Chapter 7 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Yadav's PoV

My mom has gone nuts! She says she has invited a stranger girl to our home just because she helped her with Bruno! She even has that audacity to tell me that she would be happy if a girl like her comes home as her daughter-in-law! I can't believe Bruno let a stranger touch him. I'm so mad at him. Tiger is now in my room and Bruno is scratching the door to let him in. He is staying out tonight.

Bruno and Tiger are my life! They are my stress relief! They give me immense happiness. I actually love how they both love me! Now hearing mom, that stranger girl has not even held his mouth during the shot and he just whined? That means, he loves her! Whoever she is, I hate her for this. Bruno can't love someone like he loves me!Mom has asked me to stay home on Saturday for lunch! I'm so not meeting that girl. I'm not leaving Bruno too! I will take Bruno to our guest house. She can't see him again.

Kavya's PoV

This girl has gone nuts! She says she is going to a stranger's house just because she was nice to her and invited her. She asks me to accompany her! Idiot! She can't be this naive! In a new city, just the first day of being on our own, she befriended a stranger. The only good thing about this is, that stranger is a lady!

NUT CASE! How am I going to protect her?

"Are you insane? How can you go to a stranger's home? Idiot! What if it's a trap? What if it's a kidnapping group? I'm not going anywhere, and you are not going too! If you don't drop this now, I will tell your stupidity to your mom!"

"Pch! Ok, ok! We are not going! Happy?"

"Idiot!" I mumbled to myself.

"Shall we go to the TV hall?" she asked me like nothing had happened a minute before.

"No! They won't allow us to change channels. We have a phone! Watch whatever you want to, here!"

"You are so boring! I'm going to talk to Jamin uncle! Don't show your stoic face to me!" she yelled at me! I really wanted to smack her hard for her insensitive behavior. But I know her too well, she is not going to let this go just like that!

Akshitha's PoV

There is no way this girl is going to accompany me. I don't see any bad intentions in that aunty. I just have to ask her in a nicer way later! When I called Jamin uncle, he said that he sold the estate to someone and that someone doesn’t want to reveal himself! I don't care! But I like him. He is so nice and generous that he has asked uncle to stay back if he wants to! He even has told him that there will be people around, so uncle won't feel lonely! How nice of him! With what uncle said, I like him so much! I should warn Manoj and Rahul to not mess around the estate anymore.


After 2days, it's Wednesday and finally our joining date. As practiced, we reached our office at 9.30am. There were a whole bunch of freshers. They have made 4 batches for training in different technologies. Unfortunately, Kavi and I were on different teams. But no worries, we can still meet during lunch!

There are 20 other people in my batch. A girl came to me and introduced herself. Her name is Ananya! We both sat together. She is a quiet girl. We have nothing in common to talk about. It's very hard to keep my mouth shut. I started to eagerly wait for the lunch break.

Everyone is new here and they are kind of nervous since it's our first day. So, we didn’t do any chit chats. Everyone was so keen on the mentor. I felt bored. Kavi is a perfect company. She will talk less but will let me talk and listen to me even if I bore her to death.

I took my phone out and started seeing Yash's picture. Oh man! How can he be this hot and handsome? I started to surf on his latest news. It said that he was caught in a room with the 'S' name heroine! Wow!

Why would he not be with girls? Afterall he is sooooo hot! Girls should be after him! But this guy should control whatever this is! I really hate seeing him with other girls now-adays! OMG! Did I feel jealous now? Yes, I did! Ooh! Just like Kavi said, I'm getting too much into him! But still, that dream! That was so real. Why would he kiss me? Dreams are our surreal thoughts! Does that mean I wish him to kiss me? That's not a rational thought!

Pch! He is doing something to me. That sharp eyes and dimpled cheek is going to kill me for sure. I totally wish I could see him at least once! Kavya is not going to let me do that. I should get behind her eyes and try seeing this goddamn hot and sexy man!

Gosh! It's Friday finally. From Monday, we will be assigned our own systems and will start working. No more boring mentor sessions. We got adjusted to our new work and people around us. I even made friends with my team members. Kavya made 2 friends in 3days which is a record! She is an introvert!

We are now travelling to our PG from the office! It's the weekend and like every MNC, our office lets us free for Saturday and Sunday!

Kavya's team has decided to go for lunch tomorrow! Her team members are all from other cities and states except for 2 guys who are Chennaites! So, they all want to explore Chennai! Kavya was reluctant at first. But then, her new friends made her comply. Since I didn’t talk about that aunty, after Sunday, Kavi just let it go! Good for me! I can go tomorrow and see Bruno! I mean, if that aunty still

remembers me! I didn’t get any call from her. I have her number, but I don’t want to call her. I didn’t even ask for her name. When she told me her number, I just saved it as 'Bruno Aunty'. Just when we stepped in our room, my phone started ringing. Yay! I don't want to spend my Saturday sulking in this damn room all alone. Bruno aunty is calling!