Chapter 9 - Mated To The Lycan King

I watched my mate as anger flashed through his eyes. If he wasn't mine, I would be absolutely terrified. He wrapped the blanket tightly around me and smiled.

"Can we manage to get her some clothes instead of standing around gawking. Acting like you all have never seen a lycan before." It was more of a command than a question. He had irritation radiating all through him. I never noticed the crowd that had gathered around us. I glanced around the room at all the eyes on Everest and myself.

People scattered everywhere in search of clothing for me to wear. I looked over at Jamie who was still healing from the large gash across her upper right arm. I got her good. I smirked feeling victorious for the first time in my life. Then I heard a gasp and my eyes went to the direction of the noise.

"What happened to my mate?" Ryder had just walked in the room with a group of his friends. He was seething and rushed to Jamie's side looking her over.

"She attacked Avalynn, thinking she was weak," Everest stepped closer "thinking she couldn't protect herself from her grasping her hair, yanking it, pushing her around, and smacking her," he was only an arms length away from them now "thinking that she could do what she pleases to someone weaker than her fake, made up position and your web of lies. I guess Avalynn has had enough of the abuse and is tired of being pushed around." I watched as he was towering over them both.

Jamie shrinked away and into Ryders arms. Ryder paled and looked like he saw a ghost. His eyes though glared at me and I gave a small shrug. He narrowed his eyes at me and I let out a growl in return. His eyes widened at me. "You did this to your future Luna?" He seemed confused as to why and how I over powered her.

I nodded with a shrug "She is not my Luna." Gasping around the room and whispers began. Ryder growled at me causing a snarl from Everest.

Everest took Ryder by the throat and squeezed as he lifted him into the air. Alpha Michael growled, stepping forward wanting to protect his son, Everest growled at him and he stepped down, bowing his head. Because of the aurora coming off in waves from my mate, Ryder was hanging there helpless. No one dared to try anything against the Lycan Prince. It affected everyone except me. My eyes quickly darted around the room seeing how everyone's neck was exposed as a show of submission to the powerful Lycan Prince.

I watched in awe as my mate stood up for me. It was the first time, other than Claire, someone has stood up for me. I couldn't help it but the corners of my mouth titled up with a small smile. I was so proud to call him my mate.

I watched as blood began to trickle down Ryders throat. Everests claws had started digging in. "Do they all know the truth or is it only you two?" He growled through gritted teeth.

"No, no one was supposed to know, not even Jamie knows." Ryder managed to gasp out, seemingly losing all air.

"Are you ashamed of her?"

"I was, but she was weak. She wasn't anything, a nobody, a risk to the pack." Ryder answered.

Everest threw him onto the floor. Ryder gripped his throat and gasped for the air that had been previously restricted. "Well now that beautiful, strong, and capable nobody will be your future Queen. Seeing how she is my mate." He walked back over to me and stood next to me. Shock was on everyone's face. Their mouths hanging open in disbelief.

'Wait, wait, wait. Hold up." Alpha Michael paused for a moment. "What lie are you talking about?"

Ryder looked at me then his father and sighed "Jamie is not my fated mate but she is my chosen mate. I don't see why it really I matters. I chose her to be at my side, not her."

"You found your fated mate?" He asked him and I could tell he was putting the pieces together. His eyes drifted over to me and I gave him a small nod. "Avalynn was your fated mate and you rejected her?!" He shouted. "How dare you break up the sacred bond between fated mates! I can't believe you would just discard it as if it means nothing! The disrespect shown to the Moon Goddess!" He was pacing and his fists were clenched to his side as he looked at me. "Did you accept it?"

"I didn't have a choice. I didn't want to, at the time." I looked over at my mate for a second before looking back towards Alpha Michael "But now I am so glad that he forced me to accept the rejection."

"Not that it would have mattered much anyway. She would still have been a Lycan and had me as a mate as well. I don't share what is mine. She couldn't be a Luna and Queen. You can imagine what would of ended up happening in the end." Everest smiled, a hint of wicked flashed across his face. "I would have challenged him for her and would have easily won."

"I would of still ended up mated to you?" I looked up at him as he nodded.

"Yes, it is very rare that a Lycan finds their Lycan mate. We live much longer than wolves and our aging is much slower once we hit out eighteenth birthday. Either he would of died young or our lovely Moon Goddess knew he was stupid and knew you deserved so much more than he could of ever given you." He brushed his hand across my cheek. I felt a tingly feeling growing every time we touched. "I would have fought for you and challenged him in the end for you. I will do everything for you and your safety and love." He smiled.

