Chapter 7 - CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Chapter 7

When the man remained silent, Finley spoke again coquettishly.

“Honey, why aren’t you saying anything? It’s our wedding night, you’re not going to let me spend it here in the police station, right?”

Then the woman sniffed pitifully, “It’s cold here and I’m alone…”

Finally, the man opened his mouth to speak, “Miss Finley, I remember someone saying that she is strong and capable and could even protect me from wolves. Can’t that person get out of prison by herself?”

“Hubby! How can you say that to me?” Finley whined sadly.

Despite himself, Bryan felt like laughing.

“Hubby, escaping from prison is illegal…”

Bryan snorted, “Then why are you in there in the first place?”

Finley was momentarily stumped, could it be that the man didn’t know why?

After a moment’s hesitation, Finley dismissed that thought. With his cautious attitude, there would’ve been someone watching her from the moment she ran away after their marriage registration.

So instead of answering his question, she asked instead, “Hubby, don’t you want to play the hero and rescue this beautiful damsel in distress?”

The two policemen sitting in front of Finley were dumbfounded at the young lady’s thick face.

She dared to call herself beautiful?

decided to make this ugly woman his wife? Was the man

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you don’t have money for bail.

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sauntered out of the police station and flagged

what a home it was, with lush gardens illuminated by artistic lights surrounding a huge mansion that was elegant and breathtaking. It looked like something

Despite the grandeur, Finley calmly rang the doorbell.

The butler took a double take at the strange young lady that appeared on their doorstep.

Even so, he politely asked, “May I help you, Miss?”

“I’m Bryan’s…friend. He told me to look for him here.” Knowing that the butler needed more than her words, she showed her phone screen to him. The butler looked at her call log and the message from Bryan telling her the mansion’s address.

Seems like he didn’t announce their marriage yet, maybe it’s not the time, so she hid her identity as well.

“Welcome to the Turner Mansion, Miss. If you’d please follow me…”

The butler led Finley to the living room and then politely excused himself to inform Bryan of her arrival.

Finley secretly praised the man for being professional despite his burning curiosity.

The elite families really were of a different league. Even their staff were top-notched and well- trained.

Soon though, Finley grew tired of waiting.

Where was Bryan?

One more minute and she was going to start calling his phone.

“There you are!”

Before Finley could register the fact that the middle-aged woman was talking to her, a maid’s uniform was thrown into her arms.

“Why are you still standing there? Hurry up! Get changed and get to work!”