Chapter 8 - Capture Your Heart

After making up her mind, Karin decides to go to Charlie on her own.

She comes to the Charlie Group, but is stopped by several security officers, "I'm sorry, please show me your card."

"Card? "What card you need?" she is confused

"Passport card."

"I do not have……"

"Then you can't go in."

She is anxious: "I know your general manager, Charlie."

"A lot of people know him."

"I really know him!"

"Sorry, you are not allowed to enter without a passport card. Please leave immediately."

The guard men ruthlessly turn her away, and she stands aside angrily: "Then I can wait here!"

"It's no use waiting, our general manager is on vacation recently."

On a vacation...

Karin looks confused. She couldn't tell whether their words are true, but her matter is urgent. So she decides to go directly to his house.

The Charlie family is famous in Zurich, so it is easier to find him.

In front of her is a magnificent western mansion with red walls and green tiles. There are rows of trees in front of the door. The surrounding walls are high, which seems separate the his house and the outside world...

She stands in front of the magnificent door and rings the doorbell. After a moment, the door opens and a majestic housekeeper comes out, "Who are you looking for?"

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. Charlie."

"Who are you?"

"I..." Karin stammers. How to explain to her? She doesn't seem to have anything to do with him...

"Friends... We are friends." She answers with a blinking gaze.

"What kind of friendship?"

The housekeeper stares at her sharply, she says “Just normal friends."

"My young master usually doesn't treat customers. If any friends really look for him, he will tell me in advance!"

With a slam, the door is closed relentlessly, and Karin stuns.

She continues to ring the doorbell. This time, the housekeeper's attitude is obviously impatient, "I have already made it clear, why don't you leave?"

"I'm in urgent need. Could you help me call Mr. Charlie? Can you tell him I'm a friend he makes on the boat, and he will meet me."

"You idiot. Do you think anyone can enter in casually?"

The housekeeper leaves indifferently, and Karin hurriedly holds her: "I have something special..."


"A piece of jade."


"I... I gave it back to him."

"What a joke?! I warn you, don't ring the doorbell, otherwise don't blame me!"

The door closes again. Karin angrily rests her head on the door panel. If she knows something would happen, she would definitely don’t return the jade back...

Life really is so funny, she thinks. She finally understands why two years ago, he would give her the jade. It turns out the rules of the rich!