Chapter 2 - Be Eaten Up with Love

When I met Wayne Gilbert for the first time, I was in the old house of Gilbert family.

He was wearing a straight suit, which made him more taller, and his face was solemn, with a sense of indifference that refused people thousands of miles away!

Later, I learned from the mouth of my best girlfriend that this man was her second uncle, opened a company, which meant it's synonymous with rich people!

When I met Wayne Gilbert for the second time, it was on the bed of the Westin Hotel!

To be correct, I stripped him naked and rode on him...

Three days ago, my grandmother had a heart attack, and she needed a large amount of money for surgery. My uncle's family borrowed money from everywhere, but there was still a lot of money left to the cost of the operation. When I was a child, my relationship with my grandmother was very good. When I was ten years old, my parents had a car accident and they passed away. So my grandmother's importance to me was self-evident.

Sometimes, people were like that, living was not as good as a dog. For the rich, a small amount of money that was not worth mentioning could kill ordinary people.

Later, I thought of Wayne Gilbert, because of all the people I knew, he's the only rich man.

I thought a lot of ways, and I also knocked on it with my best girlfriend, and I came to the conclusion that Wayne Gilbert is a capitalist who never suffer a loss in a deal, and would not be able to take out hundreds of thousands of money without any reward.

Later, I came up with a way that maybe not a good solution!

That was... climbed up to his bed!

This idea came out, and it was like seasonable rain fell after long drought. Maybe I was poor enough, tired enough, and forced by reality...

For this day, I had been planning for a long time, tracking, encountering, and my means came out in an endless stream. In order to have sex with him smoothly, I even studied a few Japanese adult movies cheekily!

Finally, after a few days of planning, I successfully coaxed him to bed.

"Baby, relax!" The man's voice was dark and dumb, and a strong scent of wine in his mouth was released!

Wayne Gilbert was full of energy and I had a hard time on the bed. This night, long and indulgent...

It was not until four or five o'clock in the morning that he was finally released, and then he fell on me, and fell asleep deeply.

I waited for him to sleep, and then I gently flipped his body and broke free from his arms.

This night, my body seemed to be broken and reorganized. The upper body was all red stamped by him.

I moved my legs a little, and the shameful discomfort, like an electric shock, spread to every part of the body!

The first time I saw Wayne Gilbert, his mature and the temperament of the abstinence system surprised me. I couldn't think of it, because when he went to bed and took off my clothes. It was a man of the Fauvism!

Turning on the lights, I was lying on the bed and thinking about it, then I decided to do something just in case.

After all, I didn't know about him. After he woke up, what would happen to a woman who counted her own? If he didn't admit it, my innocence and my money would be both lost.

Since things had reached this point, and like the saying went: injured one thousand but lost eight hundred, how could I be so reluctant to return.

So I took a few clear nude photos with my mobile phone.

Wayne's figure was very good. It could be seen that he was such kind of person who payed great attention to maintenance. The slender body was full of charm. Going down, my face became red and...

After cursing low, I blushed and covered him with a quilt.

I looked at the time on the screen, it was almost five o'clock, I was lying in bed, waiting quietly for him to wake up, and then... negotiating!