Chapter 8 - Be Eaten Up with Love

It was the first time for me to be so close to him after a month. I quickly measured his vital statistics and recorded them on my mobile phone.

During this period, Wayne Gilbert was very cooperative and allowed me to measure these three statistics.

"Do I need to take off my clothes in order to make the measurements more accurate?" He said with a grin over my head.

I shook my hands and suddenly imagined a lot of the scenes in which he wasn't dressed, which made my face turn red.

"No need."

When I finished speaking, I squatted down to measure the length of his leg. During this period, I always felt that he was looking at me.

I looked up and saw his eyes fall on my chest...

I cursed in a low voice, "You are so shameless." Then I stood up and gathered the coat up in case of being exposed.

"Well, please pay a deposit of 10,000 dollars, and take the clothes in the store in three days." I wrote the list and handed it to Wayne Gilbert, waiting for him to pay.

Although it was comfortable to receive his list, in order to get a 10% performance commission, I had no choice but treat him as an elder.

"Three days later, my company will be busy. You send it to my company." Wayne Gilbert took out a pile of cash from his bag and handed it to me.

Using the bill counter to check the money twice, I put the cash in the drawer and said, "Our store doesn't provide the service of delivering goods to the customers' home. We won't be free in three days. When you are free..."

Before I finished, the manager rushed over in a hurry, showing a respectful look which was more exaggerated than when she showed respect to her grandfather, "Mr. Gilbert, I'm sorry, this new employee doesn't understand the service items in the store. We must deliver the goods to your company in three days."

"Well!" Wayne Gilbert nodded and went away satisfiedly with Simona Gilbert.

"Lydia, what's wrong with you today? Our shop service purpose is that customers are God. We must completely satisfy customers' demands. At the meeting, we emphasize every day that we must not offend our customers and customers are the people on whom our livelihood depends. Can we refuse their requests?

Looking at the manager's face, I couldn't help asking, "Manager, if the customer asked me to lick his penis, would I?"

The manager looked at me and answered a word, "Lick!"


After work, Katherine asked me to have a barbacue.

I waited Katherine at the intersection for a long time but still didn't see her and her cool Ferrari.

Then I saw Katherine, who had gone out in a luxury car all the time, now was driving a "donkey", a battery car, to stop in front of me.

"Don't you have a car? Why do you drive the battery car today?

Katherine stepped on the foot rack, "Two days ago, I went for a ride by the river. But I accidentally drove the car into the river. Fortunately, it is an open car so I can swim back."

"Where's the car?"

"Perhaps it has sunk to the bottom of the river. In two days I'll ask my uncle to get it out of the water."

Hearing that, I changed the expression on my face. I clearly knew the worth of Katherine's sports car, "Three million dollars. You just throw away in this way. You are a black sheep, a black sheep!"

"It is a birthday present my dad bought for me, and he doesn't know I have driven it down the river, or he would have killed me. Recently, I am very poor and my pocket money is under the control of my father. It seems that I need to ask my uncle to help me."

At the barbecue stand, we ordered a lot of kebabs and several bottles of beer.

"Lydia, are you still looking into that matter?"

I took a sip of beer and laughed bitterly, "I have no money and no power. How can I investigate it? When that thing happened, I was only six years old. Many evils have been well buried. It's hard to dig out the mastermind of that incident!"

Looking at my sad look, Katherine suddenly came up with some ideas.

"Lydia, you go to find my uncle. My uncle is very well-connected. He has some acquaintances in the Public Security Bureau and the procuratorate."

I was stunned. Indeed, according to Wayne Gilbert's current status in Liang city, it was estimated that it was easy to go to the Public Security Bureau to look into something.

But would he help me?

"Lydia, I'll help you figure out one way in which you would definitely become noble, rich and powerful and then live a beautiful life. As for revenging for your parents and reclaiming justice, my uncle can immediately help you to make it! You go to seduce my uncle. You'd better climb up to his bed and sleep with him. My uncle is the one who attaches importance to the matters of emotion."