Mated To The Lycan King

Mated To The Lycan King

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 94
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Synopsis about Mated To The Lycan King

Avalynn was quiet and kept to herself type of girl throughout school. She couldn't wait for her 16th birthday for her wolf to show up and shift for the first time. On her 16th birthday that never happened. From there on out she was bullied by Ryder, the future Alpha of her pack, Crest Moon. She thought it odd that when she turned 17 the following year when everyone could feel the mate bond, she could feel something towards her mate. How could the Goddess be so cruel and mate her with him? He and his friends continued to bully her until her 18th birthday when she decided she has had enough and leaves. Stumbling through the woods, tears streaming down her face she's standing on the Cliffside of the waterfall contemplating on ending it all. A voice in her mind appears, her Wolf? How? She and everyone else in her pack thought her wolfless. Maybe she has driven herself crazy. Then the sound of rustling bushes and snapping tree limbs come from behind her. Then the sound of a deep voice behind her and the most heavenly scent fills her nostrils "Mate." Her life would never be the same..
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chapter 1

It was a beautiful day and I know many of our pack members have shifted and have ran off through our territory together. I sat on a bench overlooking the pond that was close to my parents home. I found myself daydreaming here a lot when I had free time. My seventeenth birthday was tomorrow and it should be a joyous day seeing how it should be the day my wolf finds her mate. Unfortunately for me, I was born wolfless. Without a wolf I would not be able to feel the wolf bond. I have heard stories about the wolf bond and pairing together fated mates. The bond pull is unlike anything else. The person is honestly your better half, the peanut butter to your jelly, the glue that can hold all of your broken pieces together. I sighed and looked out at the large body of water. I wish I could speak with my mother. My mother was killed protecting me when a small group of Rouge Wolves invaded our territory. I couldn't shift and she died protecting me. Alpha Michael and the other warriors were too late. The rouges had just slashed my mothers throat and I was found crumpled up, hiding in a ball terrified from watching my mother die. From that moment on I was treated differently from everyone in my pack.

chapter 2

Seventh BirthdayIt was the day of my birthday. I wasn't really looking forward to it like everyone else in my pack. Generally everyone can start finding their mates at seventeen. I didn't have much hope. My wolf never showed up when she was supposed to. Claire and my brother are mates and have planned on marking one another.

chapter 3

I walked into my room and fell onto my bed. With dinner aside, today was the worst possible day. I found my mate and he rejected me. He didn't even blink when he did it. I don't know how but I felt the mate pull. It wasn't strong but it definitely caught my attention. I knew enough of the mate bond to know that, that's what it was. When he said mate, I knew.I rolled over in the bed on my stomach and cried silently. Tears ran down my face and onto my pillow making it wet. My eyes eventually became heavy and I fell into a restless sleep.

chapter 4

"Forgive you for what?" A deep voice sounded from behind me. That's when I smelled the most wonderful smell in all of my life. Even better than Ryders. It was the scent of vanilla and cedarwood. I turned around and looked in the direction of the voice. There he stood the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes upon. How did I not hear him come up behind me? Unknown POV

chapter 5

Everest POVI sighed as I watched her leave in a hurry. Everything was telling me to follow her but I stood there. Something was going on inside of her and I could tell she was freaked out. She didn't shift and run she just ran in her human form. My beast wanted me to follow her and I will but I also wanted to give her, her space. Once she fully accepts me as her mate and is not freaking out, I will follow her everywhere she goes. My lycan huffed, I knew this wouldn't be the last of that conversation. I smiled thinking of her.

chapter 6

This dress was the one. I hated shopping and I hated how plain I had always looked in everything I put on, but as I stood looking at my fitting room mirror, this was perfect. It hugged me in every perfect curve spot that I didn't know I really had. I actually felt stunning in this dress. I could hardly believe it as I turned around to look at myself.Claire was looking at me with her hands over her mouth. "Want to show him how beautiful you look in this one?"

chapter 7

Well it was the moment of truth and everyone's eyes were on me. I looked down at my drink, took a sip and let out a small sigh. I could remember it all just a vivid as the day it happened. The day that haunted my dreams.My eyes looked up from my drink to my mate, as he gave me an encouraging smile and I began to tell my story.

chapter 8

We walked into the forrest in a comfortable silence, although I was pretty nervous. We found a small clearing next to the bend in the river. It was quiet and a perfect spot for shifting. I stood in front of my mate as he began talking about a firs lycan shift. "A lycan shift is different than a wolf shift. Your bones elongate but it's not a back breaking experience. It's still painful but not as painful as a wolf shift. You can still run like a wolf or you can walk like a human. Just whatever your preference is, I am sure you will figure it out. I like to switch it up." He smiled at me.

chapter 9

I watched my mate as anger flashed through his eyes. If he wasn't mine, I would be absolutely terrified. He wrapped the blanket tightly around me and smiled. "Can we manage to get her some clothes instead of standing around gawking. Acting like you all have never seen a lycan before." It was more of a command than a question. He had irritation radiating all through him. I never noticed the crowd that had gathered around us. I glanced around the room at all the eyes on Everest and myself.

chapter 10

I ended up bumping into Everest on the walk back. I felt myself calming down in his presence. We went and took a shower and got dressed. He had food ordered and brought up to his room in the packhouse. We ate together in a comfortable silence. My mind was racing and I had so many questions about being a Lycan. I knew lycans lived longer than wolves and humans, but how long? How old was he? How much stronger are we? Do I get to train? Do I have to go through special training and can I get special tutoring to learn our life style? So many new things and experiences but first we must go through with this ceremony and we will be off tomorrow. I don't know if he's going to stop the Alpha ceremony from happening and reject him as the Alpha. Maybe we can figure something out. He is strong and he will be a great leader, one day, but he needs extra training.