Chapter 6 - Capture Your Heart

Karin's abnormality finally attracts the attention of the friends beside her. Billie asks in confusion: "What happens to you? Why keep your head down."

"Nothing," she answers.

"Don’t tell me you are shy..."

"No..." She denies it, but her head is more lowered. That man is closer.

Closing her eyes, as she is about to yield to the fate, suddenly a pleasant bell comes to her ears.

Charlie takes out his mobile phone, looks at the number, leaves the team to a quieter place.

"Oh, why is it so unlucky? He almost came to me!"

Billie stomps frantically, while Karin lets out a long sigh of relief, looking at Charlie' s back in the distance.

"Billie, my stomach hurts. I have to go!"

She clutches to her abdomen, her beautiful face twists in pain, and flies away from the scene...

Running all the way to the grove of the campus, sitting on the lawn breathlessly, a gust of wind blowing by, she is in a maze now.

Why does Charlie come here? She sends him his things, and her intention is already obvious. She doesn’t need him to fulfill his original promise, and she doesn’t think there is a need to meet again between them. If she is recognized today, then would her simple life become complex because of his appearance?

Life is impermanent. In the passing years, there may be some calamities that no one cannot escape...

In the quiet dormitory, Billie lies beside the computer and plays the game intently, so that she does notice that Karin has come back.

She intentionally coughs a bit, knowing that Billie would tell her all things happened in the afternoon.

She comes to her friend and pretends to ask casually, "Billie, I slipped away today, did anyone know it?"


"Does Mr. Charlie find his old friend?"


"So what did he say?"


Karin breathes a sigh of relief and continues to ask, "He won't come again next time, right?"

"How would I know..."

Billie finally finishes playing games and turned her eyes to her friend, "However, judging from his expression, he seems quite disappointed..."


Karin turns around quickly picks up a book, and reads.

"I tell you some good news." Billie comes over.


"I change my job..."

She exclaims: "This is also good news?"

"Of course, this job is challenging and the salary is higher."

"Oh, what kind of job?"

Billie smiles mysteriously, “Bear promotion."

"What?" Karin stands up and says, "You work in that place?"

"Yeah, the place is not important. The important thing is as long as I sell a dozen beers, I can get five Swiss francs. With my social skills, it won't be long before we can live an easy life... "