Chapter 4 - Mated To The Lycan King

"Forgive you for what?" A deep voice sounded from behind me. That's when I smelled the most wonderful smell in all of my life. Even better than Ryders. It was the scent of vanilla and cedarwood. I turned around and looked in the direction of the voice. There he stood the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes upon. How did I not hear him come up behind me?

Unknown POV

I stood at the bottom of the bottom of the waterfall after a long night's run. I dove into the pool of water and it felt so refreshing. The Moon was out in full force and showing out how beautiful she really was.

I got out, put my clothes back on, and laid back on the shore line. I had arrived early to the pack I was supposed to be attending the Alpha Ceremony for this week. The pack Crest Moon, was a pretty large pack but the new young Alpha I hadn't met yet. I heard he was a strong, vicious warrior and a stronger leader. It'll be good for the pack this large to have someone like that. Being a large pack you don't really want someone soft, it'll make you an easy target.

It was to be rainy all week back home and I needed a good run with a full moon. A good run without getting nasty and mud plastered and caked against my skin. Thankfully here, the skies were supposed to be clear all week long. My wolf was very happy for that and so was I because I hated the rain.

I wouldn't of come to this Alphas ceremony but this was one of, if not the largest pack in my father's territory. Since it was the largest someone from my family had to show up for support and give approval. Since my father was busy with meetings, I was sent in his absence. I had to make sure a young Alpha was ready to take over and ready to take on such responsibilities. If they weren't ready and I approved them it could leave a weak spot in my father's territory.

I laid on the soft grass and considered camping out tonight. If I got cold I could always just shift into my beast. I'm sure he wouldn't mind and would definetly love it. I laid there thinking about my future when the smell hit me. It hit me like a brick wall and completely engulfed me like a thick blanket. The scent was nearly paralyzing and I wanted it all to myself.

I decided to follow the scent trail and see where it led. I climbed up the rocky path to the top of the waterfall with ease. When I crept low into the bush I could see a small figure of a female laying on the cliff. She was crying and I suddenly felt like ripping apart whoever made her this way into a million pieces and ripping their head off. I watched her from a far, I didn't want to startle her. She was mumbling low to herself and I couldn't quite make out what she was saying, even with my excellent hearing.

She stood and I got a good look at her then. She was beautiful, curves in all the right places and I felt my mouth water. Inwanted to touch her and kiss every inch of her body. A soft breeze pushed her scent to me and I swear my eyes rolled back into my head. She smelled of honeysuckle and it was wonderful.

I licked my lips as I watched her curiously as she got into the water. What was she doing? She swam to the boulder in the middle of the river and climbed up on it. I watched as she looked over the edge and my heart started pounding. What is she doing?!

I stood up from where I was and I could she the tears streaming down her face then.

"Oh God that's mate she's in trouble! Get mate safe now!" My beast screamed at me inside and I knew I needed to act fast.

I was already in the water, swimming to her when she tilted her head back to the sky and apologized.

"Forgive me." She pleaded.

It was now or never "Forgive you for what?"

She turned arpund slowly and looked at me. When her eyes met mine I knew I would never let anything or anyone hurt her ever again. "Mate." my beast and I called out to her. She stood there and and had a confused look on her face.

Avalynn POV

I was looking at the most beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes upon. He made the other guys in my pack look so very ordinary. When our eyes met my wolf howled happily "Mate!" Wait? I have a wolf? Where in the hell has she been?

"Mate." I called back to him, even though I was confused. Ryder was my mate and he rejected me. He stood in the water and I stood still on the boulder just looking at one another.

My wolf was prancing around in my head happily "How is he our mate? We already had one and he rejected us, remember? We don't get two mates."

My wolf was annoyed now. "Girl! He IS our mate. We are getting a second chance! Be thankful!"

"Well okay then.. I guess I trust you."

"Good, now get off this stupid boulder before you kill us please!"

