Chapter 5 - CEO’s Surrender: With You, I Can Never Win

Chapter 5

The maids who could not stop Finley from barging in cowered at the side as the young woman strutted into the room like she owned the place.

The woman was dressed from head to toe in black like she was attending a funeral.

As if the weather headed her call, a huge wind swept in through the open doorway.

Everyone shivered.

It was like watching the grim reaper stride into your living room…

Rita was the first to react.

“You’re crazy! Finley, what do you think you’re trying to do?”

Tina snapped out of her trance. However, Finley did not miss the flash of guilt clouding the older

woman’s face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Finley asked Tina. Then she chuckled, “Are you feeling guilty? Are you surprised to see that I’m still alive?”

Tina glanced at Dirk worriedly. After all, he did not know of her plans. He was unaware that she was the mastermind behind Finley’s brush with death earlier that day. Dirk didn’t know that she had sold Finley to those lecherous men at the bar.

“Why was she back?” Tina thought, “How is she still able to walk in like this? Did my plan fail?”

woman felt a shiver down her spine. Even through the veil,


this? Finley, you cannot blame us for kicking you out of the house after you’d done such a shameful

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and she screamed as she hurried to get out

struck her side and she tumbled to the ground. Dirk was so angry that

but did nothing else. He felt humiliated that his useless. daughter was openly rebelling. She was looking down on his position as head

Finley smirked at Dirk.

and said casually, “It’s a little small for the both of you but beggars can’t be choosers. You’ll just have to share. After all,

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the guards, “Throw this b*tch into her coffin and throw


Tricia’s sharp glare shot to Finley while Rita snorted in amusement despite herself.

Finley watched in amusement as the family unity they displayed earlier showed cracks.

The family was confused. When did the useless and timid Finley grow so strong? They did not realize that the introvert had such a sharp tongue.

“Sorry, Mom,” Finley thought, “I tried to listen. I really did. I put my head down and let them step all over me. But enough is enough. I will get my revenge for both of us.”

Back then, Dirk Keith’s company was going through financial difficulties and needed an immediate injection of funds. He set his sights on Finley’s beautiful and wealthy mother. The fact that he was already married to Tina did not stop him. Without a second thought, he divorced Tina and sweet- talked her mother into marriage.

It was only after she gave birth to Finley did the poor woman find out it was all a sham. The divorce was never finalized and their marriage was invalid.

By that time, with her mother’s recipes, Keith Group had already become a force to be reckoned with in the perfume industry.

Weak and sickly ever since she gave birth, Finley’s mother clung to life tenaciously for her baby’s


Before she died, she cautioned her daughter to hide her brilliance so that no one would be able to use her. Staying alive was most important!

For years, Finley obeyed her mother. She endured the ridicule and insults as well as the disappointed gaze Dirk had when he looked at her.

But no matter what she did, she was regarded as an eyesore. A constant reminder that Dirk was an unfaithful, greedy man.

But since they didn’t even treat her as a human being and forced her to death, Finley would no longer lower her head

If death was what they wanted, death is what they would get. From now on, she would no longer

hold back!