"Wait a minute." Ryder was back to standing again. "You're a lycan Avalynn? But, how is that possible when your brother is a wolf?" He looked at me shocked, stunned really. His mouth was open as if he was wanting to continue asking questions that I didn't have answers to, let alone answer them for him.

I shrugged "We don't know that information yet. Not that it's any of your business."

I looked back over at Alpha Michael "We were hoping that you may have a few answers about my parents and how I am a Lycan?"

He nodded slightly "Let us take this into my office and we can discuss it there without prying eyes and loose lips that spread rumors. Feel free to change clothes, I will have food brought up while we discuss things if you want?"

"No thank you, the information is all we need. We have plans for dinner." Everest told him.

I was still wrapped up in the blanket when we began walking up the stairs. I was shown to a room that had a change of shorts and a tshirt. I changed quickly, went to the adjoining bathroom washed my hands and face. I tamed my hair and pulled it up into a high messy bun.

When I left the room Everest was leaning against the wall, waiting for me.

"You look beautiful, ready?" He smiled warmly, out stretching his hand.

I took it happily and nodded "As ready as I will ever be I assume."

He led me to Alpha Michael's office. Just as we shut the door behind us, Ryder opened it and was immediately stopped by his father.

"Get out. This does not concern you." He demanded.

"Father if I am taking over the pack I should be allowed to know what goes on." He argued.

His father slammed his fist on the desk "Get. Out!"

He stood for a second with a scowl on his face before walking out and slamming the door behind him. The walls rattled, the pictures shook, even one falling and crashing to the ground.

"I apologize for my son's actions and behaviors." Alpha Michael ran a hand over his face, obviously flustered. "Please, have a seat."

We moved to sit down and got right to it. Turns out my parents were not my biological parents. A note was left with me at our territory line. Alpha Michael passed the note to me and I held it in my hands and read it aloud to Everest. I knew he was just as curious and wanted to know too.

"To the Alpha Of The Pack,

I do not know you and you do not know me or my family. But I am writing this note now as danger is rising in my territory. I am not a wolf but I am fearful that my daughters life is at risk if she remains in our care. Fighting and death is happening all around us with all women and children suffering, slaved, or brought to death. Please show her mercy and allow her to live amongst your pack with a good family. She is the only child of ours. I chose your pack being one of the largest packs in North America. Please provide her with a safe and loving home. Let her know, when the time comes that she is strong and loved. This is for the best option, as for tomorrow for us is uncertain. She deserves a future that she may not have if she stays here. Attached to this note is a necklace with the photo of my husband and myself. Please give it to her when she is ready.

A mother's love,


I sat in my seat and looked at the note. It was obvious wherever I came from was plagued with war. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked over to my mate. He offered a comforting smile and I softly sighed.

"I had a feeling when you were brought here you were a Lycan. I had no proof to that though. When your birthday happened, we knew you weren't a wolf. My suspicions towards you being a Lycan were more on your birthday bu we weren't sure. You could of been any magical creature." He shrugged and leaned back in his seat. "Your adopted parents knew, they actually had a miscarriage two months for your arrival and when we were in a meeting your mom demanded you stay with her. Your dad agreed and so the decision was made for you to live with them. When your mom died in the attack and Rouge Lycans and Wolves attacked I was trying to protect you and the pack from panicking. I am not proud of that decision, I should of told you the truth then but you were still a kid and had already been through so much." He handed me the locket.

I opened it up and looked at the photo of my birth parents.. I stood abruptly and they stood with me. I had tears threatening to spill over. I felt angry, frustrated, and suddenly didn't feel like I even knew who I was. Why wouldn't my mother tell me on the evening I didn't turn? I turned without saying a word and left the office.

I walked down the stairs and stopped to look at the destruction that was left behind for a moment. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs as I walked out the door. I shifted, ripping the clothes on my body and took off to the woods. I gave Charlotte full control and she ran hard and fast for what felt like hours.

We stopped finally by a small stream and drank the water from it. We laid down in our Lycan form and was left with our thoughts.

"You are very powerful, never forget that. I know you feel lost but you were only being protected. You are still the same person as you were before you found out the truth, just a little stronger. Well, a lot stronger." Charlotte spoke to me as we walked back towards the pack.