Chapter 10 - Mated To The Lycan King

I ended up bumping into Everest on the walk back. I felt myself calming down in his presence. We went and took a shower and got dressed. He had food ordered and brought up to his room in the packhouse. We ate together in a comfortable silence.

My mind was racing and I had so many questions about being a Lycan. I knew lycans lived longer than wolves and humans, but how long? How old was he? How much stronger are we? Do I get to train? Do I have to go through special training and can I get special tutoring to learn our life style? So many new things and experiences but first we must go through with this ceremony and we will be off tomorrow. I don't know if he's going to stop the Alpha ceremony from happening and reject him as the Alpha. Maybe we can figure something out. He is strong and he will be a great leader, one day, but he needs extra training.

"You okay?" He was looking at me with a fork of food paused in front of his mouth.

"Yeah, just caught up in my own thoughts about tomorrow and our future." I smiled at him.

"What about tomorrow?" He went back to eating.

"Well it is the Alpha ceremony tomorrow. I know you said you wanted to reject him as the Alpha of the pack." I approached it cautiously. Ryder was my ex-mate and as much as he hurt me, the pack needs a strong leader. He may be an idiot but I had no hard feelings anymore towards him.

He nodded and sat his fork down with a sigh. "Go on."

"Well what if you don't reject him as the Alpha of the pack." I took a bite and he shook his head at me.

Before he could talk I quickly spoke "Hear me out before you say anything. He is strong, stupid but strong. What if we, well you send him on like a training retreat. Where he goes to different packs, big packs that he can learn how to do things properly?"

I watched as he contemplated on the idea. "You know that just might work. It'll be just enough embarrassment but if he does well he will not only learn but be a better leader at the end of everything. Brilliant idea sweetie, you will make a very fair and excellent future Queen." His smile widened and he reached for my hand. His fingers gingerly caressed over the palm of my hand before taking it in his own.

"How was your dinner?" He asked as I was stuffing the last huge bite of my steak covered with the baked potato and the last piece of broccoli.

I chewed it carefully and only nodded at him holding up both my thumbs. He responded with a laugh "I'll take it that it was delicious then." He stood and picked up the plates and left the room. When he came back he had a huge bowl of ice cream sundae. We shared it and made small talk about tomorrow.

I was kind of excited to have a day of pampering. Hair and nails done, make up done, and a massage with my best friend. It had been a very long tense day. I sat my spoon down in the bowl and looked up at him as he lifted the bowl and sat it on the table.

"How about a hot relaxing bath, I know we showered so you can pull your hair up?" He was already walking to the adjoining bathroom.

"That sounds nice." I watched as he disappeared in the bathroom and I heard the water running. The floral smell of lavender soon filled the air. I made my way into the bathroom and looked at the man in there. My eyes traveled over his body. His shirt was off and I got a good look at him. His muscles flexed under his skin as he moved. I found myself biting my bottom lip. Charolette was also peering through my eyes at her mate, she also liked what she saw.

"Ready?" He turned to look at me and all I could manage was nodding my hand. He turned around to the wall, being respectful as I undressed and stepped into the deep tub, sinking down into the water.

"Okay I am in." I turned to look at him. He walked over to the sink, opened the door and picked up a loofa. Taking the tag off and throwing it the trash. I reached out for it and he shook his head.

"I will do it. You relax." I turned my back to him as I figured that's what he meant. It was a moment but I felt the water move and felt his legs around me in the water. He eased himself into the water and began washing me.

His hands ran along my shoulders, massaging and washing at the same time. His hands moved to my neck, his fingers dancing across my skin. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the magic his hands were producing. It felt like heaven.

His hands moved down my arms and brushed against my breast. I couldn't believe the moan that passed through my lips. It felt like an electrical wave flowed through my body and settled right between my legs, throbbing and aching for him.

I leaned back into him, giving him more access to whatever he wanted.

His head dipped down and placed a trail of soft kisses along my shoulders. His mouth moved to my neck as his hands traveled to my breasts. He kissed, licked, and sucked my marking spot as his hands took my full breasts into his hands. Massaging them and rolling my nipples between his fingers I pressed harder into him. I felt his manhood pressing hard against me. Another moan passed as I laid my head against his chest. It felt like I was melting into him as his hands roamed over my body. My body responded in ways I never knew it would to him. His fingers eventually found the spot that throbbed for only him.

He pressed his fingers against my bud and I let out another moan, pressing my head back against him as my hips rocked against his hand. His other hand gripped on my breast and took my nipple between his fingers rolling it. His mouth kissed and licked along my neck, sucking on where his mark should be.

