Chapter 3 - Be Eaten Up with Love

Wayne Gilbert was awakened by the ringing of a phone call. He turned over and went to the bedside table at the other end. He took the phone and pressed the answer button with his eyes closed.

"what's up!"

Looking at his back, I didn't dare to move. He had a nice voice with the hoarseness that just woke up in the morning. I didn't know what else was said on the other side of the phone.

"Okay." after that he continued,"Inform the finance this morning and pay the money to Jiuzhou Minting and pick up the old chairman over there by 10:00. The acquisition in the United States need to be followed by Ben. The price I was talking about was the bottom......"

He said that as he turned over, but when he saw me, the words that he was going to say were stuck. His expression was surprised and shocked. He suddenly cut off the phone and looked at me coldly.

He sat up with his fingers pressing his temples, like remembering something. My hand tightened the sheet and my heart jumped to the throat, just like sitting on the tip of the needle. If not wearing pants at the moment, I guessed I would not be able to escape.

"You must be Katherine's college classmate!" His cold and ferocious eyes looked at me with no emotion. I didn't dare to breathe. He opened the quilt and did not avoid the ass exposing right before my eyes and then he took a bathrobe from the bathroom and put on it adroitly.

"Are all the college students now as calculating as you do this? Why, lack of money?" He sat on the sofa next to the bed and pulled one cigarette out of the case.

I looked at his contemptuous eyes. All of a sudden, my eyes turned red, my self-esteem, my yearning, all of me, lost to a word... money!

But when I realized my grandmother still lying in the hospital, I had a courage!

Because, in front of money, human's life is so fragile!

"Yes, I'm short of money, please give me 200,000 dollars, just 200,000 dollars. And I promised no one will know this. Besides, 200,000 dollars to you is a small number!"

This kind of unscrupulous behavior that required money after getting out of the bed was really a feeling which was full of shame.

Wayne Gilbert took the lighter, slammed it, ignited the smoke in his hand, took a sip, and spit out with a long, thick white smoke.

He sneered: "200,000 dollars, you are really worth it! What if I don't give it?"

My expression changed and my hand held the phone under the pillow tightly, and bit my teeth: "If you don't give me, I will let the headline of tomorrow's news be your glamorous naked photos!"

After I said this, Wayne Gilbert looked at me thoughtfully, taking out the check from the bag and signing his name and the number of 200,000.

He threw the cheque on my face and said coldly: "I have always been generous to women. This time I just think I find a whore! So you'd better stay far away from Katherine. If I see you again, you will be more miserable than this time. If you don't believe it, have a try!"

After that, he broke my mobile phone, changed clothes, and left.

I heard the footsteps in the corridor gradually drifting away, the fear in my heart, the grievances, and the ups and downs came to my mind, I couldn’t help myself any more, hiding in the bed and crying.

Later, I was too tired to cry. Without sleeping the whole night, my spirit was very tense, my body was exhausted, so I slept until noon. Then I checked out of the room and hurried to the bank.

After changing the cheque to cash, I deposited the money in the bank card and went to the hospital.

Cardiovascular department on the seventh floor.

Just got off the elevator, I hadn't walked a few steps. My left face was slapped.

I was stunned for a while, When I looked at the fierce woman in front of me, my heart was cold.

It's my aunt, Harriet Judson!

The relationship between me and her is difficult. In the past few years, because my grandmother reconciled from us, so there was no complete break down between us.

Ten years ago, a car accident took my parents' life. Overnight, I lost the two closest people in the world!

The conditions of my uncle family were general, so gradually under the pressure of adopting me, uncle family's life condition was even more difficult.

My aunt’s attitude towards me can be imagined...

"What do you do with kid?" Taking the box lunch that he just bought, my uncle ran over in a hurry and pulled me and Harriet into the corridor. I guessed that he was afraid that he would be humiliated in public!

Harriet sullenly and angrily, pointing at me: "You treat your poor niece as your daughter, but she doesn't take you as her own father. I have spent a lot of smile to let people who introduced some person to her. If It works, they will get married, but now look at her, she canceled this date silently, which makes me bow down and apologizes. I raise her for so many years and feed the white-eyed wolf. Tell me, where did you go last night?"

I suddenly laughed, and Harriet’s wishful thinking was really good, since I started my 18th birthday. She calculated all the time that she would find a man with a little more money, married me, and by the way, took a gift to make up for the loss that I had been raising for so many years!