Chapter 5 - Mated To The Lycan King

Everest POV

I sighed as I watched her leave in a hurry. Everything was telling me to follow her but I stood there. Something was going on inside of her and I could tell she was freaked out. She didn't shift and run she just ran in her human form. My beast wanted me to follow her and I will but I also wanted to give her, her space. Once she fully accepts me as her mate and is not freaking out, I will follow her everywhere she goes. My lycan huffed, I knew this wouldn't be the last of that conversation. I smiled thinking of her.

She was absolutely beautiful and I was so excited to know who she was. It was strange though, she was definitely not a wolf but I knew she was part of this Crest Moon Pack.

"How strange." I said out loud to the forest.

I walked back to where my clothes were and changed. I picked up my cell phone and decided to call my people. I knew that I would need more people around as my Lycan beast had a weird feeling.

"Should have chased after mate!" He growled.

"You know I couldn't, she knows we're mates but there was something else going on inside her head, she was about to jump off the cliff."

"That is why you should have chased her! Keep mate safe!"

"She will be safe. You felt her beast like I did. There is no way her beast will allow any harm to come to herself. You know her beast inside will take over control to keep herself safe."

He just growled and I pushed him back.

I texted my driver to come meet me at the outter pack line.

"Hey Ted, can you meet me about three miles outside of Crest Moon Pack? Bring along Jameson too. It's going to be a weird almost complicated visit. The only hotel is there, not great but it's a meeting spot."

"Sure thing, boss. Be there soon."


I continued to pack up my things and made my way to the human hotel. It was a bit rundown but it will do for now. I

Just long enough to fill them in on my situation.

I walked into the lobby and made a reservation for this evening. The older man smiled and gave me a room key. I made my way to the room and waited sitting on the edge of the bed. After a few hours a knock sounded on the door.

I opened the door and let them in.

"What is going on?" Jameson asked.

"I found my mate but something was off." I ran my hands through my hair. "She was in Crest Moon and when I found her she was about to jump off a cliff to kill herself."

Their eyes widened at that and I continued.

"She recognized me as her mate and we kissed. But she ran away from me." I frowned.

Jameson frowned. "Is she a wolf?"

I shook my head. "No, but she ran in her human form instead of shifting into her beast.

"She's a Lycan?" Ted asked me.

I nodded my head "Yes I am about ninety-nine percent sure of it. So you know her jumping really wouldn't kill her. It would of been painful but her beast would of healed her slowly though."

"Well, where is she?" Jameson laid back on the other bed.

"Back at her pack I assume." I shrugged.

"You didn't follow her?" Ted asking this time.

"No I wanted to give her space. Something seems off and I didn't want to go at this alone in case she's the Alphas chosen mate that he chose for himself as the Luna, or she is his mate. Which you know what that means, I'll fight him to the death for her." It'll be unfair for him because I am a Royal Lycan, one of the strongest of our kind.

"Well why would she be trying to kill herself?"

"I.. well, that's a good question. I don't know what's going on. That's why I need you guys. In case things get spicy back at Crest Moon." I frowned.

"We are with you. Let's go get her then. Let's grab some food and coffee first since its now morning." Jameson suggested.

"Okay. I could eat." Said Jameson.

"Very well, I'll buy then we can go into the pack and be announced properly." I said and we left the room. I turned in the key at the desk and generously tipped the old man.

We ate and left for Crest Moon Pack. We were technically there now one day early. But it doesn't matter. They were ready and awaiting outside the packhouse for us.

I shook the Alphas hand and nodded at the the Luna, who curtsied with her head bowed down then we walked inside the packhouse.

I inhaled deeply and I couldn't smell her anywhere here. I frowned to myself as I was sure she was of importance. They showed all of us to our rooms. I needed to get the business part out of the way so I could walk around until I caught her scent.

I met with Alpha Michael in his office to go over Saturdays ceremony. A knock sounded on the door and in walked the future Alpha Ryder and, I was relieved to see, a female clinging to him that wasn't my mate.

Jameson's voice floated through our open link "Her?"

I shook my head "No, so he can live."

I heard him laugh through the link but clear his throat in the room. I looked over them both, there was something about him my beast didn't like. He seemed agitated with him before he even spoke.

Ryder bowed low to me and his mate curtsied. They both stood and I outstretched my hand to him, giving it a shake.

"Welcome to Crest Moon Prince Everest. I hope you enjoy your time here and if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask anyone here. We would all be more than happy to help make your stay the most comfortable and most enjoyable." Ryder let go of my hand.

"Thank you, young Alpha. I was hoping to take a stroll and check out your pack grounds with my men. Just to survey and see how things here are going here. My father was wanting some feedback on how one of his largest packs are doing." I lied.

"Please feel free to do so." He said.

