Chapter 3 - CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Chapter 3

The ugly birthmark, as well as the ugly spots on Finley’s cheek, disappeared, leaving a smooth expanse of fair skin.

Without those flaws, Finley was gorgeous!

Delicately arched brows framed a pair of large eyes that shone. Her nose was straight and her lips were pink and plump.

Other women needed to wear make-up to look beautiful.

Finley needed no such enhancements.

Bryan was dumbstruck at the considerable change. He had seen countless beauties and rejected them.

Yet somehow he was not repulsed by the young woman in front of him.

The phrase innocent seductress came to mind.

Finley confidently allowed Bryan to admire her good looks.

“Does this face meet your high standards, Mr. Turner?”

Bryan deliberately leaned back and studied her deeply. Finley was unlike anyone he’d ever met.

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“What if I refuse?”

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“Stop right there.”

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reminder, Bryan suddenly reached out a hand and wrapped it around Finley’s delicate neck.

“Did your investigation not tell you that the thing I hate the most is being threatened? I could kill you now

she did not struggle. Her calm

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She opened the door but then stopped at the threshold.

“I feel that I should kindly remind you… I have an invitation to visit Mr. Alton Turner tomorrow. I think your grandfather would be very interested in my secret perfume recipe…”

Bryan clenched his jaw as the veins in his forehead twitched in agitation.. His grandfather was one of the few people who knew about his condition. Not only that but he was also getting on in years and had been pestering his grandson for a great-grandchild to hold and pamper.

If Finley approached his grandfather…

He would never hear the end of it. That old man would no doubt pester him even more than he did.

Well then, if she was so determined to shackle herself to him…

Since her thick-faced boldness was beyond imagination, so be it.

He would ensure she did her part to get rid of those pesky flies in the Turner family.

“Bring your doc–”

Finley interrupted Bryan.

“I have my identity card and other documents with me.”

She shrugged at Bryan’s narrowed eyes.

“I told you, that‘s not that easy to get rid of me.”