Chapter 10 - Be Eaten Up with Love

After two bus transfers, I finally found the location of his company.

The company logo in front of the dozens of office buildings that rise into the sky, was a symbol of Wayne Gilbert’s wealth.

This Jinding building had been a landmark building in Liang City. Every time I passed by, I would marvel at this fantastic architecture and its designer. Unexpectedly, Wayne Gilbert’s company was in this building and it occupied half of the floors!

After asking the way, I confirmed the exact floor of his president’s office.

The elevator stopped at the fiftieth floor.

Getting out of the elevator, the creative decoration with the unity of luxury and simplicity showed Wayne Gilbert’s unique taste. I previously thought that people in real estate were basically the rich old men, and their tastes were vulgar. Unexpectedly, Wayne Gilbert completely changed my idea...

Soon I found his president’s office.

I did not understand that would Wayne Gilbert be in the company at this point in time?

I raised my arm nervously and was about to knock, but the woman in the next secretarial office stopped me.

“Hello, can I help you?”

I looked her up and down, and found that this woman’s small face was white and clean. She wore the clean suit and smiled kindly.

Wayne Gilbert was so lustful that he could have sex with me just in the car. His secretary was so beautiful with the standard mistress face, and how could he resist the urge to have sex with her since she served him every day.

“Hello, I am an employee of Si Yu customization studio. This is a suit customized by Wayne Gilbert in our store. I would send it to him and check the remaining balance payment.”

“Do you have an appointment, Miss?” said the secretary, looking me up and down.

To make an appointment... You had to make an appointment to collect the debt these days?

Sure enough, those who owed money were all amazing people!

“Actually..... Young lady, I had an appointment with Wayne Gilbert and he said that I could come directly to find him.”

“If so, please go in, but Wayne Gilbert is chatting with the deputy director of public security bureau, the municipal leader, and the people working in planning bureau. You need to wait for a while outside.”

I nodded, and I carefully walked in. Through the glass door, I cast a glance at him from afar.

There were certainly several people talking inside, and I saw Wayne Gilbert sit on the sofa smoking immediately.

He didn’t seem to notice me coming and kept talking to the people who mattered in the Liang city. And those city leaders were all arrogant when they saw other people. But when they talked with Wayne Gilbert, they seemed to be restrained and even complimented Wayne Gilbert scrupulously.

I suddenly thought of the suggestion of Katherine, acquiring relationships with him...

I wanted to find out the murderer who killed my parents, and the sin buried by money and power.

With Wayne Gilbert, I could seize the scepter of power, find out people hiding in the dark, and find out the truth of that year passingly!

But, I continued to pester Wayne Gilbert for some purpose at the cost of my chastity, this approach...

I suddenly felt heavy at heart, and even felt buried under the pressure. Standing up, I intended to go to the bathroom, and to wash the face in order to keep a clear sense!

Coming out from the toilet, I found Wayne Gilbert was going toward the toilet. He saw me, and said with surprise, “why did you come?”

I mentioned the gift box in the hand, “I was going to send clothes to you, but I saw you have a guest. Thus, I refined the make-up in the toilet first.”

He responded and went into the men’s room.

I wanted to leave his clothes and came back. But if I didn’t take the rest of money back, the manager would probably just pay the debt by my meager salary!

So, I was going to his office and waited for him to come back from the toilet...