I stood up and left the office with Jameson and Ted was already waiting at the door. We walked around the town aimlessly. I was about to give up when I caught a small bit of her scent. "Follow me."

Avalynn POV

Claire ended up spending the night and instead of sleeping in bed with my brother she stayed with me. We didn't tell him about my apparently Rouge Lycan mate. She woke me up in the morning and I yawned.

"Okay Claire, I am awake." I moved my hands to my eyes.

"C'mon let's go shopping for the Alpha ceremony! I need a new dress. You know they're making Josh the beta! I have to sit up there with them." She was begging me now.

"Okay. I'm up, I'm up. Let me get dressed." I sighed. "What about..."

"Shhhhh." She was whispering. "Josh is down stairs. Wait until we are out of ear shot, okay? We will figure this out."

"Okay." I sighed and got myself ready to go. I guess I can attend. Doesn't matter to me, I still plan on leaving soon. So if doesn't matter if he wants to banish me, I want to support my brother.

We went shopping and while she was trying on an expensive dress I sat in the chair scrolling social media and listening to my music. I kept both of my ear buds in while waiting for her and taking them out when she came out to show me the dresses. I looked up and smiled and took the earbuds out. "Girl! You look hot!"

"You think?" She was turning in the mirror. It was a black dress that hugged her tightly, the neckline had a diamond trim and it was floor length. She rocked it.

"Absolutely. Do you think Josh needs to come get his suit from here?" I asked her.

She nodded "We already got him one. It should be ready for pick up today."

"Oh. Well then it's settled." I smiled.

Her eyes went wide suddenly. "Oh my Goddess it's the Lycan Prince! Avalynn! He's here! I wonder if he's tracking the Rouge Lycan that's your mate"

"Thats cool and probably. That's my luck." I rolled my eyes. I couldn't care less, I wasn't going to be a part of this world soon anyway.

"Avalynn.." She trailed off as the chime went off to the entrance and she bowed her head down out of respect.

I went to stand and his scent hit me and I turned around and our eyes met.

I swear the man cleared the entire room in just a few long strides. I stood frozen in my spot as I watched him.

Claire was whispering fearfully "Avalynn bow he's coming over.." and she hushed as he stopped in front of me.

We stood there gazing at one another and my eyes drifted to the men behind him. So, my mate isn't a Rouge Lycan?

"No, that's what I was going to tell you before you shoved me away in your panic fit." My whatever she is, not wolf, said to me.

"I found you." He spoke softly with a smile upon his face and his hand went up to my cheek and I leaned into it, welcoming the warmth.

"Yes, I guess you did. Sorry I don't know what happened or what is happening. This is Claire, my best friend." I said abruptly.

"Hello. You can relax." He smiled at Claire and I watched her eyes dart between us two. "I am Prince Everest and this is Jameson and Ted my best friends. Also, Ted is a pretty good driver." I saw Ted roll his eyes and I smiled.

He looked back to me "Jameson and Ted this is my mate, Avalynn."

"Hello." Claire and I said together.

"So, are you ladies buying your dresses for the ceremony?" Everest asked us.

"Claire is. I am not." I looked around.

"Oh you already have yours?" His head tilted slightly and he smiled.

"Uhh, well not exactly. I was just going to find something." I smiled back.

"Nonsense. We are getting you the perfect dress today. Excuse me, miss. Would you be a dear and start my mate a fitting room and bring her the most beautiful dresses that will be suitable for the ceremony. Oh and have one of your associates bring us some refreshments, please." He smiled to her and she was off running quickly to do as he asked.

"You really don't have to do that. I am sure I am not wanted to be at his ceremony anyway." My eyes went wide and my hand went to my mouth.

I swear anger went quickly through my mated face. As fast as it arrived it was gone. "Nonsense, you'll be sitting with me of course." He pushed me gently to the fitting room to begin my hunt for a dress.

Claire walked back with me "What did you mean you wouldn't be wanted there? What happened?"

I sighed "Its a very long story Claire and I don't feel like telling it as much as I don't feel like doing this dress thing. I am obviously being forced to do one right now. Can we save it?" I pleaded with her. I knew I would have to tell her before the night was through.

"Of course girl. Also a Lycan Prince is your mate!" She squealed out and hugged me tightly. "He wasn't a Rouge but the freaking Prince! A PRINCE AVALYNN!"

I sighed and nodded I am sure he heard her freaking and my cheeks reddened. I am sure he will reject me too when he finds out how plain and ordinarily human I really was. Even if I can communicate to my inner self.

"Beast or Charlotte love." She smiled.

I don't even know what that means.

"You will with our mate, he will help you. Just talk to him and give him a chance. Everything will soon make sense."

So cryptic Charlotte.

She laughed and retreated happily to the back of my mind. Happy that our mate has made his way to us and was happy to see us.

The associate knocked and had five dresses in her hand. "Oh boy, let's get this over with then."