Chapter 1 - CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Chapter 1

“Bryan Turner, will you marry me?”

This woman’s announcement sounded extremely loud and unexpected in this luxurious private room.

To be fair, women threw themselves at the tall and devilishly handsome man relaxing on the sofa all the time.

Yet this woman was probably the first to boldly announce her intent so brazenly.

And the ugliest one out of all.

Hard for anyone to ignore the noticeable birthmark that had extended from her cheek to the tips of her brows.

Bryan sat languidly on the sofa with an air of nonchalance. But his sharp eyes sized up the woman coldly, just like a panther sizing up its prey. Other than that, he gave no indication that he heard her gutsy declaration.

Just when everyone thought that the insane woman would be thrown out of the private lounge, the corner of the man’s lips curved upwards.

Audible gasps were quickly smothered.

The devil smiled?

The confused patrons took another glance at the woman standing before them.

No matter how they looked at her, she was remarkably unappealing! Especially her dark yet sallow complexion and a large birthmark on her cheek.

Since he was facing the woman and had his back to his boss, Harry Miller, Bryan’s assistant, missed that miracle.

He was busy trying to drive the loopy woman out the door.

“How did you get in here you crazy woman? Get lost!”

Harry had seen many women try all sorts of ways to seduce his boss but it was his first time seeing one attempt to do so while wearing a dirty t-shirt and jeans.

Harry rolled up his sleeves and was prepared to drag the woman out of the room when a cold, aloof voice stopped him in his tracks.


Bryan had been studying the strange woman from the moment she broke into Gin Bar. She had somehow successfully paralyzed their entire building’s security system within mere moments and then managed to escape from the encirclement of highly-trained security guards that were sent to capture her.

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He was about to chase the woman away when she preempted him.

“Don’t be too hasty, Mr. Turner,” Finley said.

Then she sat down right next to the man. If she noticed Bryan shift away in discomfort, she did a good job of pretending she did not let it show.

“Mr. Turner, I heard that you have a very big problem,” Finley began cheerfully as she rummaged inside her backpack.

She brought out a pink perfume bottle and continued, “As heir to Turner Group, owners of one of the largest perfume brands in the world, how is it going for you now that you have lost your sense of smell? I wonder what will happen if people found out about this…”

Finley shook the bottle slightly and looked into Bryan’s eyes with a grin.

Bryan narrowed his eyes at her.

Only a handful of people knew about his secret and all of them were supposed to be trustworthy.

So how did this unknown woman find out?

Finley chuckled, “Don’t bother asking how I found out. Instead, you should be asking how I can help.”

Then before the man could say a word, the woman flipped open the perfume bottle and waved it under his nose.

“Smell this.”

Bryan instinctively sniffed even though he knew it was pointless—


Bryan’s eyes widened and he snatched the bottle away from the woman. He poured a drop onto his wrist and closed his eyes.

Peonies, oranges, lilies, grapefruit…

It wasn’t an illusion!

He could smell and identify the notes in the perfume!

A rare gleam of excitement appeared in the man’s eyes and he faced the woman, giving her his full attention.


Countless experts were unable to help him and yet this slip of a girl just waved a bottle of perfume under his nose and he was cured?

Who exactly was Finley Keith?