Chapter 9 - Be Eaten Up with Love

After Katherine finished, I couldn't help spraying out a mouthful of beer.

Suddenly I looked at her in a shock.

I had already used this method, okay?

"Then you try to get pregnant. Depending on the baby in your stomach, you can force my uncle to marry you. At that time, you will be my aunt. Of course, the most important thing is that when you become my aunt, you can tell my uncle privately to give me more pocket money. Lydia, you say this method I thought is good or not, wonderful or not?"

The more she said, the more energetic Katherine was. But I dare not breathe, because Wayne Gilbert had got off his Bentley car and had come behind Katherine with his face cold and expressionless ...

"My uncle has been an old man at the age of 31 years old. You are only twenty years old. It was aggrieved for you to marry my uncle. Think about it. When you are thirty years old, my has been more than forty years old. Besides, my uncle is stingy and bad-tempered, but he's very passionate. For example, for his ex-girlfriend, he always ... What's the matter? Lydia, why do you open your eyes so largely?"

Looking at my dull expression, Katherine was puzzled and then turned around mechanically.

"Un...uncle!" After two giggles, she said, "Why are you here, uncle?"

"Your dad said that the traffic police called him and said your car was in the river." Wayne Gilbert took a look at me after he finished his speech and continued to look at Katherine and said coldly, "I haven't expect to hear all your schemes as soon as I arrive."

I was embarrassed and thought to myself: Now, Wayne Gilbert, you should have known that it was not me who made your niece learn to be bad, but was your niece who made me learn to be bad...

Katherine looked at me sadly, timidly like a rabbit that had been caught. Under Wayne Gilbert's cold eyes, she got on the car obediently. I was amazed that there was also someone that could frighten her, a fearless she-devil.

"I'll take you back. Get on the car!" After paying for the barbecue, he walked around to me and said.

Being frightened, I stepped back. Keeping a safe distance from him, I waved my hand, "No, I'm going back with Katherine's beautiful 'donkey'. Anyway, it's not very far. You go first."

Pedalling on the 'donkey', I disappeared as soon as possible.

When I got home, I found out how fast my heart was beating. When I met Wayne Gilbert again, I thought I would keep calm and not be chaotic. Unexpectedly, we just met each other twice, and I felt like I had lost my soul. I soon comforted myself this reaction was normal because this was the first man I liked. As long as I didn't met him in the future, I would forget him and all the things related to him as time went by.

The man, at the age of thirty, had gone through vicissitudes of life and had been experienced. It was not possible for me, a girl at the age of twenty, who just stepped into the society, to imagine to be together with him.

After taking a bath and applying a mask, I had a goog rest. And I became energetic again on the second day.

Last night, I thought it was my last time to meet with Wayne Gilbert. Obviously, I was wrong......

"Lydia, this is custom-made clothes for Mr. Gilbert. The designer make them last night. You need send them to Mr. Gilbert's company immediately and bring back the remaining sum by the way. Also, don't talk so bluntly and learn to be coquettish. If you offend Mr. Gilbert again, I'll fire you and let you go home. You know? "

The manager talked to me with an old face full of hyaluronic acid and put a gift box in front of me.

There was a saying that do not fear the powerful and influential people, do not make curtsies for the salary of five bushels of rice. I really wanted to learn from the ancients and say Goodbye to my job. As for Wayne Gilbert, let him die!

However, next month's salary was still in the hands of the old witch, so I could only gather up my ambition and deliver clothes with indignation and obedience...