I moved in his hands and turned around in the tub. He pushed up from the tub, allowing my legs to wrap around him. I settled in his lap, my arms moving around him. He smiled at me and I returned his smile. He pulled me to him and I could feel him pushing against me. I rocked my hips against him and watched as his eyes closed.

I took this opportunity to lean in and kiss him upon his lips. Our lips worked together as one of his hands moved to my hair and another between my legs. The one between my legs began rubbing my bud again. Another moan passed my lips and he swallowed it in our kiss. He took the opportunity for his tongue to pass through, exploring my mouth. Our tongues intertwined and pressed against one another.

I wanted him, all of him, every single inch of him in me. I was curious though to feel how big he really was. I reached through the warm water and found what I was in search for. My hands wrapped around his shaft and slowly moved up and down. He was huge, long, and so very thick. I gripped a bit tighter and watched his face contort in pleasure as he groaned. He leaned back with his head resting against the back of the tub. His eyes were locked on mine, darkened with lust, as his hand caressed my breasts, moving back from one to the other.

I leaned over top of him and kissed him roughly, deepening the kiss immediately. I continued rubbing him and biting his bottom lip, softly sucking it into my mouth.

He pulled me to him more as he stood with me in his arms.

I felt him walking, his hands gripping my bottom and my legs wrapped around him, the cool air kissing my skin and goosebumps raising. He laid me down on the bed and moved between my legs. He looked down at me, my chest rising and falling, almost panting from the kiss we shared.

"Absolutely perfection. So beautiful." He leaned down and placed a soft kiss upon my lips. Trailing kisses all the way down my neck along my collar bone. His tongue danced along my chest and to my nipple. He captured it in his mouth and sucked softly, soon moving to the other doing the same.

He kissed down along my stomach and down to my thighs. His kissed and nipped the inside of my thighs as one hand pushed them apart wide and the other one working against my bud. My hips bucked upwards to meet him, responding to him.

My head pressed back against the bed and pillows moaning. My hips moving against his hand, as a finger slipped inside of me. His mouth captured me and licked my most sensitive spot. My hips raised to him, wanting more, as his fingers continued to work inside of me. I gasped as I neared my climax and let out a moaning scream as I fell over the edge.

He came up to me and kissed my lips softly. He positioned himself in front of my entrance and paused looking down at me. "This may hurt, so I am going to take it slow. I want to be gentle and easy with you."

I bit my lip and nodded up to him "Okay." is all I managed to say softly. I knew for a fact it was going to hurt, he was so huge. I wanted to brace myself for the pain.

He entered slowly and when he reached resistance he paused for a moment and leaned down kissing me. He pushed past the barrier and I let out a small cry of pain and he stilled. My hands gripped into his arms, my nails digging into his skin.

He waited until I nodded my head and began slowly moving all the way in and back out. The pain eased as my super healing kicked in and soon pure bliss was found. I rocked my hips with the motion of his, letting my body take control. He kept a slow pace and showered me in kisses. My legs wrapped around his waist and brought him deeper inside of me. We both reached our peak together and it was as if fireworks exploded inside of my body as I went over the edge of my climax.

We laid there together my legs draped over him and his arms wrapped around me. "Amazing." I breathed almost breathlessly.

"I was fighting my wolfs urge to mark you, we haven't discussed it and generally royalty marks in front of everyone. But we are far away from my home." He pushed a strand of hair away from my face.

I nodded and tried hiding my yawn and curled up tighter into his side, moving my head to his chest. His fingers danced across my bare skin on my back. I listened to the sounds of his breathing and his heart beating in his chest. It was the sweetest music to my ears and soon I was fast asleep.

When I woke in the morning, the bed was empty and he was gone. I frowned and looked around the room listening for anything and there was just silence. I looked over to the side table and saw a hand written note;

Good morning my beautiful mate,

You looked so peaceful sleeping I did not wish to wake you so early. I have meetings with your soon-to-be old pack about today. I need to tell them of your brilliant plan on sending that mutt to different packs to learn how to truly lead. If he wants her to be his Luna, well she should go train and learn how to be a proper Luna herself. I already miss you. Enjoy your day of being pampered. I will see you for lunch.

Love, Everest

I smiled and folded up the note, sitting it on the table beside me. I got up and showered last nights events off of me. I smiled remembering the night we shared together.

I was just about ready when I heard someone knocking on the door.