her back and pressed her round ass against me as she took every inch.

My pace picked up as she bounced against me and I grabbed her hips, making my thrusts harder but not faster.

She lied to me..

I gripped Minerva’s hips tighter as I thought about Violette’s punishment. I’ll make her regret her existence. I slammed into Minerva hard and fast, the need to cum getting closer and closer every second.

Minerva’s moans grew louder as she orgasmed, slicking my cock with her juices even more. Images of Violette laying naked in bed flashed into my mind as I pulled out and came on Minerva’s ass. One day, I will cum inside my mate and give her pups. But not a soul else.

“You’ve been more rough than usual.. is everything okay?” Minerva asked as I wiped her ass off.

“Everything’s fine, Minerva. Just have a lot on my mind dealing with war and the townspeople.. so many different things to finish. This place fell to shit when my family and I left.” I said.

“Yeah, it did. Your cousin didn’t know what he was doing.. But we were always waiting. And when Loren told me you were alive.. I was so excited. The warriors left for you almost instantly.” She said.

“I think I will leave you now, my King. My family has come to visit and I’d enjoy spending time with them.” She added, much to my surprise.

“You may leave.” I nodded. She stood up and pulled her clothes back on before bowing and walking out of the room.