Chapter 6 - Abusive Wife

Chapter 6 Go Away

“Yes, Ms. Madeline. What about Thomas? Shall we send our men to bring him back?” Albert asked.

“No!” After some consideration, Madeline stood up and continued, “I’ll look for him myself. Take care of this child for me. I’ll be back soon.”

“Shall I send someone to escort you?” the man inquired.

She instructed, “Prepare a helicopter. I’ll meet you at the Quincy residence.”

“Okay,” Albert replied.

Madeline walked out of the ward and into the parking lot. She hopped on the motorcycle, put on her figure-hugging leather biker suit, and rode off into the night.

The third floor of the Quincy residence had been set aside as a special medical treatment space for Colton. Dylan had mixed feelings of frustration and exhilaration as he sought to uncover the reason for the boy’s sudden recovery. Despite conducting numerous tests on Thomas, he failed to derive a reasonable explanation.

Dylan thought, how did Colton recover so quickly? There’s nothing special in his medical results. It’s so frustrating!

Meanwhile, Thomas lazed on the sofa and tried to piece together the situation. The boy in the hospital is likely my brother, and Noah Quincy is our dad. My father should be marrying the evil beauty I saw in the afternoon. Poor little brother, he’s about to have a stepmom!

Thomas soon felt sleepy after helping himself to the table’s assortment of snacks. After all, he had a long and arduous day running away from his mother’s men. He decided to take a nap to restore his

mind and body.

While Dylan was distracted by the medical results, Thomas crept out and went to Colton’s room. He felt someone lift him in the air before he could turn on the lights in the pitch-black room.

“Hey! Who’s that? Who dares to capture me? Ah!” Thomas yelled.

“Keep quiet, punk!” Madeline chided.

“Mommy?” Thomas said in surprise.

When the lamp was on, Thomas could finally see who was holding him. It was indeed his beautiful and cool mommy.

“Haha! You look so wonderful today, my dearest mommy!” Thomas gave Madeline his biggest smile and the most innocent look he could muster.

“Don’t think you can get away unpunished, punk! I’ll teach you a lesson when we get home!” Madeline snapped. Without wasting any more time, she grabbed Thomas and leaped out of the window.

The helicopter was hovering nearby, waiting for Madeline’s instructions. Thomas could guess that Madeline planned to send him abroad. In his desperate attempt to stay on, the boy clung to her leg and cried, “I can’t leave now, Mommy!”

“Are you unwilling to part ways with Noah after spending half a day with him?” Madeline sneered as she reached out to clean the food crumbs on the boy’s mouth.

“Is Noah Quincy my dad?” Thomas asked.

Madeline nodded as it was pointless to deceive the smart boy. “So what if he’s your dad? He can’t make you stay.”

“I heard the doctor say that he’s about to marry the evil woman! How can you allow the inheritance to be shared with her? Why don’t you let me stay so that I can fight for the inheritance?” Thomas suggested.

“We aren’t short of money, Thomas. You better listen to my instructions, or you shall be banned from leaving the house.” Madeline wasted no time and carried the boy out of the window.

Thomas panicked and clung desperately to the curtain. He begged, “Let me stay for a few more days, Mommy! I promise I’ll return home after I teach the scumbag a lesson. I’ll take care of myself.”

“No! Let go!” Madeline ordered.

“No!” Thomas wailed.

Just then, Dylan’s voice sounded at the other side of the door, “Where did you go, Colt?”

A minute later, Madeline heard the door knob slowly turning. She was startled by the unexpected turn of events and immediately assessed her options. In the end, she decided it was best to flee alone because she was unsure she could bring Thomas with her without being discovered.

Before Madeline made her escape, she shoved Thomas a new phone, and warned, “Be careful and don’t get caught. You must be wary of Angie Grant. I’ll come to get you in a few days.” Looking at Thomas’ haughty expression, Madeline vowed to punish him when he returned home.

Just as Dylan entered the room, Madeline climbed out the window and vanished. The man was shocked to see Thomas sitting on the window ledge and rushed to pull the child to safety.

“Why are you sitting by the window? Hurry, get down here!” Dylan urged.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Dylan. Auntie Angie told me that if I jump out the window while holding an umbrella, I can fly! I wanted to try it out since it sounds like fun,” Thomas replied merrily. The young boy decided to pin the blame on Angie because Madeline had stated that she was a bad person.

“Angie told you that?” Dylan asked in surprise.

“Yeah! I wanted to try it out, but I was a little scared…” Thomas said pitifully.

“Listen to me, Colt. Why don’t we play another game? That isn’t fun.” Dylan froze with fear as he held on to Thomas tightly. He thought, this is atrocious! How can anyone teach a child to do such a thing?

Dylan kept a close eye on Thomas, fearing that the boy would put himself in danger again. He only left the room after ensuring that Thomas was asleep.

Meanwhile, Noah was alone in the study room. He frustratedly unbuttoned his shirt, as he stared out of the window into the night. No one dared to bother Noah on this day of the year as he would always be in a foul mood. Colton’s disappearance today made his mood worsen.

Dylan was torn about whether or not to tell Noah about his findings that day. After some thought, he knocked on the door, with Thomas’ medical report in his hand. He was caught off guard by Noah’s imposing aura when he entered the room.

Noah gave him an icy look and said, “What’s the matter? Did something happen to Colt?”

Dylan stammered, “Yes! Oh, wait, no!”

Noah frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with Colt. I gave him a full boy check-up, and all the reports show that he’s fine. He’s able to communicate well too. He has been talking to me the whole afternoon. It’s as though he’s trying to recover all the time wasted in the past few years,” Dylan said. He took a step

back, mindful to keep his distance from Noah. He was aware that the man was irritable on this particular day every year.

Noah asked with a darkened expression, “Why are you worried then?”

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