I noticed he had moved closer to me as I now stood over him. His hand slowly outstretched towards me and I frowned, slightly hesitant, before taking it. When my hand slipped into his, electric sparks shot between us. I knew then my wolf was right, but how is this possible?

He pulled me into him then and crashed his lips into mine. My body melted into him as my lips worked against his own. My hands went around his neck as he lifted me up, wrapping my legs around him. He carried us to the bank at the waters edge, back safely to shore. He sat me down and looked at me. We were both panting from the heated kiss.

We stood there not saying anything to one another for a long while. I used this time to study his features.

He was really tall maybe 6'5, muscular, strong looking build, I could tell through his now wet t-shirt. He had broad shoulders with dark disheveled wavy hair that was medium length and hit right below his ears, and the most beautiful honey brown eyes I have ever saw! I took another deep breath and he smelled like cedarwood and vanilla. His voice was deep and smooth sounding. He sounded and looked like my own slice of heaven.

"What is your name?" He asked me softly.

Goddess what is my name?! I have forgotten my own freaking name! "Uhm. Uh. It's-" Is all I can manage and he chuckles at me. "Avalynn!" I shouted. I felt my wolf roll her eyes at me. I am ruining this, I know.

"Look at those muscles through that wet shirt. What I wouldn't give to lick every single bit of him." My wolf was ready to attack him and take what's hers.

His eyes went wide when I shouted my name at him and he laughed, pulling me to him. "I am Everest, it is nice to finally meet you, my beautiful mate." He kisses me again, soft but quick.

I return the kiss and smile against his lips. "Mm you smell wonderful." I nearly moan out.

"So do you. Your scent is nearly intoxicating." He purred into my ear as he kissed my neck and I shivered in response. Goosebumps traveled all across my body.

I pulled away from him suddenly, not only catching him off guard but myself too. I don't know this Everst guy. Sure he's absolutely dreamy but he could be crazy. Oh and he is NOT apart of our pack! Oh my, did I mate to a Rouge!?

As if he could sense my inner turmoil he took a step closer to me. I held my hands up defensively and he stopped moving. I took a few steps away from him. I felt my heart beat slamming in my chest as I looked at him.

My inner wolf had some explaining to do. How come I couldn't hear her these last few years like everyone else? I frowned at myself. What is wrong with me? Why am I mated to a Rouge. Wait! He's on our land, I am sure to be thrown in the cells as an accomplice! I took off running in a sprint in the Forrest as fast as I could. I have to tell the Alpha!

"Calm down and stop. Look, I can explain everything to you. Firstly, my name is Charlotte. Can you please stop running!"

I stopped at the edge of the tree line and walked. There was just too much going on and I needed all of the answers! One thing at a time! I sighed and looked around where I was standing.

"Okay Charlotte where have you been? Why of all things did you show up today?"

"Because that's what we do? And happy birthday! You should go back to our mate!"

I pushed her to the back of my mind and I sighed. He didn't follow me, maybe he knows he will die if he comes into the town. Thank you Goddess, now I can breathe some. Now I need to go track down the Alpha, tell him a Rouge has crossed our pack territory. Oh, and Alpha fun fact this Rouge, who doesn't look rouge, is also my mate. So, yeah there's that.

I found myself pacing back and forth when Claire came up beside me. "Why are you wet and you seem a little bit stressed? And why do you-" She sniffed me. "smell like a Lycan?" Her brow was raised as she looked me up and down carefully her arms crossing across her chest.

"Oh. My. Goddess!" I screamed, took her by the hand and drug her to the house. I needed to talk to her without so many wolf hearing ears.

"The Rouge was a Lycan!" I yelled at her.

"A Rouge Lycan!? What? I am confused?" She frowned, looking halfway scared.

"My mate is a Rouge Lycan! Oh Goddess what am I going to do?!" I frowned at her.

We walked in the house and I walked over to where the note was for Josh and ripped it to shreds.

"How am I mated to a Lycan?" I turned and looked at Claire who has been unusually silent this whole time.