Chapter 5 - Be Eaten Up with Love

Katherine’s 20th birthday party was arranged in the most luxurious hotel in Liang city. I was invited and I refused. However, Katherine pestered me and even threatened to break up with me. I had to say yes.

Certainly before I went there, I asked Katherine particularly whether Wayne Gilbert would attend it.

“Come on, he is too busy to attend the birthday party of kids at our age. By the way, what happened to you these days? Did you love uncle Wayne Gilbert at first sight that day? It is normal that you like him since he is such a charming man. But he is definitely unsuitable for being a husband.”


“It is just fine that uncle Wayne Gilbert is serious, boring, inflexible and unromantic. The problem is that whoever marries him will be under his over-control. But he belongs to the type of Prince Charming who can get passionate responses from numerous women as soon as he says a word...”


I relaxed a lot due to her words. So I bravely bit the bullet to go there with Merlin.

Merlin was a orphan who grew up at the welfare house. Perhaps it was because we had mutual pitiful feelings that she became another beloved friend of me except for Katherine. Now she was an extra in the cinema city, dreaming of being famous suddenly when a director chose her someday.


The party was so big. One floor of banquet hall was rented including many tables for celebration.

Seeing this, I sincerely exclaimed that it was great to being rich.

I negotiated with Merlin for preparing $1000 of lucky money each. And then I sit down and waited to eat as much as I could for the fair return.

While I was eating abalone fin, there was a sudden a commotion at the gate. People of several tables close to the gate stood in succession. I curiously raised my head.

“Who is there?” I asked inarticulately.

“Eh, why uncle Wayne Gilbert is here...”

After her words, I finally saw a man in suit. In a sudden, I almost choked to death with abalone at the throat.

I lowered my head deeply, praying to gods. Then I decided to find a right moment to leave.

If Wayne Gilbert saw me still being close to his niece, ignoring his warning, I would definitely die beautifully.

However, gods definitely got stuck in toilets thus they didn’t hear my prays at all.

After making normal greetings to Katherine’s parents, Wayne Gilbert went directly towards us.

I wanted to hide under the table but Katherine stood beside Wayne Gilbert and pointed at Merlin, “This

is Merlin, my classmate in middle school and my best friend.”

Then my heart almost stopped, hearing words from Katherine, “Lydia, what are you doing under the table? Is something on the ground? Uncle Wayne Gilbert, this is Lydia who you have met at home before.”

After the introduction, I only felt a streak of cold sight fallen on my head. Then while raising my head, I saw that pair of cold eyes.

Wayne Gilbert seemed not to know me at all. He slightly gave a glance at me and turned to look at Katherine.

Within such casual glance, I felt the coldness falling down to my feet...

“Uncle Wayne Gilbert, please sit down!” Katherine pointed at the seat beside me.

I got stunned, how could I have the appetite to eat if he sit beside me?

Wayne Gilbert nodded and came over. He took off the coat and sat down. Soon there was someone respectfully taking the coat at the side...

It was hard to stay through the dinner. I quickly sneaked away after finding an excuse for leaving.

It was when I went out of the hotel and planned to take a taxi to go back home.

There was a hand suddenly appearing to grab me into a car before I could react.

Bentley Mulsanne, the fighter of luxurious cars!

But I had no time to enjoy the its comfort because I was afraid of the driver!

The car didn’t go so far then it stopped.

I saw the darkness through car window. But I found that Wayne Gilbert brought me to the riverside by seeing the navigating location.

Would he throw me into the river to feed fish?

I was so scared that my legs trembled.

“I have told you to leave far away from Katherine. You seem to ignore my words. I don’t mind that you robbed me that day. I gave you $200000 and thought you would stop. It looks like that you fear nothing. Today I will let you know what is riding the tiger.

After putting out the engine and turning off the lamp, he suddenly grabbed me and put down the front seat, pushed me down to the lying seat.

I was freighted to kick randomly and my hands hit him, “You can’t touch me, I will sue you for rape, loosen me!”

Wayne Gilbert giggled, seeming to hear something so funny and ironically said beside my ear, “How did you get me in the room of the hotel that day, how did you stay a night with me, all these had been recorded by the camera in the corridor. Do you want me to take it out for the cops?”

He well grabbed my weakness and I was angry as well as shamed.

“That day, I had no other way to find you, please let me go...”

I was held tightly by him. I could only move my ankle and other parts were pressed by his strong limbs. What I was more afraid of was that his eyes were cold, his movements weren’t gentle at all, directing taking off my skirt.

My lower body felt cold and my heart was suddenly chilling......