Chapter 6 - CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Chapter 6

When Finley commented on Tricia’s image crumbling, Tina shot her a fierce glare. Then she pounded on the table and yelled for their security staff.

“Guards! Where the h*ll are you? Get in here!”

Finley crossed her arms with a smirk, “You can shout until the cows come home and no one will


“You crazy b*tch! What did you do?!”

The moment Rita saw Finley’s arrogant look, she remembered the fingers that pointed at her and the tongues that wagged at her when she was in school. She finally lost her patience and snapped, “You shameless sl*t! Isn’t it enough that you’ve brought shame to the family? Get lost!”

Finley shifted her cold gaze to Rita, “Ah, I almost forgot you were there. Don’t worry, your turn will come soon enough.”

Finley taunted Tricia, “Why don’t you throw me out yourself? Wouldn’t that be more satisfying?”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?!” Tricia finally snapped and yelled. “I’m going to stuff you in that coffin and throw you out of here!”

Before anyone could warn Tricia not to fall for Finley’s blatant provocation, she rushed at Finley.

A loud shriek pierced the air and the coffin slammed shut.


Tina screamed as her daughter was thrown into the coffin. The lid slammed down so fast that it hit her head and she fainted from the pain.

Tricia paled at the sight, glad that it wasn’t her that was thrown in.

crazy b*stard! How can you do that to Tricia? Don’t you know that she is the future Mrs.

distaste when Tina called Tricia the future Mrs. Turner and chuckled out

wondered briefly how green their faces would be if they found out that the real Young Madam of the Turner family was standing

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b*tch! How dare

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slap fell, Finley grabbed the older woman’s


on Tina and the woman paled, beads

intense pain shot through

if I didn’t act like this? Oh, wait. I forgot. You’re a liar no matter what I do. Oh, well… Here goes

was squealing in pain like a pig about to be slaughtered, Finley flipped open the coffin lid and threw Tina in

slammed down once again

“That’s enough!” Dirk roared.

locked her cold

“Enough? Not even close.”

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How pathetic…

Finley and her mother was the one who destroyed their happy little family, why

why should I listen to you?” Finley raised a brow at the


you join your

Despite being taller and heavier than his daughter, Dirk froze in his tracks and subconsciously stopped his hotheaded impulse.

“Unless of course, you want to serve my mother in the afterlife. I doubt she’d welcome you though. Ah, don’t worry, I’ll make sure you and your wife have each other’s company.”

“You! What the h*ll do you want?!”

Dirk shouted in anger but kept his distance.

Meanwhile, Tina pounded on the coffin trying to get out. Unfortunately for her, Finley had latched the coffin shut. So she started yelling to be let out.

Finley shrugged casually, “Me? Nothing. I don’t want a single thing from you. Though I expected better from you. It’s only polite to say thanks when you receive a present. After all, coffins don’t come cheap…”

Dirk fumed and was about to curse when Rita interrupted.

“Dad, forget it. There’s no point arguing with a lunatic. Just call the police and lock her up.” Finley leaned on the coffin calmly and raised her brow at Dirk, waiting to see what he would do. When he did as Rita said, the tiny sliver of family ties and affection within Finley suffocated. In less than 10 minutes, the police arrived and escorted the suddenly obedient young lady away. From the time Dirk made the call to Finley’s departure, the young woman did not say another word. nor did she bother looking at him.

Within moments, Finley and her outrageous actions dominated society’s news headlines.

Bryan relaxed in his study and chuckled when he saw the scandalous news.

“Bringing a coffin home and stuffing her stepmother and half-sister into it? What an interesting idea.” He smiled at the picture of the innocent-looking woman being led into the police car.

“What a troublemaker…”

Then he started counting down, “Three… Two…”

His phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number, but he somehow knew who was calling.

Sure enough…

“Hubby! I was bullied!”