Chapter 7 - Capture Your Heart

This is obviously unreliable, at least, Karin thinks so.

Although she is an adult, she is still a student who is not deeply involved in the society after all. Entertainment places have always been too complicated for her, and it may be unsuitable for her.

But Billie just has to work there.

In desperation, what Karin can do is to tell her to be cautious in everything and be experienced in difficulties.

Billie keeps her words in mind at first, but half a month later, something bad has happens...

On Friday night, she returns to the dormitory from the coffee shop, but finds that Billie isn’t there. Billie returns at this time in normal days.

She has a bad hunch, so she takes out her cell phone and calls Billie, but she doesn’t answer the phone

She waits in the dormitory for half an hour, but Billie doesn't return. She couldn't stand anymore, and gets out to find Billie...

At the Wonder Nightclub, she finds the manager on duty and asks, "Excuse me, may I ask whether Billie works here?"


"What about her?"

The manager on duty is suddenly angry: "Don't mention it, she offended a group of people this evening, and they have taken her away."

Karin is startled: "They have taken her away? Isn't that a malicious abduction? Don’t you care about this?!"

"Those people are rich and have power, we can’t handle it."


The duty manager tells Karin that Billie drinks a few glasses of beers in order to sell a few more beers. As a result, those guys say that she is good drinker and insist her to accompany them. Billie refuses to do so, and smash someone's head with a wine bottle out of control during the dispute, and that’s it...

"Wonder Nightclub is a famous entertainment place in this area. Everyone could not be offended here, unless you wanna go die."

The manager on duty says angrily, and Karin asks anxiously: "Where do the persons who took her live?"

"Don't say I didn't remind you. They are all mad. If you go for them, you are asking for trouble. Not only will you not save your friends, but you will also be involved."

She startles immediately. What should she do now?

"I suggest that, first, you can choose to call the police, but your friend will be more dangerous. Second, if you can find some guys who are as powerful as they are, then you can handle it."

Karin suddenly thinks of Charlie, but she lets it go. She does not want to trouble him...

No, no, she shakes her head and runs out of the nightclub.

Sleepless all night, she worried that Billie would be ruined by those assholes. Before the dawn, she decides to go out. No matter what the reason is, she couldn't turn the blind eye to her friend’s death.

Charlie, she hopes he can remember her...