Chapter 2 - CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Chapter 2

Even though he was glad, Bryan was still wary.

After all, he had consulted medical professionals from all over the world and none of them had been able to help him.

He was close to giving and was starting to accept the reality of his condition. He’d never imagined that he would ever regain his sense of smell.

Finley grinned at Bryan’s skepticism. “My maternal grandfather is an ENT specialist who did extensive research into smell disorders. My mother was one of the world’s top perfumers. I learned from both of them and married the two skills.”

Finley reached out a hand to take back the pink bottle from Bryan and the man relinquished his hold on it reluctantly.

“This bottle of perfume is a secret little something I came up with. It can help people regain their sense of smell. Unfortunately, the effects are only temporary. It eases the symptoms. A cure is somewhat trickier. Possible but tricky.”

After that, she winked mischievously and said, “If you think about it, marrying me is in your best interest. You would profit from this deal.”

“Why must you marry me?”

After a moment of silence, Finley answered honestly, “You saved my life.”

being violated by a dozen men. If not for you… I would be dead

I could survive in this poisonous family of mine

which somehow prompted Finley to

lot of good that did me. My half-sisters framed me at school so that I would be expelled. My stepmother dug up my mother’s grave and tortured the dog I raised just so I would obediently follow her here. If that’s not enough, she drugged me and said

fists, her nails leaving crescent marks on her palm. “If you did not appear and order your men to clear the bar… I probably wouldn’t have been able to escape and detoxify the drug in my system.

the dirty gazes as well as the clammy hands of those disgusting men. It was

only word he could think of to describe Finley’s situation. Interestingly, throughout her

Bryan saw the stubborn glint in her eyes and was inexplicably moved by

your thanks is to ask for my help to

my own two hands. You won’t need to bother with that

Bryan straight in the eye and said solemnly, “I need your help to… give

before Bryan opened his mouth, disbelief evident in his

you lost your

you wouldn’t lose out on this either. Fine, take it as me

“You’re crazy.”

after all. You have an illustrious family background and you don’t look half bad. With your genes and mine, our baby will

Finley continued, “Once I have a child, the family inheritance earned through my mother’s blood, sweat, and tears will be rightfully mine. By then, revenge will be a piece of cake.”

Before Anthony Keith, Finley’s grandfather, passed away, he changed his will. Instead of naming an heir, he made it so that the first granddaughter to marry and give birth to a child will become the head of the family.

Once Finley became head of the Keith family, wouldn’t those evil people who schemed against her be furious beyond words?

So, when Finley saw Bryan about to reject her again, she hurriedly said, “You would benefit from this too! Those pesky flies in the Turner family will be shooed away once I have your baby.”

“You are very well informed,” Bryan said sharply.

“I know enough.” Finley then held out a hand once more. “Do we have a deal?”

Bryan looked at her hand then at the large birthmark on her cheek.

Finley chuckled and raised a brow, “Ah, I forgot about that. Are you worried that our child will inherit my looks?”

After that, she rummaged in her backpack again, this time taking out some make-up remover and cotton squares.

Within a few minutes, a completely different face emerged.