Chapter 6 - Be Eaten Up with Love

Then it happened just as I had expected.

I was pressed on the front seat of the car and we had car sex!

I struggled, but it didn’t work.

I cursed and even scolded his eight generations of ancestors, but he still went his own way. Tired of listening, he covered my mouth with his big hands.

Without foreplay, the feeling was just one word: pain!

In the dark, he held me down, and my cold sweat was dripping because of pain, my fingers pinching his back. He gasped in my ear, and didn’t say anything. He just vented ruthlessly over and over again in my body...

I rarely cried. Even if my face was swollen beaten by Harriet Judson, I did not shed a drop of tears. But today, being so bullied by Wayne Gilbert, I couldn’t help crying.

With grievance and humiliation, I feel tonight was the most difficult time in my life.

Wayne Gilbert groveling on my body, his movement slowed down. He pinched my face, “are you made of water? You cry so easily. There were no woman feeling wronged and bursting into tears under my body.”

I wiped my tears with his shirt, “are you all right?”

Then, after a chuckle, he continued...

When it was over, he turned on the car lights and glanced at me. I slumped on the seat. He asked, “how many men you slept with and asked for money before me?”

I froze for a while, and quickly understood his meaning, “you are the first person. I was a virgin before. There was blood on the sheet, and you did not see it? I’m not lying...”

Wayne Gilbert lit a cigarette, and he took a bite. He took out all the cash in the wallet, and handed me, “there are ten thousand yuan, paying for this time.”

I looked at him and he handed over a thick stack of money. I wanted to throw the money in his face with determination. But the reality was that I dared no!

“Wayne Gilbert, the 200,000 dollars was to pay the medical bills for my grandmother’s operation. I lacked money, so I had to do that. The money could be considered as doing the charity for you and I also lost my virginity. After all, you didn’t at a loss! I’m not a prostitute, so I wouldn’t accept the ten thousand yuan. Would you please forget about this thing later?"

Wayne Gilbert was surprised that I would say so, and he put out the dying smoke, and opened the window.

“Why me?” After a moment’s silence, he suddenly turned his head and asked me.

Hearing Wayne Gilbert’s words, I suddenly did not know how to answer properly, and the truth was that I had no choice under that situation!

After I explained my reasons briefly, I found that the atmosphere was more depressing in the car.

The river breeze getting into the car through the window, I was shivering with cold. Wayne Gilbert pointed to the suit jacket under my buns. Because of the previous crazy action, the suit jacket was rumpled.

“Wearing it if you feel cold, where do you live? I’ll send you back.”


Back in my rented nest, I lost all my strength, kicked off my shoes and collapsed on the bed.

Wayne Gilbert was my first man. Although the two sexual experiences did not give me even a little wonderful feeling, but inevitably, my heartstring was touched by him!

Maybe a woman was sensitive like this, even if you didn’t love the man. However, if he had sex with you, he would leave something in your heart.

But that’s all!

From the moment I had sex with him, I knew he was a dangerous man. You didn’t know what he would do next!

Just like today at Katherine Gilbert’s birthday party, he could treat you as if he didn’t know you at all and ignored you coldly. But when you were off guard without precaution, he made a move again...

The sex of the first time was premeditated, but the sex of the second time was purely accidental!

Previously, I had said the cause and effect of sleeping with him clearly, I thought tonight’s car sex should be a complete end!